• Published 24th Jan 2013
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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Chapter 27: One nothing wrong me, Two nothing wrong with me, Three nothing wrong with me, Four….something might be wrong with me…

Chapter 27: One nothing wrong me, Two nothing wrong with me, Three nothing wrong with me, Four….something might be wrong with me…

Morning came quickly after I had gotten rest after the first day. And with the rising sun our enemies rage also rose. It was barely hours into the day before they sent more troops at us. For the first wave they sent ponies charging at high speeds in hopes to break our defenses like that. We simply moved our formations into a wedge shape so we could split them and cause them to easily allow them selves to be speared.

We had a short breather before they sent another wave of troops at us this time it was like the first they had sent the day before. They had hoped that the first had made us lose focus but they fared as well as every other soldier they sent at us.

Team A didn’t stop at that though. Their next attack was actually their smartest so far. They sent a large force of unicorns that fired off various ranged spells at us. This was actually when we first faced some troop loss. We only los about five soldiers but it enraged us enough to close the gap the unicorns had put between us and them. At a closer range their magic was still as deadly but they started to panic when we got in spear range and soon they fell.

We faced wave after wave after wave of enemies and suffered minimal casualties. I could only smirk a little imagining the looks on Team A’s leaders’ faces as none of their troops ever came back.

By the time the second day was over we had shaved their numbers by more than half. It was closer to us having just fewer than four hundred and they might have been around two thousand.

As the sun set we built a small funeral pyre for our fallen comrades. Even though it was only symbolic since they hadn’t actually died it helped to keep everypony focused on our goal. Everyone went to bed that night knowing that tomorrow was going to be the final stretch.

I woke up the next morning and felt like I had for the past couple of weeks. Walking out of my tent I could see everypony busy doing whatever morning rituals they had to. It seemed like it was going to be a good day; besides the fighting of course. That was until I hear somepony screaming my name.

“DAN!!! DAN!!!” I had barely ever heard his voice this loud but I could tell that it was Shadow Dancer. I made my way towards the sound of him and eventually we met up in the middle of the camp. He was there along with Swift Gale. He looked pretty beaten up. He was bruised and cut.

“Shadow Dance what happened?”

“The stealth team is gone. Everybody is dead. We were ambushed.” He managed to say through his panting.

“Here have some water first then tell me everything.” I said giving him a canteen I got from a Pegasus who was passing by. He took a long drink and took a couple of deep breaths to steady himself.

“We were on our patrol like usual and we scouted an enemy party. So we jumped them and began to take them out. We got down to the last five and then a second party came out and ambushed us. It was still nothing serious and we were slowly turning it around when it happened. A third party came in; it was made mostly of ponies form Omega squad. The third team then proceeded to open fire on everybody.


“Us, their own team, they didn’t seem to care. I managed to get myself out of sight while all their spells kicked up a huge wave of dust.”

“And that’s when you got out of there?”

“Almost I waited till the dust died down to check if anyone on the team survived. As it turned out one pony did survive…it was Red Star…They took him sir…” Shadow Dancer had maintained pretty good eye contact but with his last words his eyes sank to the floor.

I looked at him for awhile not just thinking about him but also about Red Star and why Omega squad had taken him. The only possible reason I could think of was to draw me out and hurt my troops.

Apparently Swift was thinking the same thing I was. “Dan it’s obviously a trap I don’t think…” she started.

“Flintlock FRONT AND CENTER!!!” I shouted stopping her. Within seconds the energetic unicorn appeared.

“Hey boss watcha nee…HOLY CRAP Shadow Dancer what happened to you? It looks like someone put you through the ringer!” Flintlock was surprised by the state of Shadow Dancer.

“Flintlock go get a medic for Shadow Dancer and bring them to my tent.” Flintlock threw up a quick salute and then galloped off. Shadow Dancer, Swift Gale and I made our way to my tent.

“You can rest up on my bed Shadow.” I told him. He got on and managed to lie down before Flintlock came in with the medic.

“Shadow can you tell me exactly where you were when this all took place?” I asked.

“Yeah if you bring a map over I can show you.” He said as the medic applied some kind of slave to his wounds. I could hear him gasp a little from the pain as I walked over to the table in my tent and grabbed a map. By the time I got back he was being wrapped in bandages and I think he might have been flirting with the medic.

“So sorry to interrupt your chat here Shadow but…”

“Oh right sorry sir.” He said giving a slight nod and smile to the medic as she finished up and left. I set the map down in front of him and let him retrace his steps; he stayed silent for a little as Swift Gale, Flintlock, and I watched him.

“It all happened right around here.” He said pointing to a point on the map with his hoof. It was about halfway through the entire battlefield; not close enough to either force to be too useful.

“Alright then that should be a nice hike for me.” I said getting everyone’s attention.

“Would you like me to program the map for your helmet sir?” Jarvis asked.

“No thanks’ Jarvis you’re staying here with Swift.”

“Uh Dan just what do you think you are doing? You obviously know that it’s a…”

“Trap right; but they took Red Star to get to me. And come hell or high water I’m going to get him back.”

“But what about the troops here Dan are you going to forsake them?”

“No. That is why I have a second in command after all. You’ll lead the today. If they ask about me tell them everything; they’ll understand.” I told her. Walking to my things I took Jarvis and gave him to Swift.

I moved over to the far end of the tent to where I had put Brass Tack’s special package for me. “Well guys I wonder what Brass Tack made me?”

“You mean you haven’t checked it out?” Swift asked.

“Hadn’t needed it so far so I left it wrapped up.” I said grabbing the material that covered it. It was akin to some kind of heavy cloth. Gently opening what I assumed was the top the first thing to greet me was a handle I grabbed it and hefted whatever was on the other end up. IT was heavy enough to make me use a decent portion of strength but just enough so that it wasn’t taxing on me. I swung forward and the rest of the cloth flew off to reveal my new weapon.

It was a sword. If I remembered anything from my childhood it would be that this would be classified as a buster sword. The blade itself was about half my size. It was double edged blade that had some serration on it on the end by the handle. The blade looked like it was a pitch black onyx color but upon a bit closer inspection I noticed that something was engraved on the blade near the handle.

“Uh hey boss not to mess up “special time” with your new sword but I think this is for you; it fell out of the cloth your sword was in.” my trance was broken by Flintlock who was holding out a note to me. I took it looked and gave it a quick read. A small grin broke out on my face as I took my sword and strapped it to my back and began to walk out of my tent.

“Flintlock watch after Shadow Dancer; if he gets into the formation make sure he’s not near the front line I don’t want him dying on me like that. Swift, like I said earlier you’re in charge till I come back with Red Star. If anyone asks just tell them.”

“Dan wait a second!” Swift said as she started walking with me. “Why are you doing this?”

“To get Red Star back.”

“Okay that’s your motive on the outside now stop skirting around the bushes and tell me what’s really going on. You can only play your poker face for so long.” She said staring at me seriously like she did whenever I was making choices like this.

“…It’s about Omega squad. This whole thing…they want to send a message. Not to all of us, not to Alpha squad, just me. They want me. They want to make an example out of me because I’m probably one of the first to actually stand up to them. And they probably figured out that the best way to get to me is through my friends.” I stopped when I got to the edge of camp I stopped and look at Swift.

“Swift how much do you know about my kind?”

“I’ve read up some stuff.”

“Mostly about how we fight and our wars right?” I smiled gently.

“…yes.” She said apologetically; her ears folding back in embarrassment.

“It’s okay Swift I expected you to. But since you have read some…tell me…what usually happens when my kind is provoked in the wrong way?” I asked her and then watched her reaction. She was in thought for a little before all of it seemed to click in her head. Her thoughtful expression turned blank as she brought her eyes back to mine.

“It’s just like a wise man once said. Speak softly and carry a big stick.” I said patting the sword on my back. And with that I took off to go get Red Star back. “It’s just like Luna said Swift; this is time to blow of some steam.

About two hours later I was close to where Shadow Dancer said they were attacked. I tried to be as stealthy as I could. I had decided not to bring my armor for some reason I couldn’t remember so the only thing I could protect myself with was my sword. After walking for a couple of more minutes I began to hear something. Slowly making my way towards it I could make out the sounds of ponies talking.

“I still don’t think it was a good idea doing this without tell at least one of the leaders.”

“Don’t worry about it once they see our results I don’t think that they’ll have a problem.”

“Even though we took out like twenty of our own guys?”

“Hey they don’t have to know about that.”

I got closer and suddenly I could see into a clearing. There were two ponies there talking around a little sort of makeshift camp.

“But what makes you think that the human will even show?”

“Oh ye of little faith. He has this thing about sticking by his teammates. That’s his big weakness. And that is also why we captured that little guy over there.” I saw the pony point off into the distance a little and up against a rock I saw Red Star. He was beaten up, bound, and gagged. Even though he was covered in bruises and cuts which were probably causing him a good amount of pain he was still glaring defiantly at his captors.

“Dan is sure to come looking for him; we killed everyone else in their party. No doubt Dan will get worried and come looking for him and then we’ll spring the trap on him.

Well your kind of close on that one but I think you don’t have some of the fine details worked out.” I had heard enough and simply walked into the clearing in full view of everypony. Red Star sat up and looked at me with admiration in his eyes…or was it fear it was hard to tell.

“Well well well looked who walked right into our trap.” The pony who had been talking earlier said; he seemed to be taken back that I had just simply walked out into the open. “I do hope you know you’re surrounded right?” on his word four other ponies walked out of the brush.

“I’m guessing this is all of Omega squad? Well minus that one stallion Storm Breaker took out on day one. Got to admit one hell of a throw...” I joked. Looking around I noticed that no one was laughing. “Alright serious time it is then. First things first let Red Star go.”

“Oh making demands now? How do you know that we don’t need him?”

“Well first off if you were to kill me and him it could be seen as a combat thing. No you just want me because then it becomes a message. Now…let…him...go!” I dropped my smile and just stared at the pony. It unnerved him enough to make his decision; he shoved the mare next to him who slowly started walking over to Red Star.

“Wait a second!” he said making the mare stop right before she reached Red Star. “How about you take the sword of you back first. Just stick it in the ground right in front of you. Do that or no deal.”

Red Star looked at me and feverently shook his head no. “Well I guess that’s a fair trade I said doing exactly as the pony instructed. True to his words after my sword was in the ground the mare went over to Red Star and untied him. He shook himself off after getting untied giving the mare who untied him a harsh glare as he walked towards me.

“I’m sorry I got captured sir. He said as he reached me facing away from the enemy. He looked like he wasn’t in too bad of shape but I noticed that all his injuries seemed to be concentrated like they tortured him for information.

“It’s okay Red Star; Shadow Dancer told me the whole story. If all it took was for these idiots to kill their own teammates to try and capture you then I think that you’ve been doing your job. Go back to camp and go see a medic.” Red Star nodded and walked off. I watched him walk down the trail I walked in on and didn’t stop till he was out of sight.

“Now I’m guessing you going top want to know our names right?”

“Not particularly it would distract me. Oh and by the way; the way I have to say congratulations for getting at least this far.”

“Distract you? Distract you from what?”

“Oh its nothing important. I just hope you guys know that it was an okay plan. I said walking a bit closer to my sword. “But I think you might have missed one part… The part where the target in question that you are trying to trap has a TRAP OF HIS OWN!!!” on my last words I grabbed the handle of my sword with both hands. A symbol lit up at the bas of the blade and I thrust the blade down into the earth a bit more.

“THE BLADE’S ENCHANTED!!! GET HIM QUI...” was all somepony had to say before the spell stored in the blade went off. The ground cracked and chunks of earth flew in all directions. Magic energy poured out of the cracks and everything exploded in a lavender-ish light. It didn’t blind me as much as I thought. I saw a couple of ponies fly backwards and saw some others that managed to brace themselves.

As quick as I could I pulled my sword out. The closest pony was behind me. I ran forward just a bit and then threw my weight forward flinging the sword in my right hand in a horizontal arc. The pony barely had time to see it coming as the blade caught him in the neck and kept going. His dummy body was in two pieces when it appeared.

“AHHH” a cream from above caught my attention as a Pegasus dived bombed me. He hit me in the face and came around for a second pass. I managed to catch him by the throat. Bringing him over my head I threw him to the ground and then did the exact same thing with my sword. Two down, four to go. With the time it had taken me to get the first one the other four had managed to pull themselves together and had surrounded me again. I was up against two Unicorns, one Pegasus, and one Earth ponies. I hoisted my sword over my right shoulder and gave them a maniac grin.

“Well then…whose next?” I said daring them to attack me. Even though I was outnumbered I felt relaxed. I think I was letting my inner maniac out and just blowing off as much steam as I could on these ponies.

“Distract him!!!” the unicorn shouted. Her three companions charged me and began to attack in anyway possible. They left we with very little openings so all I could do was dodge and take some of the lighter hits.

“Alright GET OUT OF THE WAY!” the unicorn shouted. I turned and saw that there was a small fireball floating just above her horn. Seconds later a large torrent of fire poured from it and came straight at me. I panicked and did the first thing that popped into my head. I used the flat of my sword as a shield and charged straight into the inferno.

I was burnt a little as I came out on the other side but I didn’t have time to think on it as I was right in front of the unicorn. She tried to start casting another spell but I countered by punching her in the face. She staggered and I was about to continue when I noticed the Pegasus flying straight for me. Both hands occupied I tried something else. I managed to dodge the Pegasus when she swung at my head. With his hoof outstretched I opened my mouth and clamped down on her limb. His scream and the fact that it tasted like biting into a carpet didn’t deter me from my plan. Twisting my neck fast enough to give a person whiplash I pulled him down and on top of the still dazed unicorn. They collided and fell to the ground where I picked up my sword again and shish kababed them.

There were only two left now. And they were both behind me as I pulled my sword out of the two dummy bodies. The one that had orchestrated the whole plan stood in shock while the other was enraged at the loss of his comrades. He charged me as fats as he could but I was still able to dodge. I swung my sword at him hitting him with the flat and propelling him into a nearby boulder where he hit with a sickening crunch.

Catching my breath I turned back to the instigator for this whole fight. He was frozen looking at me with fear in his eyes. “How…It was perfect…Your…Weakness…”

I smiled walked over to him and stood towering over him. “It not just a weakness you idiot. It’s more of a double edged sword. It’s true that putting faith in someone can make them a target but… It can also make them your support. They can help you unlock parts of yourself that you barely know are there. If you can’t understand that concept well then, it will be a hard road for you to get any stronger. OH and don’t worry I’m not going to kill you just yet. I need you for something.” I said as I knocked him out. I trudged back to camp hefting both my sword and the pony.

The walk was longer than it had taken the first time. I got back to the camp and nothing seemed to have changed that much. I grabbed my armor and headed for the front lines as fats as I could. Everyone was resting when I got there; I think I got here right in between attacks.

“Dan your back… who is that?” Swift was happy and confused.

“One of the ponies from “the trap”.” I answered as I woke him up with a couple slaps to the face.

“And you didn’t kill him?”

“I needed him for something. But first I need him to wake up!” I said as my final slap brought him back to consciousness.

“Who what where?” he said as he looked around and got his bearings. Noticing all the angry enemy faces he tried to pull his head into his body like a turtle.

“Oh stop being such a baby; they aren’t going to hurt you…yet. I need you for something. Now I’m assuming that since your part of Omega squad and since you wanted to deliver my head to them on a silver platter you had a way of signaling them so they would come to you; right?”

He stared at the ground not making a sound or eye contact. Hoping to make this short I picked him up by the back of his neck so that he was vertical. “Swift every time he doesn’t reply or do what I ask quickly, buck him in the balls.”

“What’s your definition of quickly?” She said smiling sinisterly at the pony who started to break into a cold sweat.

“I’ll let you be the judge of that.” I said returning her smile. “Now I’ll ask again. You have a way of contacting your leaders and bringing them to you right?” moved slightly and the pony responded well to it.


“Wow that actually worked better than I intended.” I said picking up the stallion and putting hi in front of our group. “Ok then do it.” He quickly lit up his horn and fired a beam of magic into the sky. It turned a couple different colors before turning into a weirdly shaped cloud of smoke.

“They’ll be here in minutes.” He said. And true to his word minutes later the whole A team was in front of us along with their leaders in the front leading the charge. I could see confusion come over their faces as they saw one of them standing by me as they stopped marching. Shock Point was the first to break the silence between the groups. “Would you mind explaining just what exactly is going on here?”

“Oh just a little coercion slash extortion. I just wanted to talk to you guys, but before that.” I said reaching for the handle of my sword. The stallion didn’t see it as swung down at him; his dummy body was cut cleanly I half. “Now where was I? Oh yes! I wanted to have a word with you three.”

“We’re listening.” Shock Point said not intimidated one bit by my last display of violence.

“Well I think it’s about time we end this. Now I have a problem with you three, and you three have a problem with me. That about sums it up nicely right?”

“That’s hitting the nail on the head.” Wind Shear answered this time.

“So I think the best we could end this is not with our troops because lets face I’ve been winning on that front. So I propose this. Instead of fighting down to the last stallion or mare. How about we make it… me versus you three in the coliseum. No weapons, whatever armor you wanna wear, and we fight till one is standing.” I felt every eye stare at me. Not just the three leaders and their troops, but all of mine as well.

“Dan are you sure you didn’t hurt yourself to bad back there?”

“I’m fine Swift. And who knows it might have come down to that anyway in the end.” I told Swift as I watched Rock Smash, Wind Shear, and Shock point talking abut things amongst themselves. I waited until they broke and Rock Smash started talking.

“That sounds like a “fun” alternative. We accept.”

I nodded and then looked up to the sky. “Did you hear that princesses?” I shouted. We’re gonna finish this a bit differently do you think you can get us out…” everything flashed white again and I realized I was in the coliseum. “of here.”

I was standing down on the arena floor where I had fought Celestia except this time instead of one super powerful opponent I had three opponents whose strength I had never seen. Turning to the stands I could see the princesses, and the girls. Mixed reactions lined their faces; showing just how much they cared. To the right of the princesses were all my troops. I walked over to see Swift Gale in the front row.

“Are you sure you know what your doing Dan.” She asked her face was a mixture of concern and fear.

“Mostly; keep Jarvis with you I’m going gauntlets only for this one. Time to show you guys how humans get it done.” I was wearing just a pair of shorts and my gauntlets. I had always liked the way mixed martial arts fighters looked before a fight. “Does anyone want to wish me luck?”

“Good luck sir”. Jarvis said from the helmet sitting near Swift Gale.

“Good luck you idiot your gonna need it.”

“Rip’em to piece Dan!” Shadow Dance and Red star said at the same time.

“Spartans I think we should give our leader a proper good luck!” Jonagold shouted from the stands. Every one stood up drew in a breath and then shouted.

“HOORAH!!!” the noise was loud it completely dominated the noises from he other side of the stadium.

I turned around to find my three opponents waiting for me. Armored in varying degrees.

“Ok then since it seems both sides are ready to begin.” Princess Celestia stood and addressed everypony. I tensed up; ready for the fight to begin. “Then….. FIGHT!!!”

On he words I broke into a mad dash straight for my opponents. Within seconds Rock Smash who was the most armored out of all three was doing the same. Knowing that he would be faster than me I had to time my attack perfectly. As I ran towards Rock Smash; neon blue beams of light came from behind him and moved towards me. I put my gauntlets up to defend myself. The beams bounced off my gauntlets with a bit of force slowing me just a bit. I got close enough as I wanted to Rock Smash and slowed down just enough; he kept charging not knowing exactly what I was doing. When he was about ten feet away I stopped leaving my right leg behind me a little bit. With all the force I could muster I swung my right foot forward. By the time my foot came forward Rock Smash was a legs length away just like I had hoped. My foot caught him under the chin and sent him reeling upwards into the air a couple feet.

After that I wanted to follow up but was hit by something moving pretty fast. Wind Shear hit me in my left side plowing me into the ground a bit. I got up and managed to see catch a glimpse of him as he flew around trying to confuse me. I couldn’t stare at him for long though cause Shock Point decided to ramp up her spells a bit before and now she was throwing lightning. I dodged them as I attempted to get a lock on Wind Shear. By this time Rock Smash had managed to shake off the kick I had given him and was charging back into battle. Trying to keep track of each of my opponents was very hard. I was barely dodging everything that they were throwing at me.

Luckily for me on one pass to hit me Wind Shear flew within my field of view. Dodging two bolts of lightning I managed to grab him and using the momentum swung him in a circle so I could hit Rock Smash with his own teammate. From there I continued to swing them till I was in Shock Point’s direction and then let go. They both flew towards their third teammate and a decent speed but I forgot that she would be able to stop them with her magic.

“Now did you really think it would be that easy?” she said with a condescending smile while she lowered her teammates to the ground.

“You know for a second there…yeah I really did.” I said panting slightly.

“Well then how about we show you something that won’t be so easy for you.” She said as her horn lit up. Magic jumped to both of her partners. Wind Shear gave a quick hop and stood upon Rock Smash’s back. After a couple of seconds Shock Point channeled a different spell. The aura that was covering her two teammates turned into lightning which covered their bodies.

“What do you think about this Dan?” she asked.

“Actually that is pretty nice.”

“Well let’s see how you like it when it’s up close!” Wind shear said as he grabbed Rock Smash and took of as fast as he could towards me. Despite his load he was pretty quick in closing the gap between us. I tried to move but noticed my feet wouldn’t move. I looked down and saw that plant roots were wrapping around my feet. As they came closer I did the only thing I could and tried to take the attack head on. I grabbed Rock Smash’s hooves and tried my best to hold him back. Instead of me being bowled over I was pushed back several feet. The pain wasn’t anywhere near what I thought though which mad e me a bit suspicious.

“Well it look like you…” I tried to raise my arms and point but my arm wouldn’t move. Heck even my neck wouldn’t turn. “Oh the first attack paralyzes the opponent…”

“SO that on the second we can deliver a worse blow yes Dan.” Shock said as she channeled more magic in her teammates this time the lightning around them seemed to look more violent then the last attack.

“Well…shit.” Was what I said before the two plowed into me and this time I didn’t stand a chance. Rock Smash’s hooves crashed into my chest and pulled me off my feet. It took a couple seconds of being propelled but hitting a wall with enough force to break into it still felt as good as the last time. The pain hurt and I felt like I couldn’t tell what was broken or bleeding.

Somehow I managed to pry myself from the wall and walk forward a bit. My eyes half lidded looked at my enemies who were smirking.

“By the princesses he’s tough.” Rock Smash said looking at me.

“Yeah but I don’t think he’s being to bright right now getting back up like that. Light us up again Shock, one last hit should bring him down.

I really remember the second hit and the second wall imprinting. My body felt weak and broken. But I knew I couldn’t give up yet. If I wasn’t fully unconscious then there was still a fight to be had.

“Really again he gets up. Heck if we hit him one more time I don’t think he’s gonna go to the hospital, it’ll be straight to the morgue. But hey if he got up he knows the consequences.” I heard one voice saw I couldn’t make out anything really far away.

I could hear noises all around. Cheers form one side and yells from the other. Suddenly I could make out a flash in front of me followed by a familiar voice.

“Alright that’s enough of this!” Twilight had teleported in front of me; I could make out her lavender shape. “You’ve obviously won just take your victory and stop this…this…bullying!” Everything was silent as she spoke.

“I’m sorry but we can’t do that ma’am. Dan there set the terms of the fight and we are just abiding by him. Also under coliseum rules if anyone were to enter they should be treated as an enemy combatant. Now I would like to ask nicely for you to go back to your seat please. Other wise you are also going to a target and there isn’t anything anypony can do about it.” The voice who I think was Rock Smash said.

“I’m not moving.” Twilight said. Why was she defending me; putting herself in danger for a stupid reason.

“Well then ma’am I warned you and I’m not sorry for what happens next.” My vision cleared up enough to see what was happening. Shock Point charged Rock Smash and then used her telekinesis magic to fling him at high speeds toward Twilight.

Everything slowed down in those few moments. I wanted to move so badly but my body was battered and broken. But I wasn’t dead yet. I needed energy, I needed more ability. Memories flashbacked before my eyes; most prominent of them was when I was trapped under the factory roof. Why couldn’t I be like back then. I trained myself, I was defiantly stronger and faster than back then. Heck is what like the same situation. There were ponies that I needed to protect back then and now there was a pony that I needed to protect right now.

I felt my body twitch. It knew what I wanted. My mind and willpower was forcing everything I was to keep going. I would protect her…EVEN IF I DIED DOING IT!!! Somehow the gap between me and Twilight closed my arm reached out to grab Rock Smash’s hoof that was aiming for twilight.


Dan was perhaps one of the weirdest beings I have ever met. Ever since he picked me out of all those other reporters I could tell there was something different about him. Well actually that’s a lie ever since he stepped out of the princesses’ royal chariot I knew he was different. I had seen him save foal from a fire, survive getting hit buy a collapsing roof, befriend an ancient dinosaur and even play music that nobody had really heard yet. I had watched him get beaten by the three ponies he had challenged and I thought at first it was all part of a plan up until the second time he was slammed into a wall. Twilight teleported down there for some reason to try and stop them but it didn’t work. Now one of the ponies was magically charged and flying straight at Twilight who didn’t know what to do. I almost turned as the pony crashed into Twilight but saw and Orange-ish blur come from behind.

A large explosion rocked the stadium. Everypony was blinded by the light that was produced. Afterwards everyone looked back to see a large cloud of dust covering the arena floor. Twilight’s and Dan’s friends were on the edge of their seat trying to figure out what was going on. I looked over to Princess Celestia and Luna and saw that they were…smirking? Why would they be happy about something like this? Gasps from all around drew my attention back to the arena where a sight so strange greeted everyone. Twilight was ok and un harmed. Rock Smash was in the air his fore arm still outstretched was close to Twilight. What was more noticeable was the look of absolute surprise on his face and what he was looking at. Dan was right behind Twilight standing over her; eyes closed; with Rock Smash’s hoof in his hand. But his hand...it was on fire. It wasn’t only his right hand either. There were three flames; one covering each of hi hand and gauntlets, and one in the middle of his forehand. Everything was still as a picture until Dan opened his eyes.

Although something was different about him now. He seemed more composed and leader like than during the battles.

“Dan what..” Twilight started to say but was silenced when Dan used his other hand. The flame on it spread over Twilight but it didn’t seem like it was burning her. Slowly she lifted off the ground, he was levitating her! He moved her all the way back to here seat and then the magic stopped. He gave her a look that told her that they would talk later. He then turned his attention back to Rock Smash and spoke for the first time in awhile.

“That was a really really bad move.” He said coldly.. Rock Smash didn’t have time to answer though, Dan quickly pulled down on his hoof bringing all of Rock Smash down with him. Dan threw his right knee up and caught Rock Smash in the jaw putting him airborne again. Dan quickly turned to his side and like a coiled snake his leg shot out straight hitting his opponent in the stomach.

Rock Smash flew past his teammates and straight into a wall. Shock point went to help him but whatever was happening to Dan made him a lot faster. He was in front of her within seconds. She panicked and teleported away trying to escape but Dan put out his hand and the flame on it stretched, grabbed her, and flung her back towards Dan where he clotheslined her before she too hit the wall. Wind Shear was the last on standing. He was enraged by how Dan took out his opponents and dived straight at him. Dan pointed his hands at the ground and the fire exploded out of his hands and propelled him into the air. Both of them got close and then Dan flipped and kicked Wind Shear in the back sending him into he same wall as his teammates. Dan hit the ground as they started to get up and then did something even more incredible than what he had been doing.

He placed on hand behind him and the flames on his left hand started to shoot out like a fire work flying into the sky. He extended his other hand which started to glow brighter and pointed it at Omega Squad.

“TAKE THIS!!!” he said before what looked like a massive solid column of fire shot out from his palm. Omega squad had no time to do anything as it engulfed them. The blast continued for seconds until it died down. When it ended the wall had a solid crater in it. An in that crater were the three unconscious leaders on Omega Squad.

Everything was silent as Dan stood there. He turned to us and simply smiled; and he looked very good doing it too I think I may have blushed a bit.

“Mares and Stallions we have our winner of this year Equestria War Games…Team B and their leader; DAN!!!” Celestia’s voiced boomed as she announced the victor. The stands where Dan’s team was exploded into cheers. Dan looked up into the stands as ponies cheered his name. “Yes yes there will be time for celebration my ponies but first we have a talk with your leader please go back to your barracks and relax. The festivities will begin shortly.” Celestia cut things short. She, her sister, Twilight and her friends, as well as Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor quickly made their way down to the floor as everyone left.


I stared at my hands in awe. An orange flame was flickering on them but I didn’t really feel any heat from it. It felt like it was a part of me. I looked to the crater on the wall. I was amazed that it was me that did that.

“Congratulations Dan.” Celestia’s voice snapped me out of my trance. I looked over to see everybody standing there. I looked to my hands and tried to see if I could control the flames with my thought.

“Fade.” I thought to my self and sure enough the flames died out jus leaving my gauntlets. Looking back at the group I noticed that one pony was sticking to the way back of the group. I walked towards them and they started to give me praises.

“Well Done Dan I must…” I walked right by Princess Celestia and Luna.

“DANTHATWASAMAZINGINEVER…” I drowned out Pinkie’s noise and kept walking.

“Shining tried to say something to me but I paid him no mind and kept walking till I reached the back of the group where Twilight was standing. Everyone got quiet as our eye met.

“Dan what you did was amaz…”

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR CELESTIA DAMNED FUCKING MIND!!!” I shouted as loudly as humanly possible. Twilight flinched..

“Just what in all that’s holy do you think you were doing! You could have gotten hurt Twilight. Your part of one of the most powerful forces on this planet Twilight!”

“Oh so I was just to supposed to watch you get hurt.” She went from being defensive to offensive.

“Twilight you know about my race we can take a beating. We’ve lived through things that you ponies can’t even begin to fathom yet. Trying to take a hit form me like that is definitely not one of your best decisions.

“We at least I was SHOWING THAT I CARED!!!”

“Oh you really want to do this now. You want to start this whole thing up again right now!!! Fine then go ahead, your still wrong if you think I’m not showing it.”

“Oh please Rarity’s acting when she overreacts is more visible than you!”

“Excuse me?” Rarity’s voice sounded off in the background.

“And what about you!?! You think I’m not showing interest what are you doing that’s so “visible”?”

“I’m doing plenty your just to much of an idiot to notice.”

“Dan, Twilight Sparkle that is enough!” Celestia shouted over both of us. I looked and saw that our friends were staring at us. Cadence broke the silence that followed.

“Is this about your fight that happened before all of this?” she gestured to the coliseum. We both nodded. “Well then how about instead of shouting at each other and leaving us in the dark you actually tell us what happened and maybe we can help.”

“Cadence is right dears. We all want to help you so can you trust us enough with your problems please?”

I shrugged and nodded and then looked to Twilight. She looked at everyone and then sighed. “Alright fine… if you must know… Back all those weeks ago I tried to start showing Dan that I was just more than interested than him.”

“And at the same time I started doing the same thing thinking that Twilight was smart enough to pick up on what I was doing.”

“Oh I’m smart enough you just a class dunce.”

We were about to start shouting again when Rarity interrupted us. “I’m sorry you two but what exactly were you doing?”

“I was acting like a female would to attract a male!”

“I was acting like a stallion would to attract a mare!”

Both sentences came out at the same time. We both heard each other, looked at each other and froze. I couldn’t believe what both of us just said. We both looked in front of us. The princesses were on the backs, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy were staring at us. Rarity and Cadence were both face hoofing and Shining…he was laughing loudly.

“HAHAHA That is what this is all about! Oh my gosh if I had known it was this simple HAHAHA!” His wife removed her hoof from her face in order to say something but Shining to stop her. “Sorry Cadence I’m sorry but this is rich. Heck this may just be the one problem where I don’t have to be a princess, or the Alicorn of Love, or an Element of Harmony to fix. Heck I’ll show you I can fix this right now.” He stopped talking and walked over to both of us.

“Ok you two I know what this is about and I’m telling you from experience that you’re going at this the completely wrong way. SO do us all a favor and just stop the acting and just say it. It’s easier than whatever you’re thinking of. Don’t try to be smooth, just come out and say it.” He said to us then turned and went back to his wife.

I looked at Twilight. Thinking about everything that had happened. Me coming here, being in my mind, the factory, nightmare night and her costume, the gala, us dancing in the night. Everything I felt from then until now it all pointed to one thing. I moved closer to her sat down. Took her hooves in my hand and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Well for once your brother is right Twilight. I probably should have just done this from the beginning. Twilight Sparkle I love you. I’m so in love with you it blinded me and made me do something stupid. I know now that I aced like an idiot but from now on I just want to be your idiot.” I smiled at her as I spoke. Everything came from the heart and I meant it.

Several “awwww”s came from the girls as I waited for Twilight’s response.

“After all this time reading about thing’s in books I felt like I knew how to get something like this right. Ever since I moved to Ponyville everything I knew has changed. And ever since I managed to summon you here everything was flipped on its head once again. It’s been completely exhausting trying to get back to a stable point.” She said looking at the ground, her ears laid back and a blush visible. “But with you it’s been so enjoyable and I just can’t help but admit that…I love you too.”

I looked into her eyes for what seemed like forever, then I pulled her into a kiss. It had been so long since I had felt happy like this. It just felt right. Hopefully after this things would be better..

“So after we get back to Ponyville let’s just agree to just say things instead of trying to play some weird game of charades.” I said after we broke our kiss.

“That sounds fine with me. Is that okay with everybody?” Twilight asked looking around. Everyone except for one nodded their heads in agreement.

“Oh but I’m really good at charades…” Pinkie frowned a little bit.

“Pinkie it’s just…” Twilight started to say.

“OH OH WAIT! Before we never play charades again I got a good one especially for right now!”

Twilight rolled here eyes and looked at me. I just shrugged and went with it. “Okay then Pinkie what is it?” I said.

She squeed a moment before going silent. She tapped her hoof three times on the ground.

“Three words…” the first thing she pulled out was a head of lettuce. I stared for a moment before she chopped it in half. Trying to think like her I put forward my best guess. “Uh…Let’s?” She nodded her head. Next she pulled out what looked like a checker board but had a grid with much smaller lines. She then put a white stone on it and a black stone on it. “Go?” she nodded again. The last thing she pulled out was her party cannon.

“Ok Pinkie I think I get the message. Let’s go party?”

“YES!!!” the pink pony shouted before taking off to head outside. Everyone laughed and began to follow her. I gave Twilight another quick kiss before getting up and following them. This was sure one heck another good adventure for me. And now that I had finally gotten over a stupid emotional hurdle things were looking up.

Author's Note:

AND WHAT I DUB THE SECOND ARC COMES TO A CLOSE...I've been waiting to write this forever!!!! ive had this planned for the longest time...and for those of you that said it yes its the dying will flame from reborn...when i started planning this i was so inspired by Reborn the manga i thought it was absolutely fantastic...

so anyway after this chap[ter some chnges are going to go into affect...i'm looking for another editor or two..i completly trust MrAnybody but i really want to catch up on some stuff...

so anyways some stats...at the time of this, this story has 3029 views....HOLY SHIT I CONSIDER THAT A GREAT MILESTONE THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!

289 likes is really good and 323 favorites is EVE FREAKING BETTER!!!!!

Thank you everyone who has done something for this story and keep reading it's going to get better now!!!!

as for new about my writing and such i'll do it tomorrow its late and i have spent literally 9 hours working on this....i'm tired so wait till tomorrow for my blog post

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