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A strange blue portal opens up in Equestria and our six heroes are captured by the strange bipedal creatures from the other side, what will happen to them? can they escape? Will they ever make it back to Equestria? Only time will tell. Crossover with Portal.

Chapters (15)
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Great story! DELICIOUS!

Hey man, this is actually really cool.:twilightsmile: You have my approval, being both a bring and an Aperture Scientist! ( I like portal very much!!):pinkiehappy:

This story has almost 700 views, an average rating above 3/5; and only one comment from a person only known as "Trolls are going to Troll"...:rainbowhuh:

This isn't a bad story and deserves better, good job :pinkiesmile:

oh, lol nvmd. Someone commented during my post :derpytongue2:

Keep writing! I don't want to have to wait forever :ajsmug:

Awesome story so far. just don't have them meet chell i would like to think this actualy happend in the game when chell was asleep/trying to get out with wheatley.

Awesome start (unlike the first reviewer i hope they do meet Chell or at the very least ATLAS and P-body.

Love this hope to see more.

Is this happening during the start of Portal 2?

14191 not during, its actually set a long time after.

14220 About a couple hundred years to be exact?:rainbowhuh:

14514 Probably around that, yeah. Anyways, this was pretty good! Kepp going!

Wait. If this happens after Portal 2 then how is Glados dead? :rainbowderp: She wasn't destroyed at then end of Portal 2. In fact she let Chell go because she was 'Too much trouble to be worth testing with.' (Not Glados' exact words but that's what she meant). Unless her death has something to do with Atlas and P-Body which I doubt. :unsuresweetie:

14769 What happened is hinted at by the display the ponies found at the end of chapter 4.The majority of this story takes place in the year 2247. Portal is set in the half-life universe and in that story line the world 'ends' on March 31, 2003 and by ends of course I mean the incident at Black mesa, which causes the original alien incursion that takes over earth. This does not become apparent to everyone until a few months later when the takeover is complete. GLaDOS kills all aperture science employees on May 16 2003 with neurotoxin. Chell is awakened as a routine test subject by GLaDOS sometime between 2004 and 2010 with the exact date unknown, after GLaDOS is defeated for the first time Chell gets put in some kind of suspended animation and is again awoken be Wheatley much later, at an unknown date though judging by the decay in the facility shown in the game a good estimate would be around 2050-2060 at which point she reactivates GLaDOS and leaves soon after at most a few days. So after 2060 GLaDOS tests with Atlas and P-Body and the events of the coop game take place. Now in my story in the year 2101 the aperture reactors unexpectedly shut down and GLaDOS cannot repair them for a reason I have not yet fully revealed. And so she shuts herself down to conserve her emergency power, which the ponies have just used up. She is not dead just shut down.

You win, you win.
I clap at your excellence

Uh oh....GLaDOS is back online..Yet again...Lets hope she Treats our ponys with the respect it had for Chell?Please?:trollestia:

She had respect for Chell due to what the woman did to GLaDOS and the facility. So I doubt the ponies will get treated any differently than how Chell was treated in the first Portal game.

For SCIENCE!:pinkiehappy:

Then after wards will they be baked, then there will be cupcakes? (<- Modified quote out of Portal 1)

You just won the internet. If this story was a diamond you would never have to work agan.

What shall the tests be? A pony's resistance to combustible lemons? Maybe how well a pony can kick storage cubes that are flying via Aerial Faith Plates into button targets while said pony is flying on Aerial Faith Plates herself while avoiding the acid floor? :rainbowderp:

I like where this is going. I wonder what Pinkie Pie would do if asked to "assume the party escort submission position". :pinkiehappy:

Good stuff!:pinkiehappy:

I have absolutely no idea how our heroines will get out of this one.

Same bat time?

yay glados is back FOR SCIENCE

Well, this is a nice story!

JUst need to know where that Diamond Dog ran off to and some cool tests, this is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to find out how they get to go home!

hmm im guessing that this story takes place in-between Portal 1 and 2. well awesome story i cant wait to see how the ponies react to testing, also may i suggest that the ponies meet the rat man (if your a portal fan you know who that is) because it would make sense if he tried to rescue them so they don't feel the wrath of TOO MUCH TESTING either that or you can have something where the ponies rescue themselves by outsmarting GLADOS like in Portal 1

To everypony who did not read previous comments...

This story is taking place 240 something years after portal 2.

great chapter!!!:derpytongue2: i hope they meet atlas and p body again

I like where you're going with this. You just need to improve your grammatic skills.

Well, your grammar could be improved, but your overall achievement is quite alright.

The story's getting intense, with Fluttershy of all people getting up. Wonder how Pinkie would finish these. Maybe she'll just appear at the exit, sort of like what she does on the show.:pinkiehappy:

Could you give me an idea on where I'm going wrong with my grammar? Some constructive criticism is always useful and I would love to be able to improve my writing style. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah grammar could be improved. I don't remember in which chapter you were putting accept instead of except and Celesta instead of Celestia. But besides the grammatical mistakes, great story! I'm willing to see how GLaDOS tests Twilight's magic.

Excellent Chapter, very fitting. Also.........

:trixieshiftleft: Okay, taking all bets here. 4-1 odds on Pinky driving GLaDOS to the brink of madness and 3-2 odds on Twilight getting in a theory discussion with the insane computer. Bits are the house tender, betting can not exceed 50 bits per wager.

Place your bets, and watch the dice roll. :trixieshiftright:

OMG I love this! hell this would be an awesome game idea ^_^. Great story want to see the next chambers! Go fluttershy go!:yay:

Also.. :twilightsmile:+glados= OMG confusing conversation XD Im very interested in what the other test for the others will be... OH! maybe you can Play chars by chapter!
you know, first fluttershy, then the next and so on and so on ^_^

Can I point out to you all that he even said fourth dimension instead of fifth even, not making an mistake I would have made. I congratulate you for doing research. Also waiting for: One, well, Pinkie. :pinkiehappy: And two, Twilight to get in a heated debate about quantum mechainics with GLaDOS and Twilight to do the flamethrower thing.

Oh I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Twilight's reactions to these tests.


Also, are they wearing the long fall boots on just their back hooves, or on all four? They do walk on all four, but I'm not sure how they'd grip things if they had boots in the way, and they'll probably neat at least one free to hold the portal gun.

Ah... and I forgot the other thing I was going to say.

I'm curious as to how the passing time will affect them as regards to going home. I'd say it could be an interesting sequel idea to have them go back with Aperture Science tech like portal guns and whatever the hell else they've got lying around. Twilight certainly seems capable of picking up info on how to build a working fusion reaction if she tried hard enough. On the other hand, if you don't want to go that way, it'd be exceptionally easy to just say "It's a trans-dimensional gateway. It also includes temporal coordinates, so they can go back to the exact instant the last portal to Equestria closed."

Which, actually, would be a whole 'nother kind of plot hook as well, since they could go anywhen they want. Either way, I like the mechanism involved because it has so many other potential plot hooks worked into it, even once this story is over.

Ummmmm I don't think GLADOS should test pinkie pie that mare is quantum impossibility personified

Was this the first still? I-oh no, its the second. Gosh I was so caught up I didn't notice.

anyway, good read man. I've seen other portal crossovers and this ones different. It has more exploration into the world of portal and it facility.

Oh snap! Your adding GlaDos to this? Just keep her in character plz?:fluttercry::fluttershysad:

I could not be happier with the way this story is turning out. Everything is perfect, no complaints here.:twilightsmile:

another chapter :yay: yay i cant wait for the next, I would hope the ponies meet the rat man maybe

Glades: Their will being testing, and then there will be cake

Glados: Their will being testing, and then there will be cake

Please write the pinkie chapter:fluttershysad:

If GLADoS is surprised by the Sonic Rainboom, I can't wait for Pinkie's chapters :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

GLaDOS: The modified Aperture Science Handheld Portal devices have been distributed to the equine life forms, begin testing.

Still GLaDOS: The first test will place the pink standard equine and the blue avian equine in the chamber.

:pinkiegasp: : I just had the most excellent idea!!!

:rainbowderp: : Oh Cellestia. What?

:pinkiecrazy: : Let's cross the beams!

:rainbowwild: : YEAH!

GLaDOS: No! What are you doing?!

Bsam, bwow.

Pinkie Pie was removed from The Earth.
Rainbow Dash was removed from The Earth.
GLaDOS was slain.
Twilight was slain.
Fluttershy was slain.
Pinkie Pie was slain again.
Applejack was slain.
Rarity was slain.
Diamond Dog was slain.
Atlas was slain.
P-Body was slain.
Gourge was slain.
Steve was slain.
John was slain.
David was slain.
Saxton Hale was slain.
Chuck Norris wasn't slain.:trollestia:
Soviet Russia had slain you.
Professor Layton figured out a way not to be slain.
Luke listened to the professor.
Pinkie Pie decided to be slain again!
You were slain.
The forth wall was brutally destroyed.
The doctor was slain.
John Smith was slain.
Fluttershy exploded.
Then exploded again.
And so on so forth.

(10 pts. to whoever gets the references :rainbowwild:!)

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