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Sleepy Head is an Earth pony that sleeps throughout the day but has trouble sleeping at night. So it was only a matter of time before Princess Celestia came to him with a job: keep Princess Luna company. Sounds easy enough, but as Sleepy Head interacts with the Queen of Night, he discovers secrets that will change his and Luna's life forever.

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very interesting. I have my eye on this. Do tell me when you have more.

Interesting enough, but I noticed you changed tenses a few times early on. Stick to one or the other. Beyond that and a word mix-up, I liked it and I think I'll have to watch this.

There's a couple small errors in typing, one in particular jumped out:

I guess she’s aloud to do that, being a princess and all. “Wow, these alicorns can get away with doing anything,”

I think this was meant to be all one sentence, but other than this nothing really stuck out.

I like where you're going with this as far as plot, it definitely has some potential. Keep up the good work!

I think it has a great plot and I am anxious to read the next chapter

good concept.. will wait till next chapter before i rate though... will be tracking.

Ha a story about a stallion and Luna that isnt shipping ?

ill keep track of this heh

92413 Thanks for the critique! I'll fix it now

Am I the only one seeing random Squares? Bah :fluttershbad:

I'm interested as to where you shall take this...

I think Luna might be sporadically tri-polar :rainbowlaugh:

Well I'm rightly confused.
This is going to be awesome.

That ending makes perfect sense, and in no way created a plot that will have to be resolved. I appreciate the hard work you put into doing that. :trollestia:

I lolled at the end, I somehow feel Celestia already knows :trollestia:



lol yeah I don't know why, but it is just this strange feeling i'm getting

Did Celestia just use the date rape spell on him?:derpyderp2:

You sure the romance tag (light) wont fit here.
I sense "fun", and Celestia is quite the bitch, but we already knew that, no?

96395 There isn't THAT much romance... and i can't find the light romance tag on here

Interesting ,so Luna is having issues with her form and Celestia doesnt "give a damn".

Celestia has a plan probably , that involves her doing nothing while others try to figure out how to fix this :trollestia:

Celestia just don't give a buck :trollestia:


Wait wut.... Wait WUT?!?

Loving every bit of it so far! I can see where this is going :pinkiesmile:

Flower bed is two words i'm fairly certain. Other than that i can't really get much else. if there are an grammatical errors then i'm just not the grammar Nazi i thought i was.

also just the thought of Southern Luna makes me :rainbowlaugh:

Keep it going

98139 I googled that sucker, it's one word :derpytongue2:

Wow, I am kinda of shocked by the way celstia acted, and she is a total bitch to boot

And I can't even think of a name to nike-name her

Bitchlestia, wow. I don't like her one bit. She's worse than Trollestia, Molestia or even Tyrant Celestia...

Hope she'll get her flank kicked real bad. Possibly by Luna or Nightmare whom he'll befriend. Poor Sleepy Head. I always thought that mental abuse way worse than physical.

Really, would Celestia get hers? Like, mental brainwashing by Elements or NMM ?

I don't know, how would you act if your sister was insane and the only person who could help wanted to walk out on you both? I detect a hint of "Tyrant Celestia" there, but I'm not saying I wouldn't be pissed at that person. Just sayin :P


Oh, don't know, be a little nicer to him and guilt-trip to helping? It works way better than tyranny and leaves good impression and gives you kind impession. Not to mention that willing Sleepy Head world be much more efficient.

98322Emotional stress and thousands of years of getting your own way tends to muddle the mind, I'd imagine. I didn't say that the tyrant wasn't there.:ajsmug:

:rainbowderp: What a Twist!!!

I like where this is going so far, I honestly didn't expect such from Celestia. Very well thought out. I definitely hope to read more.

Oh wow, this story just got loads better.:trollestia:

celestia's reaction seems out of place.

Celestia IS A BITCH, there is little to discuss, and the few (too little) story that paint her that way are still too few. She is a manipulator and probably the biggest troll ever to walk the "earth", and her reaction are exactly what she would probably do. Make Nightmare Moon return, in control of Luna this time, and whoop Celestia ass! Like this series a lot, keep going!:yay:

I felt that was more down Discord's path: the whole manipulation with words deal. Celestia always seems to know what is going on, but nobody knows how her character is suppose to act when something doesn't go her way. I dunno, in my mind, i feel like she can act the way she feels when she's alone in her room, don't you?

98302 In Sleepy Head's defense, he wasn't exactly warned about Luna's problems, just told to "spend time with her".

98302 In Sleepy Head's defense, he wasn't exactly warned about Luna's problems, just told to "spend time with her".

98762 I wouldn't call her a bitch, even at her worst in the show. She's mischevious and is perfectly willing to hold back information from the mane cast to better teach a lesson, but she is hardly malicious or mean.

Fu, kin, bitch.

That wasn't trollestia.

That wasn't even Tyrant Celestia.

There's not even a word FOR how evil Celestia was right there!

Wow, um...


calmly and cooly, of course.

Comeon, Sleepy Head, you have to escape D:


CELESTIA is a #####, Luna has multiple personalities (I like them all, I only fear NMM), sleepie head is forced to do the best job ever unwillingly
5/5 and traking

Hmm, Celestia has apologized, and I have forgiven. :)

Whew, was worried that we have another Tyrant Celestia fic ,glad it isnt so :pinkiehappy:

She just being a manipulator, she ignored his safety and confessed to have forced him to agree.:twilightangry2: Now i am curios where this will go, will it be "i am your father" Star Wars thingy?:moustache:

And I accept the apologize celestia, good to have you back being a troll but not a tyrant

sleepy head is boss

Interesting plot :twistnerd: . Gave it 5 stars.


yeah, i bet you like that plot...:facehoof:


Hey, I meant nothing by it, don't get mad...

I wasn't mad. I was making a reference to you liking pony's asses. Nothing more.

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