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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Chapter 17: I wanna talk about it just…not now…before alcohol.

Chapter 17: I wanna talk about it just…not now…before alcohol.

The five friends were hanging out in town when they heard about it. The news trickled down the grapevine pretty. They were having a pleasant day when Lyra came running to them and told them of the development that ponies could hear coming from the library. Without a second thought the five bolted from their spots and headed to the library. By the time they got there the setting had quieted down from what they had been told.

Rarity was the first one to go to the door and slowly open it. She peeked inside hoping that nothing was too wrong and there she and the girls could help fix whatever had transpired. To her surprise nothing was wrong with the library. It was some what darker than it normally should be for this time in the day. Cautiously Rarity entered the library. She couldn’t see anyone for awhile and jumped slightly when she heard a whisper call her name.

“Pssst Rarity over here!!!” she turned her head to see Spike poking his head out from the kitchen and waving her over. She slowly crept to the kitchen hoping not to disturb anything or anypony.

“Spike what’s going on?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“All I know is that I was relaxing with Titanus in the basement and then the volume got really loud. I knew that both of them were yelling; it lasted for a couple of minutes then quieted down. And the last thing I heard before I made my way up here was the sound of the door closing.”

“Oh thank you for the info Spike; now where is Twilight exactly?”

“Well right as I was coming out of the basement I saw her come in here and grab something and then she just headed into the main room and that’s where she’s been up until now…I’m kinda to scared to go in there.” He admitted shyly.

“Oh it perfectly alright Spikey Wikey I think after what may have happened that practically anypony would have been scared; but we are here now and we are going to get to the bottom of this.” She said turning around and quietly waved her friends in.

Everyone managed to sneak in quietly and soon everyone was looking out of one exit of the kitchen at the place where Twilight was sitting. The scene seemed normal enough; Twilight sat in the middle of the room where the light was just so and was reading a book; everything looked like it would on any other day but the mood of the whole room just seemed off.

Rarity; again being the one who knew the most about things like relationships; was the first to move towards her friend. Slowly with trepidation she regarded her friend. Twilight’s hair looked fine from a distance; but with the fashionista’s keen eye for detail she could see that her friend’s mane had been tussled. She could also make note of what appeared to be wet spot on he wood floor. Had Twilight been crying? What could have happened between her and Dan that would have done this? And where was Dan exactly as well?

“Uh Twilight?” the alabaster mare said as she came within a few feet of her friend who hadn’t really moved since she had laid eyes on here. With a speed that only previously Pinkie Pie could pull off Twilight turned her head took look at her friend. Her face was in shock and surprise first but quickly changed to a smile.

“Oh Rarity so good to see you!” Twilight said a bit louder than she normally talked; this was a sign to Rarity that something was off about her friend. The second was seeing Twilight having trouble get up and also wobbling around a bit as she stood.

“So what’s up Rarity; what brings you to visit your good friend…me?” Twilight said gaining her balance and then preceding to walk towards her friend just a few feet away.

“Well Twilight me and the girls heard that something had happened here and we rushed over to make sure that you were alright…” Rarity started to tell her friend but was cut off by a sudden hug.

“Oh that’s so nice of you guys; but don’t worry everything is certainly fine and I’m fine.” She said giving Rarity a hug; and while she was Rarity caught a quick whiff of Twilight’s breathe and put that and her other hints together and quickly figured out what was different about Twilight.

“Twilight…have you been…drinking?” Rarity said as she took a step back from her friend and as her friends took a step forward.

“Oh just a little bit…I think…” Twilight moved over to one side of one of the chairs and pushed some bottles into view of everypony else. She had drunk more than a few.

“Holy Moly our little egghead is drunk; this is kinda awesome. And she’s much looser than normal I think we should go out for a drink with her she’s more fun this way.”

“Rainbow Dash this is not a “fun” situation we are in to be making jokes like that! Twilight may have just had a fight with Dan; who may I mention is not here at the moment and as Twilight’s and Dan’s friends and surely there…” Rarity stopped talking as the atmosphere of the room changed once again.

Apparently saying the name “Dan” was the trigger word that started it. Everypony in the room felt it. The light seemed to get sucked out of the room. Everyone looked then looked to Twilight to see that her face had turned from drunken happiness to murderous rage.

“…dan…DAN!!! Why would you even mention he’s nothing but a…a big old good for nothing!!! That arrogant…stuck up…scruffy looking…NERF HERDER!!! I mean I try to be a good marefriend….and feelings….and all that jazz.” Twilight started yelling; after awhile she started missing some words in here sentences. It took her a couple of minutes to get it all out; and then she collapsed to the ground. Her friends tried to move over to her to help her but she got up quickly walked over to one of the chairs and pulled out a bottle from one of the sides that her friends hadn’t seen. She then popped of the top of the bottle and quickly downed it faster than here friends thought she would.

“Well it seems that she taking this rather well.” Rarity said.

“Uh Rarity what part of any of that screaming back there could be considered “well”?” Applejack asked.

“Well considering that all she was doing was yelling and not blasting magic all around us; or breaking anything, or the like; I think that so far this is going well.”

“Oh ok; then my next question is…where is D…” Applejack started to say but then remember the scene that just played out seconds ago when certain named was mentioned. “Where is “He” right now?”

“Well Applejack I think Twilight knows the answer to that but right now I believe she would not rather tell. Let’s just hope the “He” is safe and with somepony we would know.

Canterlot Palace…

Today had been a big day in the courts; all three princesses; Celestia, Luna, and Cadence were in attendance and had heard many petitioners. Unfortunately for Princess Celestia more f the reasonable petitioners; the ones that were more simple ponies who had smaller and frankly better requests went to Cadence. Apparently ponies seemed a little less frightened of her because of how her nature came across to them; Celestia thought it also had to do with how Cadence was also in closer to height with other ponies than she was. Luna was fine handling all the requests that dealt with math and things like that because she was the brains of the three.

But Celestia got stuck with all the request of the nobles. The ones that even at their best were ridiculous and only helped to keep the ego of whatever noble brought it up slightly higher. But at their worst; they were plans that would possibly ruin plenty of ponies’ lives if she allowed them; but the nobles never saw that. They were to busy thinking about their status.

After many petitions were met and in Celestia’s case; shot down, the three made their way from the throne room to one of the dining rooms for a well deserved lunch. Luna and Cadence chatted away happily behind the taller Alicorn; who had insisted that she just be allowed to walk in her own silence with her head held low to the ground.

Upon entering the room they noticed a couple of things. One was that their lunch was ready for them; and apparently the chefs had guessed that Princess Celestia had a particularly bad day because there was a good amount of dessert on the large table. The second was that Shining Armor had somehow managed to meet them. And the third thing was that there was also a bipedal creature wearing a hood that they knew who was also joining them along with a bag full of clothes and his guitar.

“Dan? What a nice surprise to see you.” Luna said not reading anything into the situation at hand.

“Oh does that mean Twilight is here; it would be nice to see her after today.” Said Cadence.

“I didn’t sense her magical energy so I do not think she is here.” Celestia said to Cadence as Shining Armor turned to them.

“Well your majesty that’s the thing; she isn’t here and I think some…” Shining started to say but was interrupted by the three Alicorns.

“Huh that’s strange she would never miss a chance to see us.” Cadence started.

“Yes that certainly is; Dan do you know why she isn’t here?” Luna asked the human as she started moving towards him.

“Yes Dan is there something you have to tell us?” Celestia’s followed the other two’s actions.

“Your majesty’s please.” Shining said to them; including his wife. He tried to give some context to the situation but they wouldn’t let him. They kept poking questions at Dan; wondering why he kept his hood up; head down, and voice unheard. It continued for a couple of minutes before Shining Finally had enough.

“ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH!” he shouted surprising the Alicorns. He walked in between Dan and them to provide a barrier and also give him a place to speak where he would be heard.

“I’m sorry princesses but you should read the situation more; you can clearly see that Dan isn’t in a great mood; you shouldn’t be so brunt and straight forward asking your questions like that. Give him some space please.”

All of the princesses were shocked at what their Captain of the guard had said; despite the fact that the friendship between Shining and Dan was slightly better then tenuous because of all the joking and pranking. But for Shining to step up like that for Dan must mean something is serious.

“Your right Shining we should have been more thoughtful about Dan instead of acting like high school fillies.” Celestia apologized. Shining took it to heart; he gave a slight nod and back away slowly from between the two parties.

Celestia stayed silent for a moment thinking before she talked to Dan again; hoping he would answer this time.

“Dan did something happen in Ponyville?” She asked softly.

For the first time that day Dan finally moved and looked at them. “…nd…igh…d…ght…” he mumbled.

“What was that Dan we couldn’t hear?”

“me and……d a f…” he spoke slightly louder.

“Dan you’re still mumbling a bit.”

“TWILIGHT AND I GOT INTO A FIGHT OK!!!” Dan got angry and shouted almost loud enough to rival the Royal Canterlot Voice. He glared and the princesses for what seemed like an eternity before returning to the position the first found him in; with his head hung low.

“And that’s why I was trying to do this the easy way…” Shining said as he walked up to Dan and gave him a hug; which surprised the princesses slightly more than.

“Oh dear...this is serious isn’t it. Do you want to tell us what the fight was about Dan?”

“No not right now…when I fell better I will but just…not right now please.” The human said slowly shaking his head no as he did.

“the three princesses stood there for a minute; each trying to think of something to do; Luna was the first to ask. “Sister what do you think we should do?”

“I’m not sure Luna. It seems that he has completely left Ponyville; I guess he didn’t want to strain any relationships with anypony in the town so he even brought his stuff to get away. I have never been the best with relationships.”

“Actually princess; if you don’t mind I actually had a plan.” Three sets of eyes turned to look at Shining Armor who looked like he was about to have a moment of genius.

“Shining what are you thinking?” Cadence slowly asked her husband.

“Well remember what we did after our first fight Cady?” he said. Cadence eye slowly widened and a smile grew on her face.

“When you got all busy in your work and I stayed away for awhile?”


“Excuse me Cadence and Shining Armor; what does that exactly mean for Dan here?” Celestia asked the couple.

“Well Dan needs a way to work out his problems; but he can’t really be around Twilight or us all that much either; so I was thinking that starting today Dan temporally join the guard and train here with the soldiers. It’s a way we can keep an eye on him cause letting him wander around Equestria probably wouldn’t be a good idea nd we can’t just let him loaf around the palace.

“Hmmm I think it is a swell idea Shining Armor; although I will only go along with it as long as Dan agrees to it; right sister?” Luna said looking up to her.

“I agree Luna…what is your decision Dan?” she said. Dan stayed silent for awhile; he looked up at the ponies in the room took his hood off; and for the first time that day smiled.

“It’s the best idea I’ve heard so far.”

“Great that settles it; I’ll take you down to the barracks and get you set up; and while I’m doing that you all can have lunch and figure out how to help Twilight. Grab your stuff Dan I’ll lead you there.” And with that the Captain of the guard and Equestria’s first human left the three goddesses to their lunch. For a god time the princesses sat silently and ate peacefully; except for Celestia who somewhat noisily at her desserts. And then a thought cam to Princess Luna’s mind.

“Wait so we now have to take care of Twilight; who can sometimes really emotionally over react to things and Shining gets to take care of Dan who we all know has a great sense of humor to anything and can mellow out his feeling pretty quickly.” The other two princesses stared at her for a minute before the weight of her words sunk in completely.

“Well it seems like my husband is a bit cleverer than I gave him credit for…”

The barracks and training grounds for the royal guard were quite close to the castle; but still out of sight of the rest of Canterlot. It sat closer to the side of the mountain then the palace did and the grounds were well kept in military style. Along the single road that leads to and from the base one stallion and one human were walking. The stallion was giving the rundown about procedure and things to the human; and he was making sure to pay attention to him for once.

“Thanks Shining I really can’t tell you what this means for you helping me out like this.” I thanked the pony that had been the target of a couple of my jokes.

“Hey I know what fights are like in relationships; especially since my wife is the Alicorn of Love. And I know that after a fight like I think the one you had some distance will do you and Twily some good. Now like I was saying…Oh hey Jona!!!” Shining gave me some wisdom and then yelled at someone down farther on the path; I looked to find Applejack’s father waving at us.

“Ah captain…and Dan? Sir Permission to ask what is going on?” the large earth stallion asked.

“Well Jona; for certain reason Dan is now going to be joining the guard temporarily.”

“Ah girl troubles then?” Shining and I were both surprised that he had pegged it so fast. “I have two daughters, a wife, and a granny that’s wiser than most ponies; I can tell when it’s girl problems.”

“Well regardless of that Dan is here now and he is going to need to be placed.” Shining said.

“I got room in my squad for one more if you don’t mind captain; and if you would like to Dan?”

I looked him over for a minute; weighing out my options. I knew he was an Apple and that meant that the work was going to be hard; but during this time I didn’t really want to take the easy road and be left to think about things.

“I’ll take your offer on the Mr. Apple.” I said to him.

“Ah ah as of now private that lieutenant you hear?” he said smile still on his face.

It put a smile on mine as I responded “Sir yes sir, lieutenant.

“Alright then it’s settled; we’ll get you settled in tonight and tomorrow we’ll get you fitted for your own armor. Let’s head to your squads barracks lieutenant.” Shining said once I had agreed.

“Sounds good, we were getting ready for dinner so we can introduce you to everyone.” My new commanding officer said turning around. We walked for a little bit before we hit our building labeled “Alpha/Apple squad”. I didn’t even bother asking.

The two stallions step in first and I behind them. Seven other ponies were busy moving about and getting other things ready not noticing the two officers and me standing there in the doorway.

“ATTENTION!!!” shining shouted getting every pony’s attention. All of them stopped on a dime within a second and snapped to attention; three hooves planted on the ground and one raised to their forehead in salute.

“At ease soldiers” he said allowing the ponies in the room to relax a little. “I have an announcement to make. As of right now we have a new “special” kind of recruit who has just joined the guard and I am assigning him to your squad. Any questions?” he added the last bit on the end trying to provoke anypony in the room’ I could guess it was because no one had seen me yet and he wanted to gauge some reactions.

A hoof shot up quickly. “Sir!” I heard a feminine voice sound out. I teal pegasus moved forward into where I could see. “What’s so special about a new rookie that you’re willing to…” she started to ask as she turned to face her superiors; then she saw me towering over the officers and our eyes met. I saw surprise in her eyes as she looked at me. It was around this time that everypony else took notice of the mares stop and looked to see me. There was a lot less reaction then I thought there would be.

“Private Dan here…” Shining started; and I could tell that he was pleased to call me “private” “is going to be with us for awhile and has accepted Lieutenant Apple’s invitation to your squad. So treat him like you would any new solider.” I saw some faces light up with those words. “But don’t expect him to go down easy. He is the human you have read about in the news; the one that had the factory roof drop on him. And with that I’ll leave all of you to get along.”

Shining finished and turned to leave but not before giving me some advice. “Just think of it as when Princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville; so make some friends and try not to do anything to stupid.”

“No promises Captain.”

“Knowing you that’s the best I could hope for.” He said taking his leave.

I turned around to find that Jonagold was gone and in front of me was the mare that had asked the question before as well as some other ponies I didn’t know yet. They started speaking first.

“Well I’m sorry for questioning how “special” you were; welcome to the Squad my name is Swift Gale, rank sergeant.” She reminded me of another pegasus I knew; her cutie mark was two crossed swords.

“Nice to meet you; the name is Dan.”

“Heh simpler than any other name here. I’ll introduce you to some of the other squad mates. Shadow Dancer, Scribble Page, Flintlock Spark get over here n the double and greet the new rookie!!!” She screamed to three pother ponies and immediately thee ponies dropped whatever they were doing and hurried over to meet me. I got some good looks at them before the stopped in front of me.

Shadow Dancer was a unicorn stallion completely black from horn to hoof and had the words “Semper Fi” written in red for his cutie mark. Scribble Page after a second glance because his hair was so long was a stallion who had a knick on one of his ears; probably from an accident; and had a scroll for a cutie mark. Flintlock Spark was another stallion who kinda looked like a mare but more for body tone than hair; his coat reminded me of people from the second Tron movie; his body was black but around the end of every limb was a bright neon bluish ring. His cutie mark was a fireball that looked like it was made from many things including some light blue dragon scales. But the weirdest thing about him was his tale; it took me some time going through old memories to figure out that he had a more classical unicorn tale which was more akin to a griffin or manticore tail in being one solid piece.

“If you can find something to like in these guys…” Swift Gale spoke up as the three approached “I think you’ll fit in here quite nicely.” She said smiling.

Author's Note:

THE NEW ARC STARTS AND NEW PONIES ARE INTRODUCED!!!!! i got room for 3 more oc's if anyone would like to contribute....

Well it's been about a year for me on this site and its been awesome thanks you everyone who has ever read this and faved it liked it, followed me and whatever

thank you my editor MrAnybody

Some cool things are coming up; i've really put a great amount of thoughts into the next chapter

also thank you to the creators of OCs who are in this story: MrAnybody(Scribble Page), Flintlock Spark(Flintlock Spark), Eittsara (Shadow Dancer), NightmareKnight (Swift Gale I FORGOT THIS WAS A MARE THANK YOU I NEEDED ONE IN THE GUARD FOR A FUTURE PART TO WORK OUT YIPPEE!!!)

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