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earth was destroyed by a nuclear meltdown super explosion

oh right


Ok. I have exactly 2 qualms with this story: first and fore most is the time distortion stuff. It feels like it's forced, and is really freaking awkward.
Qualm the second: at the end of the chapter when the 15(29?) year old gets thrown in a ave, I'm not really sure I understand that. Celestia just teleports everyone to her room, where she has a cave, and throws a human in it?

Oh yah... and the story is really well written so far and has plenty of potential.

I really don't mean for this to sound like a side note... Honest...
I have really got to stop pressing 'add' before finishing my thoughts.....

Isn't that the symbol for Chaos Undivided from Wh40k? Just sayin'.

Hmmm the seems all too convenient... guess I cant complain though. Good story. Although you seemed a bit anti-human at the start and you have some minor grammatical errors.

HEY! I've seen your avatar before! Did you get permission, sir?
btw, great story though.

108040 Actually, no. It's the general representation of the 'Chaos theory', the idea that the world is always changing rapidly. The new representation is of a cloud of particles of ambiguous size, shape, and formation, but the main thing stays the same: particles can become anything at any time, and so I decided that the representations of many paths is the best for this story (you'll see why later.)

I had a typo, 'cave' was meant to be 'cage'.
And the reason as to why they throw Peter Roose in a cave will be explained. I don't plan on leaving any loose ends.

108226 Thanks! And actually, my avatar was just ripped straight from google images, I have no idea who originally made it. If you know who, could you tell me so I could add a small 'image courtesy of *blank*' on the bottom?

I have the same problem as you, with the need of an 'add' button.
The explanation for the time distortion will be explained, trust me. Everything will be explained.

When's the next chapter gonna come out about?

The original creator is ColorSymphony on deviantart. It's one of her line of "Steampunk Equestria" Pictures. They're really cool.

108964 Thanks! I'll look into it, and I'll try to stop being lazy and pixel in some credit.

Keep in mind that I'm not saying get rid of it, just give credit where it's due. But that's what you were going to do, non?

109207 I wrote a little 'credit to ColorSymphony on DeviantArt' in the corner.
Thanks for the help!:pinkiehappy:

108930 It's all random times. There may be a chapter a day for a few days, or no chapters for a few weeks. This is all Seat of the Pants, as in I sit down and write whatever comes to mind. It can be grueling to make a compelling storyline, but in all honesty, it's fun.

Sorry! Published this too early! (CH3)

'K, re-published GOOD version of Chapter 3. Kind of released a draft, sorry. :fluttercry:

108607 That is a pretty large typo.... lol. cant wait for the next instalment.

110927 Surprise!
Hopefully no typos in this part. That would be devastating...:fluttercry:

110949 Don't worry, I'm going to post more either tomorrow or within an hour or so.
But don't worry, as I got an epic idea.
I'm probably going to make my limit two chapters a day, though.

If he has a gun, he could help defeat Discord with the technology of humanity

111066 I'm not giving any unfair advantages.
He has to struggle.

2 things: #1: Dubstep, really? Really? *sigh*

#2: Would the speakers really be able to get to fluttershy's cottage? that is a very long distance... and you yourself said it took an hour to get from twilights to fluttershy's... somewhere...

yay moar chapter

Discord emerges from statue.
Tia: "Oh noes, is discord!"
Peter: "Everypony stay back. I got this." *bang*
Discord: "Nope.avi"

Anyways, I again forgot to mention that the story is enthralling...

Because i'm a nice guy, I won't point them out to devastate you. :raritywink:

111760 sorry bout the dubstep I had writers block so I just went with something random...and I meant to publish this tomorrow, but I guess I can keep this as a 'lost chapter' kind of thing...

You should SOOOO make Peter tell Twilight about the destructive force of mankind.

A bit of a spoiler, but I'm taking out the dubstep part and replacing it with characterization for Peter and some good ol' discord troll

111847 surprise
thanks for the input
don't stop telling me your opinions, as they really help when I improve certain chapters
and if you DO stop telling me your opinions...
I would be one sad panda.


Always happy to help, my friend.

If he has a phone, he could show Twilight a video of space exploration.

Just tried to write more of this chapter on kindle fire.
Was not fun, I couldn't get to the bottom of the chapter...

115937 I agree. Your view is quite justifiable, and I must admit that you make a solid argument. However, in the future, could you be a tad bit more specific? Just a brotip. :trollestia:

arghhh why all the cliffhangers

116059 Because, I either have writer's block as to the next part, or I get interrupted by stuff like 'chores' or 'sleep' (pfft, I know, right?)
Anyway, I plan to try and fix that later as my chapter become more plot-oriented.
And by more, I mean at least ten thousand words in one chapter.
Brace yourselves, major typos are coming. :twilightangry2:

so much cliffhanger

Okay, I've come up with a new plan. I'm going to work on reducing the cliffhangers by working on it only when I know that I have enough time to complete at least half of the chapter. The next chapter I write won't come out until it's finished, as it's a plot oriented chapter, and also will probably be above 10k words:pinkiegasp: also, my phone chose to put in an emoticon for me. It chose the right one (scroll lag).

Oh, and one more thing. Everything here I said is useless, as the nuclear power plant in Japan is melting down.
And what I mean by that is the last one is melting down. They're all exploding simultaneously.

Wait, what? They are all exploding simultaneously? WHY?. The Nuclear Power plants in Japan, or everywhere in the world, have nuclear power switches that turns off power to the reactor becofe it overheats. Its called SCRAM and its used to automatically shut down all nuclear reactors in case the reactors parameters detect something outside the safe regulational sets. While its true that what happened in Fukushima Daini ( or in the Chernobyl incident ) was a failure of that system, all of the other Nuclear Power Plants did shut down successfully. And for all of them to go off at the same time? Its not like they are a single combinded entity that you can combine all to make a huge explosion.

So, at midnight, on December 31st, 2026, the world is going to end with one huge bang...the bang of a giant nuclear explosion ten times that of the sun...times ten to the power of twenty three.


Ok, lets first start with the explosion part. Nuclear reactors simply doesn't have the level of reactivity to cause a full-scale nuclear explosion and modern reactors tend to have self-engaging safety features in addition to manual ones. I mean, we have fail switches for the aformentioned SCRAM it self. Chernobyl it self was caused by the failure of SCRAM and a Steam explosion caused by the overheating.

BUt lets say that for the sake of arguement, since this is the future and all, a reactor goes Prompt-Critical and goes boom. Lets talk numbers first.


This is the mathematical equations for calculating solar masses. As you can see 1 solar mass is equal 1.98892 × 10^30 Kg

Power of the sun: 384.6 yotta watts is the power the sun releases every second (F). Thats about 9.192×10^10 megatons of TNT per second. For the sake of conviniance we will potray it as (J) 3.846*10^26 Watts (Joules/per second).

Now thats about now according to this, the power is 10 solar masses (10*F) ...to the power of 23 (10*F^24) which is a longer way to say (F^25). Essentially its 3.846*10^51 Watts.

There is an estimated 36,000 nuclear warheads on Earth.This is equal to the use of close to 5.6 billion (5.6*10^6) tons of TNT. Still if these bombs were detonated their total radioactive fallout would cover 100,000 square kilometres which is less then 1% that the human population covers.

Now 3.846*10^26 is about 1000000000000000000 (10^18) times the nuclear weapons in the world if we wanted to reach the amount of power the sun released every second.
If we go by 3.846*10^51 its about 100000000000000000000000000000000000 (10^46) times the nuclear weapons in the world.

Speed of light: 300.000 KPS ( Kiloparsec )
Average time of nuclear explosion: 45 seconds
1 joule propels 0.2g at 0.1 kps
Lets take an object that weights 2.5 kilos.

Thats about 12.50 joule to propel that object at 0.1 kps. Now set the velocity at force the force of 3.846*10^51. Thats about 3.0768^49 Kps
Decide that by by the speed of light: 3.0768*10^50 Kps /300.000 Kps = 1.0256 × 10^46 or about
1.0256 the speed of light
or 1.0256 times Ten Trillion Trillion TRILLION times the speed of light.

Oh and i read the rest of the fan fic. Its actually pretty damn good, keep up the good work.

117008 you are now one of my favorite people. My hat goes off to you.

117008 I was replying to you on my phone at the time, and it was lagging too much to fit this part on:
You receive Fifty Kudos!

The shrug war reminded me of a clap war I had with my friend. It was a school talent show and we applauded an act, but neither of us wanted to be the first one to stop clapping. So we clapped for a good few hours until he finally gave up. Trying to eat at lunch was a bitch. onto the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

117295 :moustache:
Mother of God, it's already begun! :pinkiegasp:

K two things:: first, I'm too lazy to log in on my iPod.
Second, I just want to say that I hope u guys enjoyed daily updates, because after this chapter, not gonna happen...you'll see why :P

118420 Looks like my iPod logged me in already. Freaking robot thingy...

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