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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Chapter 5: Well at leats the chickens are gone now it can get better.......right?

Chapter 5: Well at least the chickens are gone now it can get better….right?

The ponies that ran the spa, contrary to some beliefs; did receive customers on a daily basis. With ponies in Ponyville being so physical in their daily lives it was normal that they would need something other than a doctor’s care to soothe their tired muscles. It was in this decision to set up shop in Ponyville, that the spa ponies Lotus and Aloe; were seen as somewhat geniuses by some.

On this morning, like every morning they wondered who would be their first customer, even though they could probably name the singular pony that it would be. As the bell signaling that the door opened chimed; the twins looked to see who it was. Sure enough their biggest and favorite customer Rarity, she showed up at the spa once or twice a week. This time she came with her friends, the twins guessed that it must be for some bonding between them. What the twins didn’t get is why they were staring out the door. From where they were they could see something running towards the spa….and it was being attacked by chickens….and screaming. From what the twins could guess at, this thing running towards their entrance was the “new arrival” that mayor mare had told most of the people in Ponyville about. They knew that he was a human and that his name was Dan. They also knew that he risked his life to save Cheerilee and her class and got himself hurt doing so. Since knowing he did that the town was very accepting of him, even though most hadn’t seen him yet; this info had only been moving since last night.

The twins were startled back to reality when Dan jumped through the entrance to their spa and the door was shut behind him. They looked to see Dan lying on the floor and he was being apologized to by Fluttershy. He had probably angered her chickens, everyone knew that you shouldn’t mess with any of Fluttershy’s animals; in any kind of ranking it was angel first and the chickens second. They watched him as he laid there for a couple of seconds before they heard him speak for the first time.

“Okay, now I could use a massage.”

The twins were overjoyed at the moment. Dan was the newest and right now biggest celebrity in Equestria; though not much was known about him yet; and he was looking to get a massage at their spa!

Dan managed to sit up despite the pain going through his body. He hoped he hadn’t gotten his clothes that dirty; Rarity would probably get upset at him considering she made them for him. He never thought about how she made them so quickly. After he had gotten up Rarity had given him a pair of shorts and t-shirt for him to wear today, not to mention she had fixed his hoodie while he was unconscious the day before. The shorts were like regular basketball shorts that he had worn and the shirt was made of cotton. The one thing he absolutely didn’t think about was how she made him a pair of boxers….he’d rather not think about that.

“Hello everyone!” Aloe; the pink pony with a blue mane spoke to the group first.

“Here for a group session?” said her twin Lotus; who was blue with a pink mane.

Rarity usually spoke for the group when they came here; so she took the lead here.

“Aloe, Lotus darlings, how nice to see you today. Yes we decided to come and relax a little today. Also, I’m sure by now word has gotten around about our friend Dan.” She pointed to Dan with a hoof; who nodded his head politely at Aloe and Lotus. “Well you must know about the daring feats he did yesterday; and it seems that they have taken a bit of a toll on him. So we figured that he could use a treatment and then a massage to make him feel better.”

“Oh it’s no problem Rarity.”

“Anything for one of our local celebrities”

Dan noticed the both seemed to be doing that twin speak thing. It might get a bit complicated for telling who was who. He got to his feet as he thanked them.

“Well thank you both, honestly with everything these six put me through I could use it”

Aloe and Lotus were both surprised at how tall he was, they had heard that he was big; but he towered over them completely. It shocked them a bit and it showed in their speech.

“…well...okay let us get everything set for you…”

“Yes…just leave anything you need to in one of our bins.” Still staring at Dan Aloe managed to point to a rack against one of the walls where bins for ponies’ items could be stored while they were there.

“….What’s the matter with them? Acting like they ain’t ever seen a human before.” Dan poured on the sarcasm.

“Well Dan no one in Ponyville has really seen you yet. I’m positive that once you get some interaction going with some of the other townsponies that they will warm up to you….uh Dan why are you taking your shirt off?”

It’s true that Dan was taking his shirt off for some reason; Twilight didn’t seem to get at the time. He had it about halfway over his head at the time when Twilight ask so naturally the only thing for him to do was talk with shirt above his head.

“Well since I thought that there might be something wet in the spa I would take off the shirt that Rarity so nicely made for me. The shorts can get wet, they will dry out eventually.”

I felt pain as I finished taking of my shirt. It felt like my body had been put in front of a machine whose job it was to simply hit things. A couple of short gasps also helped to confirm that my torso didn’t look good. After putting my shirt in a bin I looked around for a mirror. Thankfully there was one in the room. I gave my whole body a look and the mirror and honestly I thought that it could have been worse. There were some nicely shaped purple bruises spotting me up and down and a couple of scrapes, cut, and bruises but nothing that would leave a scar.

“Heh, and here I was thinking that having a building collapse on you was bad for your health.” I joked.

It got some weak laughs from the girls who I could tell were still a bit worried about my well being. Their only human…pony.

“Dan, it still looks like some of that” Twilight simply gestured toward my body “hurts pretty bad.”

For the life of me I couldn’t stop myself from joking with her. The option for jokes was tremendously good.

“It’s only a flesh wound. Tis but a scratch.” I put on an English accent to make myself laugh. It seemed to work on them since in brightened up the mood a bit. Rarity seemed a bit puzzled though.

“Rares you got a question for me?”

“Hm? Oh yes Dan I was just thinking, where you come from what usually happens when a building falls on someone?”

Without missing a beat I told her the answer straight and simple “Well it technically depends on the building but mostly…death.”

Before anyone could answer the twins came back into the main room.

“Okay the bath is ready for everypony.”

“If you’ll just follow us.”

I have to admit they really did have that twin speak thing down. Me and the girls walked into the interior of the spa. Now from my knowledge of the show I new the spa was pretty big on the inside but even I was amazed how big it actually was.

The next hour or two went by nicely. The bath they had was very nice; the water was hot but just so that you could stand it without feeling like a lobster. I felt my whole body just relax and thank me and possibly the universe for giving it a break. The girls seemed to relax to; but they also had time to make some jokes about my feet; none of which I cared to remember cause the water was so nice.

It was after this that I got my massage while the girls were doing stuff like getting hooficures, horn filings, and such. The twins pointed me to a massage table near where the girls were sitting and chatting…well it was more like two table put together just for me because I was so damn tall.

“Mr. Dan, we think that since you are so large it will take both me and my sister to give you a massage.”

“That’s fine with me…Aloe?” She nodded “Okay good, and also you can just call me Dan.” I put on an endearing smile to make both of them seem more comfortable.

“Well...okay then Dan just lie down...”

“And we’ll take care of you…”

Both of the twins blushed as this new creature helped them feel comfortable in his presence. Dan lay down over both the tables within a minute the twins were up. Dan wondered how good a set (or two in this case) of hooves would do against his back. After the first minute he didn’t really care anymore.

“Mmmm wow…” Dan said in a low voice. He was basically at this point trying to keep conscious; not from the pain but from the pleasure and nirvana this massage was giving him.

The girls having chatted for awhile decided to see if Dan was enjoying his massage. Rarity was the first to try.

“So Dan how are you enjoying this magnificent spa?” she waited but got no answer from him.

“You know its not very polite to not answer a lady Dan.” Still nothing, this time Twilight gave it a shot.

“Dan are you going to answer Rarity’s question?”

This finally got an answer out of Twilight in the form of a snore from Dan. It turned out that the massage was so good that it put Dan in some kind of pleasure coma. Afterwards when everypony was finished Dan finally woke up. He sat up and stretched feeling every muscle in his back, arms, and legs feel loose. As he was stretching his shirt flew through the air and hit him in the face. The giggling of six...no eight; he almost forgot about the twins; mares from somewhere in front of him brought him out of his daze.

With a yawn he asked “Okay I get it how long have I been out?”

“Approximately forty three and a half minutes, now put your shirt on and let’s go to lunch.”

“Alright Twilight.”

Dan managed to not fall asleep again and put his shirt on and made his way outside with the rest and headed towards Ponyville square. He noticed that ponies were still staring at him, but a lot seemed to have smiles on their faces; he had to remember he was on a planet with ponies that didn’t judge…much; not like where he was from where humans could be assholes for no reason.

After a bit of a walk they reached the restaurant, the waiter noticed the six mares but was a bit surprised at the tall creature behind him. He had heard the news but wasn’t sure if it was some elaborate prank by the mayor. The waiter grabbed a couple of menus and showed the ponies and their human friend to a table.

“Well Dan I hope you will be able to find something for you to eat here in Equestria besides all of Pinkie’s party food.” Twilight joked

“But I thought Dan really like all my baked goodies Twilight?”

“He did Pinkie but I’m not sure it’s healthy for him to go around eating nothing but cake and pie.”

“That’s right sugarcube, unless he has your kind of energy; he’ll keep eatin’ like you do until he looks like a balloon.”

“Yeah and he isn’t in the greatest possible shape yet.”

“Hey wait a minute what is that supposed to mean RD?” I felt a little offended by that; even if it came from a small multicolor pony.

“I mean you probably aren’t all that strong after all; despite the roof thing.”

“Okay then, how bout we arm wrestle.”


“Oh sorry; hoof wrestle.”

“Oh you are so…”

“Are you ready to make you orders ladies and…?” the stallion interrupted and was puzzled at what to call Dan.

“Whatever you would call a stallion; it doesn’t bother me much.” Dan shrugged it off.

“Gentlecolt then…are you ready?”

Dan let the girls go first in ordering while he looked over the menu once more. To his surprise soda was a thing here, and not every piece of food consisted of greens.

“And for you sir?” the waiter asked him.

“The grilled cheese with tomato soup…slightly burned on the grilled cheese please. Oh and….Ginger Ale to drink as well.”

“A good choice sir.” The waiter said as he gathered the menus and headed to the kitchen. Twilight looked like she had a question for Dan.

“Why do you want your sandwich burnt Dan?”

“It gives it a bit of flavor and makes it kinda crunchy.”

“Yeah yeah, enough about your taste in food there big guy, now I believe you were challenging me to a hoof wrestling match?”

“If you wanna lose…you are on.” He taunted Rainbow Dash.

Okay, I didn’t think it was a great idea to egg on Rainbow like that giving how competitive she can be. But as applejack says; when life gives you apples make apple cider.

Rainbow then put her foreleg up on the table and glared at me.

“Yeah well put up or shut up big guy.”

I put my elbow on the table and wrapped my hand around your hoof hoping that this wouldn’t turn out bad.

“Can someone give us a count down?” I looked to one of the other girls. Applejack being a sporting type obliged us. She got off her seat stood on her back legs and put her hooves on top of ours.

“Alright you two lets have a good match here…Three…Two…One…GO!”

Rainbow then began pulling her hardest on my arm and she was doing pretty well. She threw her whole body into it and managed to get my arm about half way down. But human arms were made for this and I could see that pony limbs were not exactly cut out for this.

“Ha you see Dan I told you…”

Rainbow didn’t get to finish that sentence as I finally began moving. Using a good amount of strength I moved us back to our starting positions. Then I started to move her hoof towards the table.

“Wha…but how can you?”

“Human arms Rainbow; kinda meant to do stuff like this.” I said as I touched her hoof to the table. Apparently this stunned everyone. While they were busy staring with their jaws hanging open the waiter cam and brought us our food and drink.

“You…you beat me…” Rainbow said dejectedly.

“Yes, but only because my arms were basically made to work in that kind of motion…plus rainbow look at me; I’m six foot two and over one hundred and fifty pounds. If I lost it would mean that I would be the weakest thing on the planet….one of Fluttershy’s cheers would be able to knock me over.”

I joked trying to make Rainbow feel better. Apparently it worked seeing as how she started to laugh. I looked to Fluttershy and nodded an apology; she accepted seeing as she knew what I was trying to do.

“Yeah if you beat and you were that weak then I would have a problem…I guess I underestimated you big guy.”

“Is that my nickname now or something?”

“It is until I can think of something that is at least…” she stopped in thought and I hoped she was going to say what I think she was going to say.

“Thirty percent cooler.” Rainbow Dash right then broke my heart and left it on the floor.

“Okay fine with me then.” I said picking up my grilled cheese, taking a bite I realized something about food in a cartoon world…it’s all better; I couldn’t figure out words to describe it but everything is just better. I had finished my grilled cheese and was working on the soup when the waiter came back to check on us; more specifically his newest strangest customer, me.

“And is your meal to your liking sir?”

“Oh it was just great, I don’t know what it is about the food here but it’s just fantastic!” I said while giving him a thumb up. He acknowledged the compliment but then stared quizzically at my hand. It took me a second to make a connection.

“…….ooohhh right hand gesture; you ponies wouldn’t get them….”

I felt a little sad that no one would get my meanings, Twilight tried to cheer me up a bit with some news.

“Actually Dan, there might be one pony I can think of who will notice your more human intricacies.”

“Twilight you don’t mean?”

“I sure do Applejack; don’t you remember she was always going on about it?

“Yeah but we thought that she was just being super crazy.”

“Rainbow, that is no way to talk about someone just because they have a weird fascination with something.”

“Uh girls who are you talking about?” I was confused, I felt like I should be remembering somepony from the way they were talking but I couldn’t put my finger on anypony.

“Oh well Dan the mare we are talking about…Dan what’s that on you wrist?”

“Huh what do you…?” I looked and there seemed to be a sort of minty green ring of rope tied around my wrist.

“Now when did this get here?” I gave a small tug at the rope, and to my horror it tugged back. I waited a second before I tried to do anything; and when I would look back on this day in the future I would regret that.

All of a sudden instead of a soft and gentle tug the rope basically sprang to life, went taut, and pulled hard on my arm. Now since my arm was good and attached to me it pulled me as well. And not thinking that this would happen I was unprepared and because of that I went flying

“AAAHHHH” I screamed as I went flying a good ten feet through the air and landed on the ground with a thud.

“Dan are you okay?!” Pinkie called out obliviously.

“Yeah I am okay after just flying roughly ten feet” is what I would have said if this magic rope attached to my wrist hadn’t started pulling again. Instead what came out of my mouth was this.


After a couple of seconds when you could hear my scream in the distance Pinkie finally spoke again.

“I don’t get it, what did hey say?”

All the other girls as well as the waiter could only wait in shock as their friend who for some reason couldn’t stop getting hurt somehow. They sat there in shock before one of them spoke again.

“Uh girls shouldn’t we try to catch up to the big guy?”

“Well Rainbow Dash I think it might be better for him to come to a stop first. I think I know who is behind this and when Dan finally gets to her; we will sort everything out then.

“Well I hope she has a good reason for messing up those clothes I keep making him.”


Well let’s recap how my day has been so far… I woke up cuddling a lavender unicorn and having her friends take pictures of it, that wasn’t bad. I made peace with Angel so he wouldn’t go all bugs bunny on me, again another good point. I got beaten up by chickens on all sides….I will never speak about that again. I got a massage; oh god that was so great. Had an awesome sandwich; still not as good as the massage but I liked it. And now….now I was being dragged by my wrist through Ponyville by some kind of magic. Well until I get to the end of this fishing line there’s only one thing to do now.

“EVERYONE WATCH OUT AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!” I yelled to anyone that would be in my path as I was dragged through the middle of Ponyville. Moving at a good speed I could see ponies that I knew from the show and some who I have never seen before. Then I hit something. I looked up…well forward from where I was and saw flowers.

“Um…excuse me are you okay?”

I turned my head a bit and I saw a mare who was wondering about that stranger who had just crashed into her flower cart. She had cream colored fur and a mane that was some shade of red; curse my colorblindness.

“Um yeah…you’re Rose right?” This took her by surprise a bit; she wondered how this creature she never met before knew her name.

“Yes but how did you know?”

“It’s a long story, can you tell me where I am at the moment?

“Um your in the middle of Ponyville square…what happened to you.”

“Well I was eating lunch with Twilight and then this magic rope thing sort caught itself on my wrist and started pulling me along.” I explained as I stood up and took in my surroundings. I saw groups of ponies that stared at me in shock.

“Heh, I guess if the only human in Equestria comes sliding into the middle of town and hits a flower cart owned by a nice mare that it’s going to cause a good amount of confusion right?” I joked as I looked to Rose.

“I guess that would be true Mr. Human.” She chuckled.

“Oh the name is Dan; Mr. Human just sounds weird.” I laughed back. “Now I just have to wait a little.”

“Wait for what Dan?” Rose asked innocently.

“Well I was being dragged like a fish on a hook and since I’m not at the feet…hooves of the pony reeling me that means it’s only a matter of time before this rope starts pulling again.”

“How long should it take Dan?” Again with the innocent questions; these ponies are gonna give me a heart condition if I don’t have one already.

“To be precise Rose, it should only be a few sec-” Nothing in this place ever lets me finish a sentence; the magic rope on my wrist suddenly started pulling harder this time and I started moving much faster than I had before.

“Goodbye Dan!” Rose yelled to me, making a joke at my expense.

“NOT FUNNY!!!” I yelled back, I managed to catch a glimpse of her laughing on the ground before I hit something else. And this something else was full of apples.

But unlike the last time I didn’t stop, this time I simply bounced off it and continued to be pulled although this time I was on my stomach and could get a better view of where I was going. As I slid along I saw that the CMC were in my path I tried to warn them with ample time but got a little dirt in my mouth. By the time I could warn again it was too late.

“Girls lookout!!!” I managed to squeak out a second before I collided with them. Three tiny little “oofs” was all I heard as I sent them into the air a little and then felt them collide with my back.

“Hey what was that for!” I heard Scootaloo shout from behind me, or more specifically my back.

“Are all three of you on my back?”

“Yeah and we would like an apology mister.” Sweetie Bell exclaimed.

“Or at least buy some apples!” The last was from Applebloom.

“Okay, I’m sorry that someone is dragging me somewhere and basically kidnapping me…but your welcome for the ride.” Sarcasm feels good when you being dragged to who knows where.

I was still being pulled after a minute or two before the girls brought something to my attention.

“Uh Dan, I think you should take a look ahead.”

Well I did and honestly I didn’t think my luck could get that bad.

“Is that a….”

“Brick wall….yes.” Sweetie squeaked out in fear.

“Girls get on my shoulders now.”

I felt their little hooves shuffle on my back as the got to my shoulders. I honestly hoped that what I was about to do next would work.

“Okay now hang on and don’t let go.”

“What are you gonna do?” they asked in unison.

“This!” I said as I pushed my self from my feet and broke into a sprint towards the wall. I had only a few feet in between me and the wall when I started running so I had to time it right. With a good foot or so I leaped as high as I could; thankfully the wall was a lot smaller once I got to a standing position. I managed to fly right over the top of it by a couple on inches; the only bad problem was landing. Once again, my front took the fall and managed again to collide my face with something…at least it was soft grass.

I wasn’t unconscious but everything was dark; I had landed with my hood covering my head. While just laying there a thought popped into my head that if I just stayed here forever in this spot maybe I wouldn’t get hurt anymore. Then I heard some voices, and they weren’t inside my head.

“See guys I’ve been telling you that humans are real and finally I have proof!” the mare’s voice sounded chipper and upbeat.

“Well well well, I guess you were right all along Ly.” The next sounded more tomboyish or tomcoltish whatever it was in pony language.”

“Why does he look so roughed up and dirty” there was an air of sophistication in the next voice I heard.

I was about to look up and address which ponies were apparently talking about me, but as I did I forgot about the three little fillies on my back who then moved forward and pinned my head to the ground as they stood on it.

“Hi Ms. Heartstrings!” I could tell they screamed in unison.

“Oh hi girls, I didn’t see you there, and I told you three that you can call me Lyra…What are you doing on this human’s back?” Lyra…the name rang a bell for some reason.

“Well…” Applebloom started “We were on our way to try something to get our cutie marks but then…” a new voice cut her off.

“LYRA HEARTSTRINGS!!!! What are you doing!?!?!” it sounded like a regular college girl’s voice.

“Oh hi Bon Bon, I was just showing the girls that humans are real and talking to the cutie mark crusaders here…why what’s up?” I heard her ask as if she was being blamed for something she didn’t do.

“What’s up?....WHATS UP?!?! How did you bring the human here Lyra?” I could hear anger in Bon Bon’s voice.

“Well I just used a magic fetch spell that would find him and bring him here…why?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe because the fetch spell dragged him from the restaurant he was eating at and literally dragged him all the way through Ponyville square where he collided with a couple of things before accidentally picking these three fillies up and barely missing colliding with a wall by jumping over it!!!”

“Did that really happen?” I felt that now was the best time to interject.

“Mmef ifp fmid.” I managed to say with the CMC sitting on top of my head.

“Oh Dan, sorry forgot you were down there, what did ya say? Applebloom said as the three of them got of my head.

“I said, yes it did. And it’s okay girls…hey you should check if you got a cutie mark for human sledding.” I replied as I got off my stomach and sat on the ground.

With surprise and anticipation the girls’ faces lit up in smiles as the looked to their flanks on to find that they did not get a cutie mark for sledding on a human, but instead of frowning they looked to Dan with a bit of anger.

“I’m sorry it was just to funny to resist girls” Dan said as he laughed forgetting that four other mares were watching him.

“He…he talks…” Dan turned his head and came face to face with the four mares. One he knew was Bon Bon who was creamed colored with a mixed purple colored mane, The other two were Vinyl Scratch and Octavia; the white fur and electric blue mane next to the grey fur with jet black mane told him so, and last would be Lyra whose mint green fur with her mint toothpaste colored hair.

“Uh hi, the name is Dan.” I said to try to introduce myself.

Lyra made the first move, and by first move I mean she got all up in my face and started talking as fast as Pinkie could.

“Ohmygoshohmygosh YOU CAN TALK!!!! I can’t believe it you’re real and you talk!! Oh I have so many questions to ask…oh let me get a look at you.” She steeped away for a second before glancing down Dan’s body and then gasping.

“You have hands!!” She ran forwards and picked up one of his hands with her hoof and moved it around. “Oh this is just too COOL!” she squealed.

I laughed and looked at the group around us, Vinyl and Octavia smiled and laughed a bit while Bon Bon still looked up set but a quick look and me shrugging my shoulders calmed her down a bit to watch her friend with her foal like happiness.

“Dan!!” I heard Twilight’s voice call out from a distance. The Crusaders, Lyra’s group and I looked and there was Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack running towards us, Pinkie was doing her usual gravity defying bounce while Rainbow glided in above them. They all came to a stop except for Twilight who ran right up to me and gave me a hug.

“Dan are you okay we saw you get dragged away and we thought you might get hurt again and…”

“Twilight it’s alright…what’s one more head trauma gonna do…kill me?”

Apparently Twilight didn’t take the joke lightly, she broke off the hug and went straight after Lyra.

“Lyra what were you thinking!?!?!”

“That I finally have proof of humans and that I am going to show my friends?” she answered warily.

“So you use magic to drag him through half of Ponyville!?!?”

“Um yes?”


“Why?” Lyra started to go on the offensive herself “Why? Because I have believed in humans for the longest time and no one believed me. And when I hear that there is a human I felt insulted that I wasn’t being consulted as an anthropologist.”

“Lyra we have been over this there is no such branch of science as Anthropology.”

“Oh yeah considering that there is absolutely positively no such thing as a human” Lyra laid on the sarcasm as thick as apple molasses as she responded and pointed at me. Twilight backed off a bit as she felt embarrassed. A remark as clever as that deserved some appreciation.

“Oooh good one Lyra!” I extended my fist out which she accepted and touched with her own hoof.

“No problem I got your back bro.” Her response made both of us laugh. While we laughed Twilight shook off her embarrassment and came back into the fray.

“Okay then Lyra, that may be true now but that still doesn’t give you the right…”

I couldn’t hear the rest but soon enough Twilight and Lyra were horn to horn arguing with each other loud enough that I backed off. I looked around the groups and from the looks I got I could guess that Twilight and Lyra had done this before. Rarity and Octavia were dismissing their yelling in their sophisticated way. Vinyl and Rainbow were placing bets on who might throw the first blow. Applejack was talking to her sister and the other Crusaders, while Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Bon Bon were busy making small talk till everything blew over.

I decided that it might be in my best interest to stop Twilight and Lyra so we could move on with the day. I stood up and made my way over to the arguing mares. They didn’t seem to acknowledge my approach, not even when I decided to pick them up by the scruff of the back of their necks like cats.

“AHEM!!” I cleared my throat loudly to get the attention of the two arguing parties. Twilight and Lyra stopped and took a look at where they were, which was a couple two feet apart from each other and suspended about four to five feet in the air. They were both quiet for a couple of seconds before Twilight spoke first.

“Um Dan, what are you doing?”

“Besides holding both of you like fighting cats who I am disappointed at?”

“Yea besides that.”

“Nothing much…”

“Well can you put us down please?” Lyra asked.

“Are you two going to behave like good wittle phillwies?” I put on a childish voice. Everyone laughed except for the two mares in my hands.

And just like they were back in school both of them answered “Yes” in unison. Now with them still in my grasp I moved them closer and pushed them together “Now hug.” Which they did.

After I set them down Lyra wanted to ask me a question but another voice interrupted us.

“Hey Applejack” all of us turned to find Big Mac walking along with some other stallions.

“Hey Big Mac, what’s goin on.”

“Well me and the boys were wantin to play some hoofball and thought maybe a couple of you and your mare friends would want to join us”.

Before Applejack could answer Rainbow did “Sure we would, but are you sure you wanna get beatin that bad?”

Applejack look liked she wanted to play but something crossed her mind first.

“Sure Mac but what about Dan, can he play.”

Mac looked to the human and they exchanged that guy look once again. I looked at the ball in his hoof it was a regular football.

“If he can keep up” he said with a smile.

“Oh it is on.” A grin crept onto my face in anticipation of what would happen next.

Author's Note:

Well here is chapter 5...and i got some news

1. my editor needs to catchup on on education and i fully support it; i won't force him to speedy edit this so until he feels like he is good everything is an unfixed version, it will be fixed at a later date
2. Some of you may wonder why all my chapter are of different lengths...well it becasue for each chapter i right i have a certain amount of story i want to put in and regardless of word length i will fit it
3.thanks for reading and making this story a favorite of yours.
4. I honestly think i may be able to crank one chapter out a week...at minimum...hell maybe if some parts go smother than expected there may be two...nice
6.read read read
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