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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Chapter 24:All that you can be

Chapter 24: All that you can be.

My walk back to the barracks was pretty quiet. The noise from the lunch with everyone had severely died down when I decided to make myself the leader of team B. I didn’t really hear anything from anypony as I walked back to the barracks. I got back went to my things and pulled out some paper to write on. I thought that if I was seriously going to do this I needed to write my plan down.

I wrote for a couple of minutes before the barracks door slammed open. Swift Gale was behind it and I could see most of the rest of the squad standing behind her as well as some other ponies. I could tell she was angry without looking at her; I could feel the aura coming off her and crossing the room.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BUCKING MIND!!!?” I began to think that you could train to use the Royal Canterlot Voice from how well some ponies shouted. She walked into the barracks and straight up to me knocking anything.

“Truthfully it’s been awhile since I talked to a psychiatrist so.”

“Dan I’m kinda pissed off this is not the time for jokes. Why did you do it?” Her volume dropped but her tone remained firm.

“Guess.” I said softly finally looking away from my notes.

“…honestly Dan with you I can’t even begin to make and educated guess. Just what is going on?”

“What kind of life did you have in school Swift?”


“Were you the kind of girl that just excelled at most things? Always picked first for sports and activities like that?”

“Um yes…but what does that have to do…”

“Because I was the opposite of that. I wasn’t the best growing up. I wasn’t fast, tall, strong; any of that. I know what’s it’s like to be picked last. I know what it is like to have someone judge you before being able to show them what you can do. And that if I would be given the chance; I would surprise everyone.”

I was about to continue when the door slammed open again. This time Spitfire walked in and she didn’t look angry at me in the slightest. In fact she was smiling. “Well Dan I got to say you are pretty surprising. I haven’t seen a team sign up go like that in…well ever. You should have stayed to see it.” She chuckled a bit at my expense.

“Well fill me in; what went down?” I had wondered if my ploy had worked.

“Well first off after you signed your name, had your little words with the leaders of Omega squad, and then turned on a dime and left; everything was still and dead silent. Heck I don’t think either of the princesses saw that coming. Heck the first pony to make a sound was Jonagold and he started laughing up a storm so bad that they had to get him a paper bag so he could breathe. Your squad then signed up behind you.” I looked back at Swift Gale who blushed a bit.

“Then after that it looked like no one else would but then one of the last people that Omega squad kicked out of the A team line went over and signed up for your team. And then slowly but surely other ponies that they kicked out of line started doing the same. But that wasn’t the weirdest thing that happened. The weirdest thing to happen by far was when ponies that were still in the A team line got out of line and started signing up with you. You should have the look on all of Omega squads’ faces. Heck, I think Shock Point was about to have a conniption fit. And if she didn’t then she certainly did when me and the rest of the bolts signed up with you.” She said smiling.

I looked at Swift who had an astonished look on her face; then I looked back to Spitfire. “Your serious about this, I could be a total hard ass leader?” I questioned her. She straightened up slightly and gave me a mock salute.

“Oh captain my captain; let’s call this me returning the favor ok?”

“Sounds good. So do you know how many actually signed up?”

“Well you can take a look I think everypony should be outside. Waiting to here a few words from their new “fearless leader”.

Looking to the door I could see a veritable sea of shadows moving. I audibly gulped trying to get my feelings in order. I went over to the table and gathered my notes and put them back with my stuff; I would get back to them later. I walked to the door and stopped for a couple of seconds bringing my armor up.

“Jarvis you awake?”

“I am always awake sir.” The mechanical voice said from my helmet making Spitfire jump back a bit in alarm.

“Well first introduce yourself to Spitfire here. And second; when we get out there take a head count ok?”

“Very well sir.” After his words faded I took a couple deep breaths and walked through the door. Outside there was a huge crowd of ponies; I couldn’t see then end of the crowd from where I was standing.

“Sir I can’t get a clean count from this position; might I suggest getting a bit higher?” I took his idea into consideration and thought it was ok. I turned around and quickly climbed up to the roof of the barracks. Spitfire and Swift Gale joined me shortly after I got up there. In the front of the crowd were the rest of my squad and the Wonderbolts filled in behind them. And I wasn’t sure if the crowd noticed from down there but I could also see Princess Celestia off to the side trying see what I was going to do an not be noticed at the same time.

“Sir I have finished the count there are just over 500 ponies here.” Jarvis said breaking my concentration.

“Do you know how many guards there were overall?”

“I did not get an approximate number but I believe the number is below five thousand.”

“Alright then…I guess I should address my troops. Do we have a microphone in here?”

“Yes we do. Would you like to use it?”

“Yeah just let me say something to Swift. Hey Swift do you think you can bring everypony to order here?”

Yeah just watch.” She flew up a couple of feet above me and took in a deep breath. “ATTENTION!!!” her yell was loud enough o be heard even by ponies in the back of the crowd. Afterwards you could here the fumbling of hooves as everyone snapped to attention and faced forward. She fluttered down to the roof and gave me a look that told me I could continue.

I stepped forward tapping my helmet to make sure the mic was on. I stood on the edge of the roof looking out at a sea of ponies that I was going to lead into some kind of battle. I quickly thought of every speech I had ever heard and decided that I would just adlib when I needed.

“Now I want you to remember…the no dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it…by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” I could see that some of the ponies were a bit confused by my opening words.

“I’m not going to ask why any of you signed up for my team. I believe I already know the answer to that. I know that many of you want to be given a chance. A chance to show that even though you aren’t the strongest that you have something that apparently Omega squad doesn’t care about. See I’ve figured out their game; they want to have a team made of people that won’t question them or their motives. They want to command a large group that doesn’t have chemistry. They think that in their squad they have enough intelligence, cunning, ingenuity between all of them that they can simply throw numbers at the problem and win and take all the glory they can. But we…we will be different. Omega squad wants ponies that will fight for them, but I am different. I don’t want you to fight for me…I want you to fight with me!!!” I paused for a second. Apparently the crowd was very appreciative of my words and was getting excited.

“All of us here together we have a purpose now. . We will be the group that will show everypony what a group of united soldiers can do. This will be an even t that many will not forget. Are you with me on this?” The crowd cheered. “Alright now I want you to cheer louder. Let Omega squad and their group hear you. Drown them out in noise! Let them now what is going to happen and who they are up against! THEY HAD THEIR TIME! BUT NOW…THIS IS OUR TIME!!!” The group roared into frenzy as I finished. The volume was through the non-existent roof. It went on for minutes before ponies had to stop to breathe and such. Afterwards I told everyone to go back to their barracks and that instructions would be given tomorrow. I climbed down off the roof as was met with the rest of my squad.

“Well Dan I got to say that was a mighty fine speech.” Jonagold complimented me.

“Yeah even though I ripped some of the lines from other people.”

“Sometimes it is appropriate to do so Dan. The words of others can even help the person speaking to do better. Trust me I’m old enough to know.” Princess Celestia stepped out of hiding place. Everyone quickly bowed besides me. Besides the speech, the race, and basically declaring a small war it had taken all of my energy to stay awake; if I bowed I think I would fall over and pass out.

“Enjoying the show Celly?” I caught looks from my squad and the Wonderbolts for that nickname.

“Oh very much I do have to admit I have grown a little tired of seeing Omega squad string arm their way into victories.”

“Why Princess I didn’t know you had such bloodlust.” I said in a mocking voice.

“Well when you have had an opponent that challenged you for a little; old feeling creep up and you get a bit excited.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Did I ever say it was you?”


“Glad you know who wins. Now onto business; I came to give you this.” She maneuvered a group of folders in her magic over to me. “These are the rules for the war games. They include many topics that will be discussed tomorrow at the leaders meeting. I suggest you bring a second in command with you. I suggest you read up some and plan ahead. Now if you all will excuse me I just won a bet and now a certain someone’s ace is mine.” For a second Celestia’s eye turned predatory before she turned to walk back to the castle. She walked a couple of steps before she stopped and turned around.

“Oh and by the way Dan because of your actions not only during the sign up but by also helping your teammate during the race. It has been made that you are being giving a rank advancement. Congratulations Staff Sergeant Dan.” She said with a smirk before leaving.

I, the squad, and the Wonderbolts stood there in shock for a bit. I was just promoted past everyone else in the squad. I guessed it was partly because of my performance and partly to make myself look a bit better with my new troops.

“Well I can honestly say that was unexpected.” Flintlock as usual was the first to spit something out. Everyone shook themselves out of their stupor after that. Spitfire dismissed the rest of the Wonderbolts after that remaining behind to say something. But my first thought wasn’t on her; it was about Swift Gale. She looked up at me with a bunch of emotions on her face.

“Before you say anything Swift I got a question for you. Well more like a request. How would you like to be my second in command?” Now since coming to Equestria I had been keeping track of tasks that I did that I could do better the anypony. The first was catching; hands really helped in that situation. And now with my last statement I could add completely shocking ponies to that list; I thought that maybe I was getting a bit Gary Stuish; but I cross referenced it with how many time I’ve screwed something up, put my life in danger, and gotten myself hurt and I thought that I was just good at some things but definitely not anywhere close to perfect.

“Why would offer me that kind of position? I disagree with you on plenty of things!”

“That’s exactly the reason I offering it to you.” The whole group let out a “HUH?” in unison. “If I had a second in command that agreed with me on everything do you think I would good advice? No I need someone who is going to question me and also at times keep me in line. Heck there is an old old story about an emperor who every day when he walked amongst the people he ruled. Even though they cheered him and praised him he didn’t let it go to his ego because he had a man that every time walked beside him and told him “You’re only human.””

Swift ruminated on this for awhile. “Well…I guess that makes sense. I guess I will accept your offer then…but don’t expect me to go easy on you because of this OR the fact that you’re now my superior officer.” She said softly at first then sternly when she got to the end.

“Alright then now that it is settled everyone listen up!” I got everyone’s attention. “Now I am also going to need everyone of your to help. I’m not going to be able to instruct all of these ponies by myself that why all of you are going to help me out. The Earth ponies will help with the Earth ponies and so forth and so on. I will designate leaders tomorrow but know that some big things are gonna happen so. That includes you to Spitfire.” I motioned to her. “That’s it for tonight head on in.” I said before turning to Spitfire. “Had something you want to say?”

“Well actually you kind of answered it with your boss like words their…boss.”

“Oy now don’t start with that I’m going to lead you into one hell of a fight but I’m not trying to rule over anypony.”

“Oh I just busting on you. You’re always so susceptible to it.”

“Eh even I have my dumb moments. But yeah I’m going to be looking towards you to help with the Pegasi.”

“Well seeing as how I am an icon to most of them it shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Oh just wait till you see the plan and the training regimen.” I gave a bit of an evil smile. “Then let’s see how much they love you.”

“Just make sure it’s something that won’t kill them before the games ok?” she said taking to the sky.

“That’s ok sir.”

“I’ll think about it!” she said flying away.

I laughed to myself for a bit looking at her fly away, then looking at the info Celestia gave me, and then back to my barracks and my squad inside. “So much to do so little time…maybe I should make a checklist.” I said letting my thoughts roam to Twilight for a second. It had only been a couple of weeks and I had seen her for only a couple of seconds. I knew we were going to have to talk but thanks to my actions I had to put it off till after the war games. I grabbed a pen from one of my pockets and wrote on top of the first folder I had all the while talking to myself.

“War Games Checklist. Last step: Talk to Twilight…”

Author's Note:

well this is kinda a short one...i didn't want to go into anything else cause i thought it would take too long. OH next week there may not be a chapter seing as how from the 11th to the 15 i will be at Conneticon in conneticut. Having fun with fridns doing many nerdy things and drinking a variety of things...mostly alcahol...so..sorry...bu that means the next chapter will have more than one week behind it possibly so bigger an better...

plus i aslo have to space this between my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BravestGaming (shameless plug there)

so next chapter is the meeting and trainging and planning with ossible character development... and then comes the battle and then comes other stuff which i can't say yet cause you might infer some stuff that is true about the story ahead of time and i kinda don't want that...yet...

almost at 300 faves...it makes me freaking happy to know my first fic has caught on that well... if i could i would give each and everyone of you a hug..and i bearhug people so i squeeze them so beware if you actually meet me...teehee PEACE OUT!!!!

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