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When Ken, a highly trained archer, is teleported into Equestria during his latest mission, armed with only his longbow, arrows, and daggers, he must survive in the Everfree Forest hiding from the town of Ponyville. But when timber wolves attack a nearby group of fillies, he has two options: Leave the three to be eaten, or expose himself and save them.

Tags and characters will be added as I go along, I don't plan the story ahead of time.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 30 )

Good job man keep up the good work!:ajsmug:

Hmm....this has potential....I shall wait for the next chapter.


Interesting, you have my attention... continue please.

elizabeak NOOOOOO!!!!


Great start to this story. Has good potential, lacks many cliche elements which is good, and nearly perfect grammar. A lot of fics lack these traits, which is why I will be tracking this now! :pinkiehappy:

As for tags, maybe throw in 'sad' and 'adventure' and even romance if you wanna add as many story elements as possible to keep the story going later on.

Whatever it is you do, keep it up. This might just turn out pretty fucking awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

You sir, Just got turned into Taffy. :trollestia:

I Have waited for season three for 6 months, looks like i have to wait for a new chapter... :facehoof:

OW that shit hurts,i did that on a camping trip when i cut meself with an old army knife shit hurts! my feels go to you young scootaloo!:ajsleepy:

:yay: yay new chapter!


Nuff said. :trollestia:

Fluttershy is mad at Rainbow Dash or at Ken?

Haha, fuck Fluttershy. I don't give a shit about her damn animal fetish. There were children in danger, and it was either them or the wolves. So Fluttershy can just fuck off :D

IKP? i said IKR which is I Know Right? i was saying that because i agree with you who is fluttershy angry with?

1734781 actually, fluttershy is angry at RD because she knocked out Ken, an animal that she has never seen before, and you know how she is about animals. And remember when I said that Ken was unconscious?

1735909 Oh heheh my bad. Still, fluttershy should fuck off anyway haha.

Not a big fan of her if you haven't guessed. :ajbemused:

Thanks, well once everything will settle down. I bet AJ and Rarity will be very grateful for what Ken did…and possible Shy will not leave him alone in some time, out of fear and concern, of his injuries.

On a side note, Ken is the top of his class, already has seing death and groused scene, and is train to be in clam must of the time…yeap, Fluttershy just meet the one and only animal in which the STARE will not work, and knowing and seeing the personality of Ken, he may even have one of his own. (He is an archer, of course he must have some kind of stare, that can look very intimidated)

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Lol, fuckin Pinkie Pie...


I was hoping for Oliver Queen, oh well, still looks like a decent read

after reading: awesome...

Is this dead? because I really like this one and would love to see more of it from you!

I don't see why he didn't eat the wolves. They're probably stringy and chewy, but definitely edible.

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