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Sometimes, a simple remark is all it takes to cause a rift in a happy relationship. The marriage of Laughing Stock and Twilight Sparkle is no exception. After a heated debate over whose job is easier, the two ponies find themselves walking in each others horseshoes. For one day, Laughing Stock must run the library without assistance from his wife, and Twilight Sparkle must deliver a standup comedy performance, composed of jokes she has written herself. Will the young couple gain a new respect for one another?

Probably not.

(This story is a continuation of my Laughing Stock series, What is Fame Without Friendship? and
Her Big Brother, His Big Problem. Special thanks to HoovesLikeJagger for another fantastic work of art, and wildberk for his editing/proofreading skills.)

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Comments ( 25 )

So wait just a moment, is him being black 'n' red and married to Twilight intended to make us dislike this character?

Laughing Stock, when will you learn to keep your mouth shut? :facehoof: Anyway loved the store keep up the great work

A lesson well learned.

Enjoyable story.

Cheerilee reads erotic novels, ew! :pinkiesick:

Berry Punch why do I get the feeling she'd end up saying something like I swear to drunk to officer I'm not Celestia? :rainbowlaugh:

And lastly I'll bet we all know what this story title made us think of. :twistnerd:



You have something against black ponies?

1450193 That's reassuring.

1450704 That racist bastard! D: *mock horror!*


I like this Laughing Stock guy! Sounds like my like of comedian!

Daw, thanks! It means a lot. :):twilightblush:


No! I mean, yes! I mean, what? I mean, OCs! Damned OCs!

Yes, Laughing Stock. The only Red-and-Black OC that I love. (but don't tell Twilight)

Cute story with a killer ending but you really need some proofreaders. English is not my native language and i'll be the first to admit i suck at it but syntax errors and typos are kinda annoying here.:twistnerd:

I agree with you. I do have a proofreader actually, but he's been busy with school work, and I simply became inpatient. I take full responsibility for any errors. We will go through it one of these days and make corrections.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Being an actual stand up Comedian myself, I have to say, Laughing Stock is shockingly realistic :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the advice on what to do if I'm locke out!:twilightsmile:

Nice one, when Rarity started rapping I began to sing along with Unknown From M.E. I laughed the hardest at the end.

:rainbowlaugh: That is all.


I just realized the pun in the title

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