Mcleod's Horse

by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan

1. Sonic Blackboom

I could feel the sweat forming on my brow, never had I been so nervous since the first time I tried to perform the sonic rainboom in front of all of Cloudsdale and the Wonderbolts. I tried to keep my composure as Spitfire herself gave me a reassuring pet of my mane with her hoof, she had no idea but this made me even more nervous. Ever since I had been recruited by the Wonderbolts I found myself wanting her to be more then just a friend, her yellow coat and orange mane made her look look a ray of sunshine in the middle of a bright blue sky, she looked beautiful. I really wanted to impress her today.

I put on a brave face as the other Wonderbolts each clopped my hoof in encouragement.

"You're gonna do fine" Soarin said with confidence.

I nodded and swallowed the lump in my throat as I heard my number called.

"Number twelve it's your turn, good luck out there" The organiser pony called out and gave my rump a light push. I started to head out of the white fluffy room made out of clouds and onto the start platform. Below me I could see the stadium and all the pegasus ponies looking up at me expectantly. In particular I looked toward the V.I.P. seating where Princess Celestia's shimmering multicoloured mane and pearl white coat stood out from the crowd in her throne. Right next to that her best friends were seated in the second best spot in the stadium. Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and even Fluttershy cheered out for her giving the rest of the stadium's cheers a run for their bits.

I stretched my wings out and got ready to launch off the platform, I felt a knot in my stomach as I started to get scared that I wouldn't even reach half my goal. Even though I could practically do Sonic Rainbooms in my sleep I couldn't help but have gut wrenching feeling that I was going to fail. I shook my head hard and tried to get the negative thoughts out of my head, I just needed to focus or I would sabotage myself.

I flapped my wings down hard and a gust of wind pushed me up into the air, then with a few more flaps I was rising into sky at a 180 degree angle, I needed to pick up as much altitude as I could and I was determined to reach the sun if I could.

After a good five minutes of getting as high as I could, I started to feel the pressure in my ears build up and the oxygen was getting thinner, it started to make me light headed. I decided to keep going until I couldn't go any further which my ears soon warned me was coming close when they popped painfully. this caused everything to start sounding different as if a filter had been removed from my ears and suddenly everything sounded raw and kind of metallic. I was so high now that the announcers voice was distant and quiet, but I could just make out was it was saying.

"The suspense is filling the stands folks, I don't think I've ever heard the whole stadium hold their breaths this long and for those ponies that have been living under a hay pile for the last few years I'll recap. Rainbow Dash is the only pony to have ever performed a sonic rainboom and now she can even nake it look easy. But today she has promised us something even bigger, bigger then a sonic rainboom. This pony has seen some amazing things at the best young flyers competition and I can't even imagine anything more incredible then that".

The amount the voice talked me up was intimidating as I started to slow, feeling the pressure from the altitude felt like it was starting the crush my skull. I decided this was as high as I could go and it was time to go for it. I hovered in place for a few moments as I tried to block out all my thoughts about failure and disappointing all the ponies that came here mostly just to see my awesomeness in particular. I was the mane attraction and when I announced I was going to do something no pony had ever done before the tickets sold faster then ever before and the Cloudsdale council even built more seating to try and meet the demand for tickets. It would be awful to disappoint everypony now.

I looked down and it was remarkable how tiny the stadium looked now and all the ponies looked like tiny specks of colour on the white stands of the stadium. After having a brief rest I pointed my muzzle down and gave my wings a hard flap as I started to dive.

It wasn't even long before I could start seeing the air around me seem to get sliced like a knife through butter, a visible cone of force started the form around me. Any moment now I was going to break the sound and light barrier which would cause the sonic rainboom, but that was only the first step in my goal and the easiest part. I quickly turned and started to ride the rainbow shock wave horizontally and caused another sonic rainboom even faster this time. I turned again and rode the shock wave vertically again and this was causing me to go faster then anypony had ever gone before. Another sonic rainboom exploded out from my impossible speed. I was now getting close to the stadium and could hear the cheering and the announcer.

"This is unbelievable, three sonic rainbooms in a row. it looks beautiful!"

I still wasn't done that was the warm up and was just meant to pick up enough speed for the real show. I was very close to the stadium when I could feel it coming on, the familiar feeling I got when training for this where everything starts to go black as if I am sucking all the colour out of the world around me. Fluttershy had watched me do this before and she me that to her it literally looked like the cone or air around me had gone black so she couldn't see me and in addition the area around that had gone grey. We had both decided to call it going so fast as to break the colour barrier as opposed to sound and light. Or maybe it was something else. I wasn't stupid, I knew that light was colour and I had no doubt that after this Twilight Sparkle was going to want to study the science behind this.

When I could finally see the world around me again I knew I had successfully done it and I listened for the the announcer to describe what Fluttershy had told me she witnessed the first time.

"What in Equestria was that? It was like a sonic rainboom except the shock wave was black, wait a minute, everything has gone grey, everypony in the stands has gone monochrome!" I heard the announcer call out.

I grinned a cocky smile and I decided to just see what would happen if I went a little bit faster, maybe I could do two of these, uh, blackbooms in a row. I could hear the ponies in the stadium panicking a bit as they were no doubt wondering if they would remain monochrome forever, but I knew it would only last about ten seconds.

Again the black void formed around me and I was determined to pull off another one as quickly as possible as I had no doubt the ground would be approaching and in this black void I could not see how close it was. I felt the shockwave again and sighed in relief when I could see the ground. But something was different, it all looked a lot less colourful and everything seemed to have a more complex texture. Wherever I was it didn't look like anywhere in Equestria I had ever seen. I tried to flap my wings so I could pull up and slow my decent, but for some reason I couldn't even feel my wings. I turned my head to look at my body and I realised it had completely changed, I had no wings and my body was longer and larger, I looked down at my legs and they were much skinnier and ended in very different looking brown hooves unlike any I had seen before.

I took a deep breath just before landing in some kind of brown lake, it was a strange colour for water, but I was thankful it was there otherwise the impact with the ground would have surely killed me. My legs hit the bottom of the shallow lake and I heard a snap as one of them cracked from the impact. I opened my mouth to scream in pain and took in a whole lot of water in my lungs. I was going to drown was my very last thought.

"Hello there girl"

It was a feminine voice, was I in pony heaven? I could feel the cold water on my drenched coat. It reminded me of lake I had hit, maybe I had survived.

"Wow, you are the strangest looking horse I've ever seen" said the voice again. What is a horse, I wondered.

"What is a horse?" I tried to ask, but all that came out of my completely different muzzle and throat was a neighing sound. I couldn't seem to talk any more. I started to panic about all the strange things going on and opened my eyes, there was a odd creature hunched over me, it had a blond and curly mane and was wearing a cowpony hat just like Applejack's, but it's face looked like nothing I had ever seen before, it didn't even have a muzzle and it's ears were on the side of it's head rather then on top. The next odd thing was it's hooves, they had fingers kind of like the paws of a cat or dog, but they were really long and each ended in with a hard bit of skin at the tips.

I tried to stand up quickly, but it was a struggle since not just did my legs bend differently but one of them was clearly broken or fractured. The odd creature's hooves touched my muzzle, it felt extremely freaky and I started to struggle and make noises in panic. I tried to bite at her fingers and she backed away.

"Shhh, it's okay little girl I won't hurt you" She tried to console. She pulled something out of her coat, this was really odd as I wondered where it came from and her coat was bunch of colourful pattens and seemed like they may have been covering what her real coat looked like, there was no fur on it either. She put the object up against her ear and started speaking.

"Hey Stevie, it's Jodi. You need to come to the south paddock right away I found a injured horse." She said. I could then hear a very faint voice come from the object, but was unable to make out what it was saying.

"Nah, there is something strange about this horse, it has a bright blue coat and it's mane... uh... just come and take a look, it's about 5 kilometres west of the south gate into Killarney, See if Dave is free too".

I was very worried, I decided to run for it before these aliens take me in for, Celestia knows what. I tried to stand up, but my hind leg was too sore, I made it a few steps before I fell down to my knees.

"Hey hey!" The creature called out and walked after me. "Don't be afraid help will be coming soon"

"What the hey are you? Where am I?" I tried to ask but it again just came out as random whinnies.