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My name used to be Gylden Glør, but I got sick of typing the ø in.

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Peter Kempachi-Ramasama, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, gets the, quite literally, once in a lifetime chance to visit an alternate universe.
He takes it, and ends up in the Everfree Forest - the one place in Equestria that has ties to external universes.
And he effectively tears the canon of the show apart by being the Seventh Element of Harmony: uh...um...Jerk? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Warning: naughty language.

Chapters (28)

I've created a kind of portal to Equestria.
And, unfortunately, it's an extremely good simulation.
Variables upon variables upon variables, all created by one simple code with a fully compiled size of two kilobytes.
This means that consequences may occur that I wouldn't have thought of, and that there may also be glitches once in a while.
Unfortunately, it's the former that causes me to be trapped within this simulation. If it were the latter, it would be easier to work around: a simple executive override, and I'm out. But now, the only way to get out is to activate my extreme safety procedure.

Please note: I don't care about favorites or likes, I care about what you have to SAY. So, please,if you enjoy a chapter, say what you liked most, and if you did not enjoy a chapter, say what you did not like and I will use those two things to learn not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Also note: This story isn't meant to be taken seriously. A lot of it is just making fun of other stuff. Some of it is meant to be taken seriously in terms of its own individual plot, but as a whole, it's meant to be making fun of the idea that certain things could or could not exist.

Chapters (67)

When Pinkamena Diane Pie starts questioning her odd habits, she goes to everypony to find help.
Peewee Herman, (sorry couldn't think of a pony name for him,) Groucho Sphynx, and now, a truly certified psychiatrist.
Can he help her return to her former state of insanity, and thus to her old party pony nature, simply known as Pinkie Pie?
Or will she remain sane...

Chapters (2)

Overall, it's just like the short description says. It's just the random ideas I get for stories, most of them include a human in Equestria, some of them include the other way around, while some of them are just the shenanigans of the ponies to the extreme! (By the way, I spelled the word shenanigans right on my first try: no red lines underneath it :P)
Anyway, I'll probably never 'complete' these stories, and more likely than not, I won't follow them through with actual stories.
But, if it looks entertaining to me (I'm the writer, I don't want to be bored when I'm writing it) I'll follow it through with more chapters, either in the same story arc or in the same style, and make a new collection or story. (Note: I won't upload any stories until I finish a current one. Collections will always be new.)

Chapters (5)
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