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Rainbow Dash finds herself in another world, a world where horses are slaves and completely subservient to humans. She ends up on a typical farm and is an ordinary horse. With her memories of her friends and life of freedom back in Equestria, she is determined to never submit to subservience and find a way home.

A Mcleod's Daughters (TV Show) and MLP crossover.

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I agree... this is looks like a real good story!

The concept is very interesting, but the mechanics of the story could use a little work, especially in the punctuation department.

Just an example,

What is a horse, I wondered.

This could use a question mark, and there was a few run-on sentences and places that could use commas. Perhaps find a pre-reader to help you out?

Other than this, I really like it!

Oh Rainbow Dash, first thing you do as a real horse is break your leg. This isn't going to last long. :applecry:

Joking aside, I actually like the concept here. Too many stories where the ponies randomly turn into humans, or humans turn into ponies. Kinda makes sense that they would just be horses if they actually crossed over. Plus, Dash only being able to speak in whinnies is hilarious.

Does air pressure work backwards in Equestria? Because air pressure lessens at higher altitudes in our universe. anyway very interesting. can't wait to see where it goes.

Concept kinda reminds me of "Somewhere Only We Know."

please tell me there are no "super bad evil" humans, :ajbemused: im sick and tired of humans being pricks in most fanfics. seriously it's annoying :ajsleepy:

1790837 you'll change your mind when you read fics where humans are randomly enslaved by ponies

Comment posted by Mordecaiser deleted Dec 13th, 2012

1790837 Well as a Mcleod's Daughters crossover, I'm going to use the characters from the show both the likeable and unlikeable ones. For those who haven't seen it, they are typical farmers that raise livestock and use horses mainly to ride and domesticate.

After Stevie arrived, before Dave left... so is this Season 4, 5 or 6?

Is this what you are referring to? :rainbowderp:

Because from what I read... this story is somewhat different... :rainbowwild:


I was on season season 5 I think when I started writing this and the damn show when through so many cast changes that I started to like the show less, so this will be based on when the cast included Dave, Alex, Jodi and Kate. Probably Moira too.


Seen this and when I first watched a RD presents I didn't realise how much he changes the story, I thought it was suppose to be a funny silly fic but the original fic is apparently very sad and takes itself seriously. Found this out because I read Rainbow Factory and put it on youtube long before RD presents did and yeah the RD presents version takes the scary, sad and gory Rainbow Factory and turns if into a laugh.

CONTINUE OR I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not literally):pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


This story is low priority and I'm kind of over being a fan of Mcleod's Daughters now. I should probably cancel this.

3259269 Please don't. you make fluttershy sad:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: it is awesome story. please dont cancel

What the poster below said.

What is "on hiatus" mean?

4029223 it means the author is not writing on it for now, but it hasn't been cancelled yet.

I like it so far please continue soon

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