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Gylden Glor

My name used to be Gylden Glør, but I got sick of typing the ø in.


New Account on Literotica! · 11:57pm Mar 21st, 2014

So, I have a new account on Literotica.com. I'm writing a new story on it called "The Dragon's Slave", in which the protagonist is enslaved to a dragon, and while it is at first a slavery that has him just doing tasks and whatnot, it eventually becomes a slavery that has him "pleasuring" the dragoness - as well as cuddling with her.

Needless to say, it gets weird. And, don't read it at work. Or in front of your mother. Or girlfriend. Or sister. Or anybody, really.

Here's the link:

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Taking a Huge Ass Break · 9:03pm Dec 29th, 2013

Yes, I am going to take a break from the writing for a while. Why? Here's a list:

Independent Project for Senior year of Highschool (on M-Theory)
Psychology research paper (on learned aggression)
English research paper (on stem cell research)
Fallout 3
Terraria (still haven't beaten wall of flesh - there's actually a funny story behind that, but I'll tell that another time)
How to Survive
I have an iPad

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New Pokemon Fanfiction On Fanfiction.net! (This blog is a shameless plug.) · 9:13pm Aug 10th, 2013

A Social Experiment

Eeeeyup, I'm writing a Pokemon fanfic.

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I Might Start Doing Let's Plays! · 11:55pm Jul 28th, 2013

Yes, I might start doing let's plays of my favorite games. Due to the shit quality of my laptop, I'd have to start on smaller games, such as Ib or Mad Father. (It's going to primarily be horror games.)
Anyway, if you guys would like to watch me make a fool out of myself on the internet, just tell me and I'll start doing said let's plays. Because...fuck it, I dunno.

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New Story is Out! Yay! · 1:04am Jul 16th, 2013

The Human Side of Things

This is a HiE fiction that follows the path of Off the Record, but in a slightly different way.
The main plotline is just Peter Kenpachi-Ramasama living in Equestria. It's basically a sandbox story, and it's meant to be stupid and funny.
Also, there's a lot of cursing in it.

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Brief Disappearance of Trapped · 1:16am May 23rd, 2013

For those of you who don't have your Mature filter set to "view mature shit," I recently switched the story to mature for saying the word "lips" in referral to the vaginal opening once.

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A Question for the Readers of Trapped (MAY RESULT IN CLOP) · 5:59pm May 19th, 2013

This isn't NSFW, the chapter that would come from it is.
I have an idea for how to start the next chapter, but it requires me writing a minimal amount of clop. It's going to be humorous, not just erotic, so it should be worth it (in my opinion.)
Also, it may or may involve role-playing...

Anyway, tell me if you approve in the comments. I just don't want to alienate half the audience with a SURPRISE FUCKING scene.

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10K Chapter is Out Now!! · 1:47pm May 2nd, 2013

Yay go read it
It was difficult to write
I am tired
I can't think enough to make a worthy blogpost
I'm going to take a break from writing for a while

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Progress on the 10K Chapter! (Trapped) · 5:53pm Apr 27th, 2013

Working on a 10K chapter, sort of a bonus chapter: about what happened on Rainbow Dash, Peter, and Metamorpha's journey from the site of the blimps' wreckage to Canterlot.
Also, it will have a bit of information regarding the Virus, It, and Grendel. (Be warned: some of what you think you know about Grendel is wrong, and the story will make more sense when you find out how. Also, It is still going to be ambiguous, but I'm going to give it a name! :D)

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Next chapter in trapped: WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO (vote you fucking fuck fucks fuck.) · 1:13am Apr 17th, 2013

Okay, so it could go in two directions:
One, it's a serious chapter with really forced feels. And I mean STUPID forced feels, like it's being shoved down your God-damn throat.
Second option is a comedic chapter called "Poor Priorities," in which it's all from Metamorpha's point of view as Peter and Rainbow Dash have a bout of gooey lovey doviness due to the fact that he saved her life.

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