• Published 5th May 2023
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Depths of Flurry - That One Strange Fellow

Flurry is frustrated and fed-up. Her mother and father take some quality time to spend with her. And by 'quality time,' they mean satisfying her insatiable urges.

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dannny43 #1 · May 5th, 2023 · · 33 ·

Incest is bad, mkay.

dannny43 #2 · May 5th, 2023 · · 19 ·

Ironic coming from a Karen, lol.

If youthink incest is bad why did you read this? Why are you here? It seems to me your the Karen. You read the tags and the description so you knew what you were getting into

dannny43 #4 · May 5th, 2023 · · 22 ·

You're assuming I read it when I didn't, and what, a guy can't make a quick Harmless Mister Mackey joke?

Comment posted by AmlpfanREADER deleted May 5th, 2023

If you didn't read it why are you here.

I'm pretty sure he came here to tell a joke nothing else, So please calm the fuck down.


and what, a guy can't make a quick Harmless Mister Mackey joke?


Ironic coming from a Karen, lol.

What gave you that idea

Look at the comments


Maby don't be a bitch mkay

Damn this is so hot... Loving a family member goes beyond great bounds of maybe true love. it might be sick for others but... I enjoyed this.


incest is not bad... the thing is you're jealous because you never had that kind of love back.


Wow i guess noone get's the joke :/

Woe is me for my humor is booed by the masses, but then again I am in a very particular part of fimfic so all these people aren't here for my comedic gestures. At least a few appreciate my non ill intentioned jest.

Jealous is not exactly the word I'd use... how about grateful?

Well of course nobody got that joke, it's 20+ years old.

That's funny for you to say. Because incest is a serious crime in the State of California. and inbreeding between people who are too closely related genetically may result in birth defects.


Then why be here if you know its a crime in your country? Naughty perhaps.

Nah just googled it lmfao (Btw i don't live in California)

Posh #23 · May 7th, 2023 · · ·

11577094 To clarify, you’re suggesting that this person is jealous of Flurry Heart, and/or real-life survivors of incest, because they were never molested or raped by a close family member, or a parent. Is that an accurate interpretation of your comment?

Interesting story.

Very interesting.

look forward to seeing what you do next

That was a good story.

How the hell does nobody know mister Mackey iconic line? South Park is still very much alive people.

actually, their name is not karen, its dannny43.

Or did you mean to respond to Karen1s comment?

Story's not bad, but this comment section is a goddamn dumpster fire.

The more the merrier

I haven't read the story, (and don't plan on doing so)
This type of stuff is not my cup of tea.

I just was curious to see what the comments would look like, and damn, they were bad. I am not kink-shaming, this is not real after all and it is okay to like the story as long as you realize that real-life incest is bad.

I really hope this is obvious to almost everyone here, cause some of the shit in here is having me actually concerned.
It leads to horrid birth defects, ruined families, and a lot of other shit.

The Hapsburgs can attest, don't fuck your own kin

ps: please don't comment, (If you haven't read the story then why are you here), I just wanted to add to the discourse.

Incest in humans is absolutely bad. Ignoring the power imbalance dynamics of such a relationship emotionally, inbreeding can be deadly for any offspring. But we're dealing with horses here, which are quite literally a different race. Incest in horses is quite normal, and they have the genetic diversity necessary to make that a nonissue. They quite literally have a more complex gene sequence than humans do. So... while the power dynamics are definitely still kinda weird, the worst problems of incest are spared to horses.


not the rape part. There are some families out there that don't rape... But have a love interest. brother or sister incest. some countries have age differences so... etc...

Posh #33 · May 8th, 2023 · · 1 ·

11578467 Wow, what an interesting perspective. Thank you so much for sharing!:twilightsmile:

Well I did not know that, uh
Still, these ponies are close enough to humans for me to be icky about it (they basically act like people)
Not shaming anyone, just really not my cup of tea


well, if a person has gone through birth... and a baby or a foal no less... they have to do breastfeeding.... but is it considered pedo incest?

To some degree yes! time to scar people's lives further.

True fact!

wait does that mean we should all be ashamed of it... no... it's kind of part of life.

Force-feeding the baby!!!! wooooooooO!!!!!!!!


Since no stallion or man can give them true love... this is the best fic on how true love incest fic ever will be.... whether you're a guy or a gal getting love with your father.... at the age of 18 however 0_0... means that they love you.... and maybe wanted to give you that feeling that a man can never give since a woman with breast feeding can!

Again, emotionally, incest is still a huge problem. But we are dealing with the princess of love, here. I would imagine she'd have a pretty clear understanding of her daughter's feelings. Plus, since Flurry is a princess as well, we're spared the power imbalance.

I think I made my opinion clear, I don't really want to talk about this anymore.
I am only responding cause I always feel the need to respond, srry that's just me. I am just ending the conversation, interesting talk (I learned something interesting about horses, so thanks for that :) ), but I am not changing my mind on the topic.

I hope you have a good day

Not in any way asking you to. Incest is not okay in humans. And It's still kinda squicky in any being with human-like feelings. I'm just really prone to playing devil's advocate. Have a good one.

The royal family is growing. :twilightsmile:

(And of-age Flurrycest is fun.)

Pretty good. I especially liked the attention given to teats.

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