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Hope to share my skills as a writer and storyteller.

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I hope we get more of the story

Trust me, you will.

ok this story aroused my curiosity

Glad it did.

does this count as a “Royal Guard” story?

I guess since Emerald's job is a royal guard, then yeah. Guess I'll need to edit the tags to include that.

I can't help but think a pink alicorn might be doing some sneaky scheming in the background here heh heh

Second chapter was pretty intense hope there's more coming soon

I guess theoretically speaking that this could have happened due to Twilight's pent up hormones, mixed in with the intensity of the situation, though it's more of a somewhat offhand guess.

This chapter gave me a vibe from an anime that I saw its name is Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita/Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It
Good job

I never heard of that anime before so I’ll have to check it out on my own time. But thanks.

Never signed a contract until you read the whole thing.

also I think we've seen the seeds of a major heartache/break being planted

Few spelling errors here and there, but the text is still comprehensible and I like the plot. You could run a basic spell check program to help you with that.

Will look forward to more.

Glad you enjoy it. I use Grammarly to help me write the chapters, and it saves me a lot of time with edits.

The picture makes it look like it's not anthro.
No hooves :raritycry:

I can't show the full picture due to issues involving NSFW.

Thanks for posting love the story

Thanks for motivating me for trying my hand in fan fiction I appreciate the effort you put in it I’m taking inspiration and getting ideas from this

She had a look of concern on her face I wonder what that's supposed to mean

How long before the s%^& hits the fan, and the confessions followed by their big damn kiss?


I am enjoying this story so far. I find myself becoming breathless during these steamy, very erotic scenes. Thank you for making my heart beat hard, I need the blood in my system!

Clop? Hell no! Just good old erotica :twilightsheepish:

I really hope that Twilight is pregnant and the elixirs at Twilight made him drink I wonder if his children will inherit some of the elixirs properties.

Let's just hope that Shining Armor doesn't knows what's happening between those two

I imagine PC here is quite on to Twilight about why she wants to hang onto Emerald, more the heart stuff than the bedroom stuff, I'm curious how' meeting the parents' will go heh heh

Let's hope Twilight never figures out what happens or she might get really jealous

I must say that it was a very Exciting contribution from options like Moondacer.

Glad you enjoyed it. So... are you stating that you would like Moondancer to have one of these chapters?

I actually like these little side chapters. Definitely got for it if you want

So far, this story has been pretty good. Hopefully it ends with Emerald getting at least 2 mares in a herd and possibly getting married with the high chance of kids on the way.

Well, I don’t know about a herd, but he will bed several mares as the story goes on.

Wow dude, that was just amazing. Really good idea to put it as side-stories so it wouldn't complicate the main plot. I would love to suggest to include Fluttershy or anyone from the Mane 6. But if you can't add the Mane 6, then I say Creamy Heart, Chrysalis, Octavia and DJ or Pipp Petals.

have some unsure thoughts about the plotline here and such but a nice enjoyable romp, however I think it'd be better for this side story to be non canon to the main story at large, where we see the lust the main characters have turn to love, this happening as canon would throw a big wrench in that I think


Who created this or has the link to the full cover?

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