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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Chapter 32: Somepony To Love

Chapter 32: Somepony To Love

“OK let me see if I can get this straight before I ask you for more details. You want me to help you…with your wedding?” I stood there next to two princesses and my mare friend, each of whom was as confused as I was.

“Yes,” The stallion said taking time to regain his breath, the sweat coming off his face showed he had ran quite a distance.

“Alright then, proceed with your explanation.” I,waved him on.

“Well as you can tell I’m supposed to be getting married today to the love of my life. We are actually getting married just outside of Ponyville, in the nice quiet countryside like she wanted, everything was fine until this morning,”

“What happened, did she get cold feet?”

“WHAT! Oh no nothing like that, this doesn’t have to do with either of us. The problem is with the band we hired to play at the reception. I just got the word last night that they won’t be able to make it, seeing as how they now have food poisoning. The band is one of my fiance’s favorites, she really wanted them at the wedding and I couldn’t think of any way to replace them until last night,” The stallion said in one breath.

“I’m guessing she doesn’t know?” I asked.

“No she doesn’t. She’s worked hard enough on this wedding, this was something I wanted to fix. We both were at the last Gala you see, and I remembered that she also really liked your performance, she even bought the copies of the songs you sang,”

“But I haven’t been…” I turned to Twilight quickly. “Remind me to talk to your uncle later.” She nodded before I turned to face the stallion again.

“So last night I heard around town that you had gone to Canterlot so I caught the earliest train and made my way here so that I could beg you to perform at my wedding,” I could see from the look on the stallion’s face that he was at the end of his rope.

I honestly couldn’t think of what to do. On one hand I had a stallion whose wedding was depending on me and my ‘OK’ musical talent. And on the other hand it was Hearts and Hooves Day and I had plans with the love of my life and I couldn’t drop those plans.

I started to speak so I could turn him down, and right before the words came out of my mouth Twilight jumped in. “Of course he would be glad to help you on your special day,”

My jaw went slack and my mouth hung open as I looked incredulously at Twilight. I could hear the stallion happily making his way towards me in my stupor and I could also feel him grab my hand and shake it vigorously.


After I didn’t respond for a few minutes Twilight saw that as a sign to escort him out of the room so they could figure out how to get back to Ponyville.

“She’s such a caring mare isn’t she,” Celestia’s voice brought me back to the land of the living. “She knew you were torn up inside because you want to help but didn’t want to be a bad coltfriend and break your Hearts and Hooves Day plans. So she did it for you.”

It took me all of ten seconds to think about it before I simply said, “She really is special.” I stared at the door she walked through for a moment as Luna came up beside me.

“Dan does this mean all you plans for tonight are now ruined?” she put emphasis on the word all so she know what I was talking about.

I thought about it before I came up with an answer. “Actually Luna I think we can probably still make that one work, we planned it for so long I don’t think it should got to waste.” Luna smiled at my answer.

“And with that my princesses, I gotta go save a wedding!” I smiled as I walk down the steps of the throne and broke into a slight jog so I could get across the room quickly.

Stepping through the large throne room doors I found Twilight and the stallion waiting for me. “Oh Dan we arranged to get a chariot to take us to Ponyville,”

“Alright that sounds good,” I told Twilight, learning how to fly on my own had all but gotten rid of my nervousness of riding on a chariot, I now stood up in them instead of sitting in the middle. I walked in time with Twilight and the stallion. “So I never got you name by the way,” I said to the stallion as we got to the chariot.

“Oh it’s Tranquil Creek,” the stallion said before we boarded.

“Hmm ok Tranquil, what is it that you do?” I asked as the chariot got going after all of us were on it.

“Oh well I’m one of the park rangers in Centrot Park in Manehattan,”

“That sounds pretty nice, and what about your soon to be wife?”

“Oh well she works at the zoo in the park, her name is Menagerie,” he said the corners of his mouth turning upward into goofy grin.

“I’m guessing you both met on the job?” I asked.

“Oh yeah I was busy doing my rounds and I noticed her while I was walking through the zoo.”

“OK before you go further can you explain the zoo. I thought that most if not all animals are sentient on this planet?” I was curious.

“Well it’s not like it is slavery or anything, ponies can’t exactly travel far to see all the different type of animals, so instead we sometimes ask the animals if we could use their services in exchange for shelter and food and anything else they want.”

“So basically like a foreign exchange student program…somewhat?” I kept trying to wrap my head around it but something kept escaping my grasp.

Tranquil Creek opened his mouth to say something but stopped, he closed his mouth and put a hoof to his head to think. He repeated the process several times before he looked at Twilight, causing me to look at her as well.

“Well I guess that would technically be a correct way of putting it,” Twilight said her eyes not making contact with either of us.

“OK then, go ahead and continue about how you met Menagerie,” I said trying to put the last two awkward minutes behind everyone.

“Oh, well I was trotting through the zoo saying hi to everyone when I noticed her. She was busy helping the new Lions from Zebrica, and apparently I was staring at her for so long that the lioness she was talking to noticed and pointed me out. She turned around and I got a good look at her deep green eyes for a good second before I realized what was happening and tried to play it off, but I ended up embarrassing myself,” His hoof scraped against the bottom of the chariot as he slowly moved it around in circles while staring at it.

“Tripped over your own hooves didn’t you?” I asked.

“How did you know?” he was surprised at my guess.

“Seemed like the most logical choice, continue on, what happened next?”

“Well as I was getting up she came over to me laughing and trying to ask me if I was okay, I said sure but I just got stuck looking into her eyes again Instead of waiting for me to snap out of it she poked me in the head causing me to wobble a bit. When I came back around I asked her out then and there, I just blurted out the words…and we’ve been together ever since then. A couple of months ago I asked her to marry me and well I think you can guess the rest,” he smiled calmly just looking at the open sky, as if remembering fond memories.

“Ok I think I get the jist of it,” I said to him before I turned to Twilight. “I’m just gonna fly right next the chariot, I need to think a bit about what I’m gonna do ok?”

“Fine but just don’t try anything stupid I definitely don’t want to have to go to see the doctor sooner than expected ok?” she said, her tone a mix of seriousness and sarcasm.

“When do I ever do anything stupid?” I mocked in innocence.

“I’ve started filling up a book with all the examples, it’s about half full as of now,” she smirked and I bent down to give her a quick kiss before leaping over the rail of the chariot. I fell a few feet before everything kicked in and then I simply moved myself upwards till I was level with the chariot.

The rest of the trip to Ponyville was calm and uneventful. We landed outside the Library and got off thanking the guard for their help. I walked inside and headed straight for the bedroom grabbing something nice to wear, I was going to a wedding after all. Twilight walked in behind me and also set out to put some clothing on. She put on a dress I had never seen before, I could only assume that Rarity had given it to her and told her to keep it secret. I noticed some kind of symbols on it that I remembered Twilight was looking up in some book about magic, but I didn’t ask about it thinking that it was just part of the dresses style. We both came out of the room at the same time, I grabbed my guitar and walked out with Twilight and Tranquil.

We walked through the town and then reached what I could only assume was the church. A small bit away from the church was the setup of a couple of tents. As we got closer I saw a couple of ponies waiting outside the doors. Their nervousness was apparent with trace of sweat on their brows and their eyes were darting back and forth. When we got with a few hooves; or feet in my case the stallion looked our way, more specifically they looked at Tranquil and rushed towards us. One was a mare with a light pink coat and the other was a stallion whose coat was some shade of green; sometimes being colorblind had its disadvantages.

“Tranquil where have you been?” the mare asked in a near shouting voice. She grabbed him by his withers and shook him hard enough to make his head a blur. “Ponies have been asking questions, heck if you hadn’t have left that note then even we might have thought that you got cold hooves!” She would have kept on shaking him if not for the stallion who separated them before taking his turn to talk.

“Yeah so what’s up, is everything ok? The note you left just said reception problems, I’ve been checking out the setup, the DJ arrived but the band hasn’t,” the stallion said.

“Well that’s the thing… the band isn’t coming, apparently they got sick,” Tranquil told the two ponies whose jaws proceeded to drop open.

The mare was the first to get her words out. “B-But that’s Meanies favorite music group…what are we gonna do? There’s not time to find someone else she like’s, oh this is going to be a dis-“ Tranquil managed to silence her with a hoof and started speaking again.

“Well guys that’s why I was gone for so long, I had to go all the way to Canterlot to find a replacement, and I don’t think I did too badly,” he said, his chest puffing out slightly as his used one hoof to point upwards towards me.

“Who did you get you know Menagerie is kind of…picky…about her…music?” her words slowed and pitch went up as she finally inclined her neck and got a look at me, I still couldn’t comprehend how I just seemed invisible at times to creature pretty much half my size.

As she and the stallion both finally noticed and got a good look at me I waved casually pretending like nothing big was happening. “Hi how’s it going?” I asked trying to hold in my laughter.

The mare slowly looked down from me and then back to Tranquil. “You went to Canterlot, barged into the palace, threw yourself at the mercy of the princesses and begged Dan; Equestria’s First Human, to play music at your wedding?” she was shouting again, her eyes looking between Tranquil and I.

“Well I wouldn’t put it as begging, that implies he asked multiple times, It would be more akin to… what would you call it Twilight?” I asked, trying to draw some of the attention to her.

The eyes of the mare whose jaw was already on the floor widened as Twilight came from around my right side. “Well I think in technical grammar terms it would be that, he made a plea for help, since he only asked once,”

The mare looked between the three of us for a while she finally came to her senses. “You know what? I don’t have time for this. You don’t have time for this,” She leveled her hoof an inch from Tranquil’s face. “You have literally two minutes to get in there, get dressed, and get ready to get married, otherwise I’m going to beat the snot out of you and you’re going to have to explain it to Meanie why you look like hell.” She lowered her hoof and started walking back to the church. The other stallion started to open his mouth to say something but a glare from the mare made him shut his mouth.

“Well that was my mare of honor and best stallion.” Tranquil sighed as both of them disappeared back inside the church. “Well if you guys want to come in for the ceremony you’re more than welcome. But I better get in there before I end up with a bloody snout and black eye” he said before galloping towards the building.

Twilight and I decided not to go to the wedding, it would serve as a better surprise to be seen at the reception. On the short walk Twilight asked me a question. “So….'Meanie'?” she said simply trying to wrap her intellect around it.

“Probably a nickname short for Menagerie, it’s kind of easier to give nicknames for ponies with long names, it can kinda be exhausting to say full names,” I quipped, piquing her interest.

“Oh is that true?”

“Yes Twilight sparkle, Twilight, Twily, Twi, Twishy.”

“Twishy? I’ve never been called that!” she responded.

“I just made it up, did it go over well?” She shook her head in response to my question, a new nickname was definitely out of the question. “Oh well you win some you lose some.” was the last thing I said before we walked into the reception area and saw who the DJ was.

“Hey Dan! Hey cousin Twishy!” Vinyl said cheerfully as she sprung up from behind her turntable setup.”

“Hello Vinyl…wait how did you know about-“ Twilight greeted her cousin and then started to ask a question but was interrupted.

“Oh it’s pretty quiet in here I heard you guys coming down the road. Oh and I fully approve of the new nickname are you gonna be using it big guy?” You couldn’t see Vinyl’s eye but you could tell she was looking at her cousin before she looked at me and asked.

“Well it seems she doesn’t like it, so I’ll put it on the backburner for a while and bring it up later,” I said catching Twilight’s reaction.

“That sounds cool, so… why are you guys here?”

“Oh apparently the band they wanted is sick and can’t come so the groom came all the way to Canterlot and practically barged into the throne and begged Dan to play at his wedding!” Twilight said in a chipper tone, her remark caused Vinyl to stare at me.

“So you offered to play at some random stallion’s wedding instead of doing something else on Hearts and Hooves Day?” she put some emphasis on the last words of her sentence and the frown she wore show me how angry she was.

“Oh Vinyl it’s not like that, I actually told Tranquil that Dan would play his wedding. I could see that it was bothering him so I made the decision for him,” Twilight spoke up quickly, seeing the error of how she explained the situation.

Vinly looked to her cousin and then back to me, here eye still narrowed at me as she said “Well…ok, but don’t think you’re off the hook,” she waggled a hoof at me. “Now go set up the ceremony should be done soon.” she stopped pointing at me long enough to point over to a stage where some instruments were already set up.

I went over and began to set up my guitar as well as check out what other instruments were here. After a while I heard the telltale signs of ponies arriving. Bells ringing and ponies cheering celebrated. I didn’t know if the groom and the bride would arrive first so I decided not spoil the surprise. Hiding behind one of the fold of the large tent I waited for the right time to show myself.

I was waiting for about ten or fifteen minutes before my time finally arrive, I could hear ponies talking as the reception finally got underway. Vinyl had played some music for the bride and groom as things got ready and then someone a microphone was handed to somepony.

“Uh, hi everypony,” Tranquil’s amplified voice carried well. “Well first I’d like to thank everpony for coming today…” I kept listening and one thing that stuck in my mind was how to make an entrance. Quickly looking inside I noticed that on the roof of the tents were these fake windows, to let some extra sun in, I noticed that one was above the stage.

As quietly as I could I flew above the tent and managed to open the fake plastic window. Right as I got it open I heard Tranquil start to introduce me. “Well baby I know this is a day that both of us have look forward to but there is one slight change though. I know you had your heart set on having your favorite band here today but last night I went out and I think I found a great alternative that you’re going to like.”

I took that as my cue and dropped my magic and let myself fall, it was only ten feet I could handle a fall like that. That didn’t mean it hurt when I landed on my side. I heard a couple of gasps and screams. I quickly got up, purposely facing away from the audience and began to dust myself off. After a couple of whispers went round I looked over my shoulder nonchalantly before turning back and then did a double take before I turned around with a smile.

“Well that’s definitely one way to make an entrance right?” my joke caused a few to laugh. I walked over to Tranquil and the mare who I guessed was Menagerie, her eyes were as wide as dinner plates and it looked like her jaw was almost touching the ground.

“Now before you make a sound just know that it was completely your now husband’s idea to ask me,” Menagerie looked to Tranquil, the look of her face not changing. It took a couple of seconds before she squealed like a fangirl and hug tackled her new husband.

“OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” I chuckled as she hugged Tranquil and yelled his ear off at the same time.

I made my way back to the stage and slung my guitar strap across my back. “Alright, now that we got out of the way, as I think it’s tradition, the first song and dance goes to the newlyweds!”

With a bit of hesitance both of them got off their place on the ground and walked over to the dance floor. I looked back to the ponies that had joined me on stage, they were back up performers and I was glad I wouldn’t have to be a one man band on this occasion.

“Are the Bride and Groom ready?” both of them nodded hesitantly. “Just remember Tranquil don’t step on her hooves, nothing good ever comes from that,” I said getting some laughs. I turned around to the rest of the makeshift band and said “Ok guys just follow my lead and we should be alright, 3…2…1.”

The beat started out slow and built only slightly, the song was meant to be a slower one. I hadn’t really listened to this song all that much but it was one that seemed perfect for a situation like this. I looked all around the tent to find where Twilight was sitting, I found her sitting in the back close to where her cousin had set up. I knew this wasn’t the kind of Hearts and Hooves Day she was expecting but I was definitely going to make it up to her.

Tranquil and Menagerie finished Dancing and applause went out from every corner of the tent. They both blushed and then looked at me expectantly on what to do next.

“Alright now I’m not going to be able to do all this singing in one setting so I’ll do two more before a quick break,” I quickly looked behind me to see if I had anypony playing a trumpet, I frowned as I found that the answer was no. “Um…does anypony know how to play a trumpet here?” I looked to the crowd with hope. But I got nothing but headshake and murmurs in return.

“Uh I do…” I looked down to see Tranquil raising his hoof.

“Well that’s unexpected…this day is just full of surprises. Ok get up here I need you for the next song.” The stallion walked to the front of the stage and started to climb before I stopped him. “Use the stairs Tranquil no one wants to see your plot flying off the stage as you try to climb up here.” That one got a lot of laughter.

He got up and grabbed the trumpet from the back of the stage and rushed up almost tripping over his own hooves. “OK, ok, steady Tranquil, steady, now like I told them just follow me and you should be fine. Alright ladies and gentlestallions, here’s a new type of music from my world that I have no clue whether or not you’ve heard anything like it before.”

I had the drummer start it up and when I was ready I strummed the string on my guitar and Tranquil and I counted down. “One, two, ONE TWO THREE FOUR!” even as we went through the beginning of the story I could tell that ponies had never heard Ska music before, it was really evident as ponies rushed the dance floor and started dancing and cheering at us. I could see Menagerie at the front of the stage watching her hubby doing something that in her mind exceeded awesome.

As the song ended I took my guitar off and let Tranquil take a bow as the cheers rolled in, he jumped off the stage and landed next to his wife who proceeded to smother him in hugs and kisses.

“OK you two, save some of that for the honeymoon, I got one more before we take a small break, Vinyl are you ready?” I said hopping off the stage. I could see her tail swishing above the console as she worked underneath it.

“Yeah I think we are good to go, thanks for letting me use your watchamacallit!” she said as she came out from under her set up. She lifted a microphone with her magic and tossed it to me.

“Alright I hope everyone here remembers me and DJ-PON3 doing a bit of a collaboration at the last Gala, and well now we are going to do it again! DJ SPIN THE RECORD!” I shouted before the music started playing. It was a bit of an old song that I had almost forgot about, it was very happy and uplifting, perfect for playing at a wedding.

After the song was over I took a quick bow and waited for a majority of the applause to stop before I excused myself to go sit with Twilight. She levitated a glass of water over before I got to my seat and I drank it in few gulps, singing too much really put a strain on my throat.

“So how am I doing so far?” I asked her, panting slightly wiping the sweat from my brow.

“You’re doing fine, that second song you did was incredible, what kind of music is that called?”

“It’s called Ska, it’s always kind of upbeat and happy.”

"It did sound that way.” she said before going silent for a bit.

“Are you happy with this, being how our first Hearts and Hooves day ended up?” I decided to skip too the big issue of today.

“Oh yes, I mean I know that you like helping and it makes you happy. So if this becomes our plan for the day then I’m happy about it.” she said trying to reassure me of her decision.

“Well I wouldn’t say it was our only plan for today, I do have something else in mind for later. But before you ask, yes it is a secret,” I said confusing her on purpose, I wanted at least something to be a surprise of my own making.

I felt a hoof prod my midsection and turned to see Menagerie and Tranquil standing next to me. “Hey you two enjoying the festivities?” I managed to say before the mare wrapped her forelegs around me and pulled me into a tight hug. She didn’t scream or anything she just hugged me for a bit before she finally spoke.

“Thank you so much for this, I don’t think it could have been better, and I just love your music,” she broke the hug and I was able to see that she was crying slightly. Although it looked more like tears of joy than anything else.

“Well I’m not done just yet, I got at least two more songs I think you’ll enjoy. Hey Vinyl is my whatchamacallit still hooked up to you system?” I shouted slightly, the mare barely heard me with her headphones on and took a second away from her work to look at her stuff and then back to me and nodded.

“Ok good that means this won’t be difficult,” I said getting up. I walked over and grabbed my phone and started flipping through some things, I was glad that it had survived my many mishaps and accidents. I was also glad that Twilight had found a way to keep it charged, and that she hadn’t smashed it open in a fit of science to see its inner workings. Flipping through some menus I found the songs I was looking for and loaded them up.

I grabbed a microphone and waited for the song Vinyl was playing to stop. Once it did I spoke up again and headed to the stage. “Ok is everypony having a good time?” and good amount of cheers and whistles. “Alright I got two more songs for you ponies.”

“Now on a day like today it’s always good that your music has a theme, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do so in keeping with my theme of new love and such let’s see if this works!” I said before the eighties music started playing. I lowered my voice a little bit and started swaying back and forth with the music, and the ponies started dancing in the same way. Twilight was also dancing and it had been awhile since I had seen her dance, but I think she might have gotten some lessons seeing as how she was not flailing about the whole place.

The song came to a close and I grabbed the glass of water I brought up with me and happily gulped it down. “Well it looks like you guys like that one, now before I go into the next song I have a question for the groom about his bride.” I looked down on the two ponies who were wondering what I was doing. “So Tranquil, tell me something, is you new wife…superstitious?”

Menagerie looked like she was going to say something but Tranquil took about one second to think before he shouted out “Yeah!” causing a round of laughter to go out as his wife blushed.

“Ok and is she a bit of a party animal?”

“Yes!” his answer was instantaneous.

“Well then this next songs fits perfectly,” I said as I watched Menagerie jab Tranquil in his side.

The trumpets blared from the sound system and everyone was lost in the latin rhythm of the song. During the song while I was singing I walked off stage and started twirling Twilight across the dance floor while continuing to get the lyrics right.

Everything came to a standstill when the song ended, everyone was silent as they stopped dancing and tried to regain their breath. I set Twilight down from the pose I had been holding her in. She kept blushing as I set her down and we made our way over to Tranquil and Menagerie.

“Well how was that?” I asked both of them.

“That was…it was…” Tranquil started to say but couldn’t find the words.

“COMPLETELY AWESOME!” Menagerie finished Tranquil’s sentence with a shout.

“Well I’m glad both of you enjoyed it,” I said before the sound of something hitting the tent above us grabbed my attention. Looking outside I could see a steady stream of rain falling down. “Oh hey it’s raining, glad you guys had a tent.”

“Yeah we heard that the weather team for this town was going to schedule it right before the night. So we thought it would be best we didn’t want anybody getting accidentally soaked,” Menagerie said looking outside.

“Yeah that would be ba- wait did you say before night?” I asked not really knowing what time it was I had completely forgotten to check it.

“Yeah right before Princess Luna raised the moon they scheduled it why?”

“Oh well not to try and leave suddenly but I have something planned for a specific time with Twilight, so would you two mind if we-“ Menagerie cut me of simply smiling at me, her nod was all the clarification I needed. “Oh thank you two so much, Twilight we gotta go!” I called out to the mare who turned to me and then looked out at the rain.

“But Dan it’s still raining?”

“I know but we got to be somewhere at a very specific time. and besides a little rain never hurt anypony, if we make a run for it we won’t get that wet,” I said grabbing her, holding her in the crook of my arm.

“Ah Dan what are you EEP!” she squeaked at the end as the cold rain hit her as I ran out. Thankfully I knew we were pretty close to where I wanted us to be. After running for a couple of minutes we arrive at a hill top that was free of rainclouds.

“Well here we are,” I said putting Twilight down. I let her inspect the area and find a table set for two.

“Ok what are you planning?” her curiosity got the best of her and I knew she couldn’t figure it all out since one major part had yet to be revealed.

“Well have a seat first.” I moved over to the table and pulled out the chair for her, once she sat I pushed the chair in and moved around the table and sat in mine. This was supposed to be my grand finale but I guess due to other things this is the only thing I have left, although I’m still glad that I could keep it a surprise.

“So what is the big surprise?”

“Well you do have your necklace, right?” I watched as she slowly moved her hoof up to the necklace that she had been wearing the whole day. “And you remember the second one right?” I took out the box since I knew she wouldn’t have been able to carry it. I opened it and passed it over to her.

“Yeah what about it?” she was adorable when she was confused, her ears twitched slightly and she got this look in her eyes.

“Well it’s not really a necklace, charge some magic into it and then throw it as high as you can,” I told her. I watched with a smile on my face as she did and once she let go the magic happened.

The necklace flew through the air and once it hit a point it rocketed higher until it seemed like it was up in space. And then the sky began to change. Stars seemed more visible and the air it selfed seemed to become visible and swirl in a collection of colors.

Way back when i gave Luna the copy of Van Gogh painting the idea made it’s way into my head, it wasn’t until I asked her if it was possible, and she said yes, that I decided to try it out. I looked at Twilight’s who stared at the sky in amazement, her eye seemed to glisten in wonder as she watched.

“What do you think?” I said drawing her attention.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said never taking her eyes of the sky.

“Well for me it’s the second most beautiful thing right now,” I said causing her to finally make eye contact.

“And what’s the first?” she asked. I simply stared at her, raising an eyebrow. “Oh…so you did all of this for me?”

“Well you know what they say about first impressions,” I got up and went over to a little speaker that was near us, I took my phone out looked for the song I had been saving for tonight and hooked my phone up to the speaker.

The slow band music started and I moved over to Twilight and pulled her up so she was face to face with me, and slowly I started dancing with her under our magical sky. I felt the tingle of her magic over my skin. In a flash she had changed into her more human form and we could dance a bit more properly. Slowly we danced and just held each other, her head rested on my shoulder. We were still a bit wet, our clothes clinging to us slightly.

“I love you Twilight Sparkle,” I said in a whisper

“I love you too Dan,” were the only words that were spoken for awhile as the song came to a close and as we slowly pulled apart…

“Aachoo!” Twilight sneezed a small cute kind of sneeze, after she finished she looked at me and I looked at her. Quickly I put a hand to her forehead and felt a little more heat than usual coming off of it.

“Well this is different, how about we head home and get you snuggled into bed?” I said as I leaned her into my shoulder, she nodded looking at me with her tired eyes. She had taken care of me when I was sick before and now it might be my turn to do the same. At least we had had a good Hearts and Hooves Day.

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...thank you everyone i do this fo you not the numbers...they just help a bit

so anyways stay tuned cause the next 3 chapters i have are going to be filler comedy stuff and then comes the stuff i been waiting to right where the twost is so sharp you might crack your damn neck...well until then have fun and keep reading!!!

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