• Published 24th Jan 2013
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My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs - HAZESHIFT

Waking up in a tree usually doesn't mean its gonna be a good day...today on the other hand I find it to be the opposite...at least in the short run as i find myself in a world of ponies

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Epilogue 4: A Long Time Ago...

Epilogue 4: A Long Time Ago…

The voices of screaming foals echoed throughout the Canterlot palace gardens. 10 young foals ran in various directions, over and through hedges, and around various different lawn ornaments. Chasing them as best as he could was Dan, who laughed all the while trying not to lose his breath. Yards away all the other dads and one mom sat by their wives as they wiped their brows of sweat and were catching their breath.

“Dang...how does he do that with those tykes.” Swift Gale asked watching the human tower over the foals, even the ones who could fly.

“Yeah, he’s even outdoing me.” Flintlock Spark remarked as he took a long sip from a glass of lemonade that he was given. “And I didn’t think that was possible!” he exclaimed getting a couple laughs.

“Well at least you are able to chase after them,” Flintlock heard someone call out to him and turned to find the currently immobile Princess Celestia. She laid on a small assortment of pillows that were currently propping up her rather large stomach. “But I guess this might be the price one has to pay for being able to have one of those to chase around later.” She said with a smile as she looked down at her stomach before looking at the children.

“As long as you don’t accidentally step on him or her dear,” Care Free quipped as he brought her a plate of little snacks.

“Oh, I’ll step on you...or better yet make you carry me around for the rest of my stay like this. Celestia swatted at Care Free who let her hit him.

All the rest of the mares and stallions laughed at the two while Dan who was still chasing the foals. But no one else but Twilight seemed to notice as he slowed his running before coming to a stop. Twilight watched as a strange look came on his face. He looked around as if looking for something before craning his neck upwards and looking towards the sky. He looked like he was trying to see past the sky, like something beyond his sight was calling out to him.

“Daddy?” a voice caught his attention as he snapped back to reality. Looking down he found Hope nudging his leg and looking up at him with her large sapphire-like eyes. He just smiled down before reaching down to ruffle her mane, she squealed slightly as her hair was tossed back and forth.

“Sorry about that sweetie. Daddy just has to take a break from playing for a second... This means you’re it now though,” Dan told Hope while giving her a single poke on her forehead before walking off back towards the group of parents. Hope stood there for a second before the realization hit her.

“I’M IT! I’M IT!” she shouted before taking after he friends who now ran away from her. Twilight watched her daughter’s manic excitement return as Dan stepped away from the group and walked over to where the parents were.

“Is everything ok Dan?” she asked as he sat beside her and immediately reached for Elise.

“More than likely yeah, I just a feeling about something...and I just need to check…” he told he before trailing off. As his finger danced through menus until he came to a stop. His eyes glued to whatever page he had stopped on. Twilight watched as he read, his eyes widening in shock before softening, a look almost like sadness replacing the shock. He took in a deep breath before giving a long exhale. Wanting to know what he was reading Twilight shuffled over and looked.

“Luke...Skywalker… deceased….was he a friend?” she read and asked. She heard Dan chuckle as she kept reading.

“Not exactly, I never actually met the guy.” Dan told her, and Twilight could hear in his voice that it was something that he really would have liked to do.

“What was he?” She asked

“A friend, brother, son-”

“Dan… what was he to you?” Twilight cut him off before he got a chance to wax poetically.

“Mostly?...an inspiration. He was an inspiration to more than he ever knew.” Dan told her before he looked away from the book to the kids who were still running and screaming. “Hey...you know what we haven’t done in awhile? How about a movie?” he asked, and Twilight could see a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I could use a large tub of butter slathered popcorn...or two.” Celestia called out and Dan and Twilight both looked to find the Celestia and the rest of the group were staring at them.


Minutes later everyone had made it into one of the small rooms of the castle and various things had been prepared. Celestia was sitting on a different pile of pillows while Care Free laid next to her, sweating, tired and out of breath> Celestia had made good on her threat and made him carry her there.

Pinkie and Flintlock procured snacks while the rest of the adults had managed to corral the kids into the room and get them situated. While Twilight helped Fluttershy helped with divvying out pillows and other things, Dan set up Jarvis and was fiddling around with something as everyone got comfortable.

“Alright everypony...we should...be good to...go,” he said as he messed with something and the screen went black. The group watched as a couple logos rolled by before some text appeared on the screen.

“A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Far Away. That really sets the stage.” Rainbow Dash snarked before Dan and swift Gale both bopped her muzzle.

Seconds after the text disappeared the music flared and everyone jerked back as more text scrolled up the screen.


Episode IV: A New Hope

“Wait a minute, Jarvis pause,” Twilight said and the words stopped moving and the music stopped, multiple ponies whined by Twilight ignored them and turned their attention to Dan. “Dan, why are we starting with a movie titled Episode 4? Wouldn’t it be better to start with Episode 1?” she asked and Dan tried to contain his laughter for all of two seconds before he started laughing out loud.

“Normally Twi if this were a different movie franchise I would agree but you’re gonna need to trust me on this one. Jarvis play.” Dan told her and then started the movie once again. Twilight tried to protest but Dan shushed her before she could say anything, so she resigned herself to watching the movie out of order. Dan in the meanwhile kept his eyes on the movie but also looked down at the kids from time to time, watching their eyes sparkle and glimmer as they watched and enjoyed.

Author's Note:

a month late on this but I still loved Episode 8, and I don't think I will never not like it no matter what

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