• Published 31st Jan 2013
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The New Kid - Stonemonarch

There's a new kid in Mrs.Cheerilee's class, his name is Quiver, he has no cutie mark, just like three other children. Although, he is a quiet and odd one.

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The X-Colt

Its another day of school, well atleast that's what the Cutie Mark Crusaders think.

Scootaloo groans in boredom. "Oh my gosh, why is it we must sit here through class, we could be out getting our cutie marks now." Scootaloo apparently dislikes school as much as everyone else, although Applebloom seems to love learning about cutie marks.

"Oh come on Scoots, if we go to school sometimes Mrs.Cheerilee will talk to us about cutie marks, and hey, maybe today will be the day a new student comes in, and we will have another member in the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"

"Yeah right, everytime you said that no one has came, I mean literally no one ever moves to Ponyville. Besides, Babs, who was only here for a day!" Sweetie Belle made that point known from her yelling, but I guess all of them just groaned and got filed into Mrs.Cheerilee's class room. Mrs.Cheerilee entered and looked a bit more happier then she usually does.

"Alright children, today I have an important announcement, we've got a new student." Cutie Mark Crusader jaws dropped when they heard this. Mrs.Cheerilee motioned towards the door. A small dark furred colt walked through, of course no cutie mark, and with a very scene type hair. He looked anxious, either that or extremely nervous.

"H-hello everypony..." Everyone was probably thinking the same thing, he talks a lot quieter then Fluttershy, then Mrs.Cheerilee broke that awkward moment by just introducing him for him.

"Alright everyone, this is Quiver, he is from Fillydelphia." of course Quiver sighed and shook his head, he was embarrassed on the first day of school, and by the teacher.

Although one filly seem to of cared a lot more then anyone else, except the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Silver Spoon, she was love struck, and at a very young age. Although, Diamond Tiara picked up on this fast and jumped on that.

"Silver Spoon, don't you dare tell me you have a crush on that blank flank." Silver Spoon blushed so hard and then shook her head wildly.

"N-no of course not, why would I ever have a crush on a blank flank." she lied, and badly because Diamond Tiara gave that
"I'm watching you" stare. Then, Mrs.Cheerilee assigned Quiver a seat next to Silver Spoon. That didn't help her case with Diamond Tiara at all.

Quiver went to sit down right next to Silver Spoon and awaited any instructions. Mrs.Cheerilee decided to assign partners for a Equestrian History assignment, of course Quiver had to pair up with Silver Spoon. When Quiver took a look at Silver Spoon, he couldn't help but think she is immensely beautiful and attractive. Of course Silver Spoon thinking the same thing, both of these fillies had nothing but extreme nervousness around each other, although Quiver thinks Silver Spoon is to good for him, and Silver Spoon thinks Quiver is to cool to be with her. Funny their both wrong. So, they both basically never spoke to one another, besides thinking about each other through the whole entire day.

After school the Cutie Mark Crusaders were already talking to Quiver.

"Hey Quiver!" Quiver stopped walking home to look at the three fillies running towards him. He gulped and then turned around to face them.

"H-hey guys, whats up?"

"We noticed you don't have your cutie mark! So me, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo made a group completely based on getting our cutie marks, we're the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Would you like to join?" This was the first time Quiver smiled ever since they met him, he nodded and loved the idea.

"I would love to! I've always wanted to know what my cutie mark would be!" he was ecstatic to join.

"Don't worry theres no initiation or anything all you need to do is spend time with us everyday trying to find our cutie marks, but if you'd like you can stay out of it and just watch, or work on your own ways!"

Scootaloo patted his back and they all ran off to their treehouse. Quiver being the small colt that he is, he thought the tree house needed a bit of a boyish addition to it. So he took some black spray paint and white paint, and painted a skull and crossbones on the board walk of the treehouse. Scootaloo thought it was cool, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle didn't mind it, to much. They shrugged it off and went inside the treehouse. They gave Quiver his cutie mark crusaders cape and inducted him into the Ponyville cutie mark crusaders.

"Quiver your now in the cutie mark crusaders! Welcome, and trust me we will get our cutie marks eventually, if only you were here when we were in the talent show." Quiver tried to imagine what that would of been like, but apparently he got a bad idea, and kind of giggled at it.

A few hours go by and its late, Quiver and the Crusaders all day were talking about Quivers old school, it turns out Quiver was a hardcore loner and had no friends. He only devoted his life to painting and drawing amazing pictures, the teachers loved him, but the students were scared of him due to what his brother was known for. He was a studier of the ancient ghost spirits of early Equestria. Although, the Crusaders found this interesting and wanted to know more, thats when they had the idea of ghost hunting cutie marks, although they've already tried this. Due to the small notebook they carry with them that provides ideas.

Quiver noticed the time and had to go home, he thanked the crusaders and ran home until he saw Silver Spoon outside of her house. He stood there and didn't notice how pretty she was in the moonlight, and apparently without her glasses. That was until Silver Spoon glanced at him and Quiver fell behind a bale of hay. His heart was racing and was in a dire panic, he had to run home quick before Silver Spoon saw him, she would probably think of him as a freak.

"Oh m-my, do I have a crush on Silver Spoon?" his average unawareness of the obvious is sad, but he kept thinking about it all night until he got home and his brother was sitting around the fire place, looking at notes of ghostly investigations.

"Hey bro, where have you been all day?" his brother got up and looked at him.

"Oh bro I made some friends today! Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, they're the cutie mark crusaders, we're on the mission to obtain our cutie marks!"

His brother, Shade, was fond of this idea and laughed at his brother and scruffed his hair. "Great job little bro, you did good on your first day, well what else happened?"

"Oh ummm" thats when he realized about Silver Spoon. "I, ummm may have a crush on someone..." his brother laughed so hard and he threw his hoof over his little brother.

"Really little bro! Thats great, and hey I'll teach you a little something about girls."
"Wait, when did you ever have a girlfriend Shade?" his brother laughed then got serious.

"We don't talk about that little bro." Quiver laughed and they were up stairs, Shade explaining the basics of girls but Quiver completely confused.

"Alright, bro now do you know the basics of mares?" Quiver was contemplating this and just shrugged.

"Y-yeah I do, let's see they can be the greatest things ever or the worst experience you've ever had?" Shade laughed and went back downstairs to get some sleep.

Quiver crawled into bed and went to sleep. Although he didn't expect to be dreaming of Silver Spoon.

Her glasses were off and she was laying next to Quiver, Quiver let out a deep breath and fell asleep, apparently next to Silver Spoon.

He whispered in his sleep. "I think I'm gonna like Ponyville." and then he completely fell into a deep sleep, awaiting tomorrow's school day.

Author's Note:

If any girls find this offensive, I'm insanely sorry, its just I was trying to find how a normal colt would identify girls, as of being immature and a bit ignorant. So, no offense intended. ENJOY! >:D

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