• Published 31st Jan 2013
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The New Kid - Stonemonarch

There's a new kid in Mrs.Cheerilee's class, his name is Quiver, he has no cutie mark, just like three other children. Although, he is a quiet and odd one.

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Broken Glasses

Alright as Quiver has dreams of Silver Spoon, what do you think Silver Spoon is dealing with? Well, Diamond Tiara is a big start, right now if Diamond Tiara were to find out Silver Spoon had a crush on a blank flank, she would go insane.

Silver Spoon wakes up early in the morning, her mane is messy and she smiles at the mirror, of course day dreaming for a while about Quiver. That was until her mother yelled for her to get to school, so she grabbed her glasses and saddle bags and ran out of the house. She didn't even think about eating breakfast, mainly because she spent an extra ten minutes to day dream. Then Diamond Tiara saw Silver Spoon and looked at her with the cold hard stare she gave her when she confronted her.

"What took you so long, Silver Spoon?!" she was practically yelling at her, by this point.

"I was eating breakfast, you should know how long it takes for me to eat." of course she lied to herself and Diamond Tiara, because she was thinking of something, or someone else for that matter. Diamond Tiara looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Fine, next time you do this I'll assume you were thinking of that....blank flank" she looked once more at her, then Silver Spoon blushed a bit to red.

"N-no way, seriously Diamond Tiara, why would I ever have a crush on a....blank flank!" she lied yet again. Silver Spoon slowly walked behind Diamond Tiara as she kept bragging about her self. Silver Spoon sighed until she saw Quiver laying on a bench outside the school, reading a book. As they walked by him Silver Spoon only sighed, mainly at the fact she couldn't talk to him without committing social suicide.

Now as Silver Spoon felt completely depressed from having to walk away from Quiver. Quiver felt depressed that Silver Spoon walked past him, completely disregarding his existence, at least thats what he thinks. Quiver sighs, and steps down from the bench to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders be right there in front of him before he noticed.

"Hey Quiver, hows it going?" as Scootaloo said finishing off an apple.

"Oh, umm it's all good I suppose, am a bit hungry though." that was until Applebloom offered him an apple. He happily accepted it and starting eating it.

"Thanks Applebloom." as he said eating it with a big grin.
"No problem Quiver, anything for a fellow Crusader." as she finished her sentence the school bell rang and it was time for class. They all ran into Mrs.Cheerilee's class, as usual Quiver sat next to Silver Spoon, but again neither one was able to express their feelings they both needed help, but if they asked anyone it would be seen as a form of suicide.

After class was over Diamond Tiara started making fun of the Crusaders, of course Silver Spoon having to join in, due to her so called friend. The Crusaders all sighed and continued to walk on, but Quiver, walked in the forest with an enormous amount of depression.

"I knew she didn't even care for me, I feel terrible." Quiver laid down in a clearing of the forest and almost fell asleep, until he heard a rustle in the bushes. He got up and stood there looking at the rustle. He was hoping it was Silver Spoon, which it wasn't it was Shade.

"Hey bro, whats up? Why did you run away like that?" he said that while throwing his hoof over Quiver and squeezing him tight for comfort.

"I feel terrible, Silver Spoon seemed like such a nice girl, but she clearly isn't considering she made fun of me today, for being a.....blank flank." he covered his flank with his tail and ran his hoof through his hair feeling depressed. Shade sighed patted his brother and walked away, for they've had this conversation over a thousand times.

Quiver sighed and started making his way towards home, that was until he heard a light crying, he looked around and notice it came from around the school house. What he saw was almost surprisingly shocking. It was Silver Spoon with broken glasses and she was crying into her hooves.

Quiver hurriedly slid to her side, she looked at him and stopped her crying almost instantly.

"Don't help me blank, I don't need your help." of course Quiver didn't believe any of this.

"You can drop the wannabe bully act, I mean what bully cries behind a school house?"

"One who can't live up to her name." she cried even more but she didn't allow any of Quiver's help. Quiver merely lifted her up and took her glasses.

"Your glasses are broken, here come with me, I'll fix them." Silver Spoon could not get any word in, she merely followed him and still crying. Quiver and Silver Spoon walked into the school house and Quiver fixed the lenses and middle, using lenses from another pair of glasses, and tape.

"Why are you helping me?" she said this between sobs.

"Because, I believe that there is good in you, you just let Diamond Tiara force you to be a bully, and I can tell you don't want to be." Silver Spoon was surprised by this show of friendship towards her.

"How can you tell?" an obvious question.

"Because, you let me help you. What bully lets a blank flank, repair their glasses." he handed her, her glasses.

She took her glasses, slipped then on, and Quiver still thought she looked pretty either way. Silver Spoon looked at Quiver, this time he was much closer, probably because, she couldn't see very well without them. Silver Spoon and Quiver both blushed and had extreme anxiety.

"So, ummm I'll see you tomorrow, Silver Spoon." he said this as heading for the door and looking back at her.

"Y-yeah, see you tomorrow, Quiver." Then Quiver left and Silver Spoon was shocked at the fact someone helped her, Diamond Tiara never would have helped her in her time of need. Although, she found it funny he didn't ask why she was crying. She wanted to explain to someone, why she cried everyday behind the School house, with her glasses broken.

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