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I really don't think there's an official name for her father... so yeah...

1912571 Yeah, I looked it up on the wiki because I'm cool and all...

Also, her mother is APPARENTLY named twilight velvet, although that's only from one of the toys, and not officially in the show.

I've heard the father's name is Night Light. My German is...well non exsistant... but Nachtlicht would in fact be the German equivalent of Night Light.

only one thing to say to shining

1916257 Agreed. 'Twas a brilliant thingamajig done by he. Teenage awkwardness aside, that is.

1912571 weeeeellll . . . . . . it's not exactly official, but most people have decided that his name is Night Light, so you were kinda right, I guess.

i thought that her parents names were Orion and dazzle:rainbowhuh:

Meh. "the notebook" is a classic. Therefore, you can read it and no one will think differently. Sorta like "To kill a mocking bird."

1935974To Kill a Mockingbird was okay, but not one of my favourites.

Well aint that a coincidence, that song was playing for me at the exact same time (no lie!)

Nightlight? You ment to say that? Yes if so.

I think a certain Doctor had a little thing to do with the unicorn!

1984735Well.....I never described the man in great detail..........:twilightsmile:

Why do I have a feeling the Mom is Nightmare Moon in disguised?

1996651...............................................YOU KNOW TOO MUCH! *takes out .45* SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND *puts nine shots into your head*

Soooo.......it is Nightmare Moon???:scootangel:

Don't kill me:fluttershbad:

2025021No, lol, it was a joke.....but.....navy-coloured magic on Celestia's wings.......:raritywink:

Yeah I was wondering about that...(stupid phone won't let me reply directly to a comment)

2025033Ugh, I know right. But yeah, if Nightmare Moon escaped when Twilight left, that must've meant that she was able to have some sort of power on the world when Twilight was younger.

2039957You've never read it, huh?

Comment posted by Neko-sama deleted Oct 27th, 2013

Cadence's Mom, NM, is gonna make it hell for Armor

Comment posted by Rhino deleted Mar 23rd, 2013

2306641 MCR is dead. I wish I could share in your pain, bro. However, I never actually heard any MCR, so it's hard to be upset that I can't hear anything new from them.

Comment posted by Neko-sama deleted Apr 29th, 2013

2306945Ehehehehehehehe!!! Best thing ever!!!! I can not wait for the next chapter!!!

I miss them too. And now Attack Attack!

damn I didn't know that happened I haven't listen to their music in awhile that sucks they broke up such a great band

please update TuT i love this vic soooo much <3 :raritydespair::pinkiecrazy::yay::twilightsmile::twilightblush:

"Well excuse me princess."

Totally not going to link the video every time I see this line in one of your fics


So there is a teenage guy in a princesses room sleeping next to her, her father and the butler both know.. All hell is going to break loose when the mother finds out. Just saying. Also this needs an update.


Hmmm I sense that this needs shenanigans and fast, maybe as a christmas update??

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