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This story is a sequel to Flying Blind

Crying? The great Rainbow Dash crying? To most, the idea is unfathomable, to other the idea is possible, but to The Wonderbolts, it's no idea. Rainbow Dash was crying. She's been crying since it happened.

While she secluded herself from the hateful world, Rainbow begins to develop an odd sickness. Mornings spent throwing up. Fevers. And a whole slew of odd things.

But she soon discovers that Legs may not be as far away as she had thought.

A/N: Anthropomorphic, 1st person from Rainbow Dash's and Legs' point of view.

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Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 135 )

wait so he doesnt remeber them?
u had something in flying blind about him asking who they were.

a year, wow!

3433938Yes, as in, he had no idea who they were

3433848Have you read part 1, Flying Blind?

You need an editor :ajbemused:

3434096Did you enjoy it though? Aside from my glaring mistakes?

3434104 nope, i had no idea about what the fuck was happening

3434121Did you read the first story? Flying Blind?

3434123 nope cant read it coz I'm blind

3434142I think you should read it to understand this story. This is the sequel, and part two of a trilogy. I've added a link to part one in the description for your convience

Finally!!! I've been waiting months for this sequel. Thank you!

3434077 Yup and its awesome!

3434447Aw, thank you:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

3434388I love how it's not even a surprise:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


Don't think even I was expecting it to be over a year in hospital

Also PM me please neko?.

3434780I PANICKED!!

3434780 ha, right! u would think he'd would have known the whole story by now. seems like nohing was really explained to him

kind of like that movie; the vow

3434780A year? What are you talking about? It was only days
3435297Explain what?


everything that has happened to him from the start off all of it

3438185It's for plot reasons...you'll see:rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

Kewl storeh mafe :D
Legs escaped!
Legs broke Soarin's elbow D:
Spitfire didn't fire :D
The tissue....what does the tissue mean? Its pink too! :0 Pinkie pie

Hah, I don't think pinkie is going to be related hehe,

Floop :3

-Lime GreenSharde'

3438998No , the tissues are snot covered from massive crying!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

3438998And no...there will be no Pinkie here...


I'm sure it was :twilightsmile:

3439215YOU KNOW TOO MUCH!! *blam blam*


-puts the sly face on- :trixieshiftright:
alrighhhttty thenn!... wait plot reasons...wuts dash gonna go? waltz right up do him and tell him shes prego..
Ha i can see it go this way
"im prego"
"ok, well thats not my problem..."
"well its your kid."

Im sorry, im like hypes right nowwwwwwwww

aheeee Bilateral!

Mekapix #31 · Nov 4th, 2013 · · · I ·

Upon waking up, Legs is hugged by someone who knows him, others around him are happy he's awake, they clearly know everything he's forgotten and they obviously care about him... So he beats them up...

Now I've seen a fair share of idiots but this guys... He's a special kind of stupid. This truly is a case of advance stupid.


Hahaah xD mystery of the pnk tissue solved XD


Imagine if that happened to you, pretty damn sure you would be freaking out if somebody you didn't know was hugging you as you were laying in a hospital bed

3442411 Yes but if they knew who I was and I didn't, I'd ask for an explanation, not beat the living shit out of them all. I'd have no reason to do so, especially since being hugged is a sign of being liked.


True but panic would take over first IMO

3442433He DIDN'T know who he was, and I thought he was pretty obvious. He has such a deep bond with Rainbow Dash, that the only way he'd ever hurt her, physically or mentally, was if he couldn't remember what was most important

Is it just me or did anybody notice the Lightning Dust icon :rainbowhuh:

3442464It's there, and you know what that means, right?:ajsmug::ajsmug:


hmmmm great now you got me over thinking what might happen :unsuresweetie:


:twilightangry2: I am just going to calmly wait for you to update this so I can flip tables at chapter 2

3442487Now I shall make you wait until VII until you get plot details!! THE FILLER!! THE FILLER!!



3442452 That's just what I mean, he didn't know who he was but they obviously did. I can understand being panicked in that situation but to attack the people who obviously have the answers to your questions is beyond irrational.

3442532I suppose it has something to do with his psychology, but nevertheless, it's what happened.

3442491Who knows? Maybe they get together, maybe they have graphic sexytimes, maybe Legs kills her for fun? You'll just have to wait


You are a tease, ya know that right? :raritydespair:

3443859 Maybe so, and I'm glad you commented again as it made me realise that I hadn't favourited it.

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