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Sweetie Belle is alone in Carousel Boutique and a stallion walks in. What horrible intentions might he have?

Co-written by Monochrome3091

Edited by DaemoN67

Audiobook created by myself, but only as a perk for Patrons.

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What's up the odd sentence written in second person?


Can you point it out so I can fix it, please?

Oh hello there...

I'll be reading this later...


"Aww, thank you." She wraps her hooves around you in a hug

Another great story :yay:


Thanks, fixed.

Yeah this was a edited from a chat log. I tried to weed out all the 2nd perspective.

I don't believe in sex without love

Uh, the "Mature" tag doesn't really fit here. Use teen instead.

2025481 I agree if you look at the description of both ratings you will find this is only referencing sex and the actual act is never described (nor does it happen) all in all though this was a nice little heartwarming story.

2025583Yeah, but it was a good read!

I was pleasantly surprised by this. It turned out completely different from what I had first imagined.

You've got something going here. I say: Gogo slice-of-life romantic comedy. This is a perfect opening-chapter.

-- Ave Imperator


I kind of want people to be surprised there is no, you know...


Ha ha, starting another long term story is not a good Idea since I already have 3 going.

2025789No, not surprised. Mad. You troll! Haha! when people come to a story tagged "Mature: Sex", they expect clop. That could be the reason why you have so many dislikes.


Maybe, I wanted people to feel my own emotional journey when I RPed with someone expecting Sweetie Belle rape, only to be denied, yet still oddly entertained as I decided to see where it led.

2025872Oh well.:unsuresweetie: It's your story!:twilightsmile:


This is why I love RP. Sometimes you can be surprised by someone else's creativity.

No clop = no happiness :fluttercry:
No happiness = sadness :applecry:
Great...Now i seem like i depend on others XD

Good story:scootangel:

Damn Im impressed, I feel like I just got sucker punched. I was full on expecting sex and then it made a complete u-turn. Good Story I hope to see more

This is a clopfic. Clopfics contain sex. There is no sex here so this is no clopfic. Simple as

>looking for cloppy
>cloppy tag
>no clop.

i clicked on this because it had a picture of sweetie belle and almost didnt read and hit the dislike button because of the sex and mature tag then i read comments about no clop so i read it good story, it was an interesting take on that episode.

If it's not clop, get rid of the mature sex tag. Based on the description and rating, I'd assume this is foalcon. It is not.

i actually liked it, but the rating is bad from cloppers :facehoof: IE incorrect tags.


And I guess you didn't learn anything from that, right?
These buttons are to show if it's a good or a bad story, by personal preferences of course, but there's more to deciding that than "Has it foals and a sex tag?" If you don't like the idea you get of a story when you look at the image and tags then just move along, or if you can stay objective, try reading it and rate fair afterwards. If everyone decided to downvote after seeing the 'cover' of a story many good stories wouldn't be read anymore because guys like you couldn't let this crime against their imagination go by unpunished. I don't want to argue with you now, and I don't require you to defend yourself or anything like that. I just want you to know. Also, I'm happy you decided to read it at last. I just needed to let off some steam because I see hundreds of guys who act like you almost did.

Finally read it. It is indeed quite an enjoyable read.

Though I also agree with many of the others, the tags are a tad harsh.

...Unless a moderator ordered you to include them...

Gawd, whit that lots of fanfics you got in progress you are problably gonna have some trouble organizating, or getting your mind straight, I hope you know how to handle all this stuff

2028923 I truly hate this line of thought. "If it is clop, instant dislike, no check saying I read it" Really, you shouldn't downvote stories based on appearance. I see stories that are downvoted without comments, simply because they have too many likes. I see stories that aren't written yet have several likes just because the author is good.

Really people, the thumbs are for honest opinions. Not prejudice.

This is a good story with good morals, and I can forgive how suddenly they get annoyed/angry since this is based on an RP. This really just needs some more work when they get aggravated.

2034812 it's not clop that I would instantly dislike it's when it involves a child; that is just something I cannot enjoy no matter the circumstance. however I don't like to make assumptions so I read the comments which suggested that nothing of the sort was taking place.

*facepalm* How did I miss that? *sigh*

2034879 It is good that you at least check the comments. I was just ranting over the general clicks without reading.

Halfway through I was like "The Fuck is dis shit!" :ajbemused: Take away the sex and mature tag, change the description. and stop being a bitch.
You wasted my fucking time... and nobody wastes my fucking time. :twilightangry2:


Ok, I've trolled long enough, sex and mature tag removed.

You're ceartinly... colorful, is that how I should describe it?

Comment posted by Flabbergasted deleted Jan 30th, 2013

From you, I'm actually very surprised that no rape, murder, abduction, or violence of any kind took place in this story. The fact that ponies rarely wear dresses was used well in this story, and I applaud you on creating an almost heartwarming story. Well done.

Well following the S3 Finale songs about the cutie marks, a trio of diamonds makes more sense for a high class whorse than a fashionista :duck:
although i still think the stalion should had foalnapped Sweetie Belle and taken her somewhere better :raritywink:

Huh. So that's what happened to this roleplay. Nice to see that it's decently well liked


LOL just kidding I'm the guy who trolls all day every day I also lie alot sooooo yea

loved it sorry for asking but is her lack of doing magic from my little slave if not srry for asking bye! :applejackconfused::facehoof:

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