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Welcome to my den of stories and favourites! Returning to the fandom once again!


It is early summer in Canterlot, and the spring term for Canterlot High is coming to a close. A six week half term, is in inbound for all students, and there are two in particular who wish to spend some quality time together over this small spring break. Rarity and Applejack. Of course, they want to spend some time with their friends of the Main 7, as well as their newly reformed friends (The Dazzlings.) The two of them have strong feelings for one another, and early on into this narrative, we will explore how they confide their feelings and explore their romance together. The two are head over heels for one another, hoping to ask the question of 'Be Mine?'

This is a romance fanfiction focusing on the blossoming of Applejack and Rarity's feelings for one another, and soon their relationship. We will see how their friends cotton on, how they will react to the blossoming relationship between two friends, into two lovers.

(Art by LooknamTCN on Deviantart!)

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Thank you for the positive response friend!:raritywink:💗

Ahh that's so lovely of you to say! I'm so happy you're enjoying this friend! There's a new update coming soon! :duck:

Great start! It's a nice change of pace for me.

Excited to see where this is going!

Oh wow thank you very much for the kind words! I am currently (at the time of writing this reply) working on chapter 5!

Thank you again friend, that really does mean a lot, hope to see you here for chapter 5!:yay:

GREAT chapter.

I love what you've done with the Dazzlings.

Also really enjoyed that scene with Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow in the restroom.

Loving this so far, great work!

Ahh my goodness, thank you so much for the kind words! That means so much!:yay:

Regarding the Dazzling's, I wanted them to have that redemption arc they deserved, I felt that in EQG that they didn't quite get that? So I thought I'd put my own little spin on it!

Thank you again, I enjoyed writing that scene! These words do me great justice, I honestly apperciate it so much!

Y'know I thought the same exact thing Sunset did on that part.

Wow, it means a lot that AJ trusts Sunset with a secret after all she'd done. I really liked that part.

Great chapter again. Really interested to see how you handle the date.

Oh really? That's interesting!

Thank you again friend, all of this just motivates me to write even more!

Excellent job. Really enjoyed this one. Very sweet and descriptive.

Lol I was like who's Jacqueline? And then I was like oh... Oh! I've never seen her referred to in that way. I actually really like that. Was that your idea or did you see it somewhere?

Ah, having to wait is so regretful isn't it?

Thank you my friend, once again!

And the Jacqueline was inspired by some fanart I saw of Rarijack, I used it as a basis that Rarity uses it as a pet name? As we all know, she's a fan of more regal things, and her name being Apple-JACK, Rarity would play off that, both teasingly and lovingly!

And I know? I do apologise, this next chapter is taking me a lil longer than usual due to some in person rehearsals I have, but fret not, it is coming!

Once again, thank you for being so lovely!:heart:

Stellar. I smiled the whole time I read. I would suggest reading over again and correcting some of the autocorrected words. (Thigh got replaced by thing and made a really awkward mistake.)

It really feels like you care about this relationship by the way it's written and that makes it all the better.

Don't take so long to post the next chapter. (Not a command just a suggestion lol)

Great work.

Ah thank you! That often happens, I re-read things and miss small little mistakes, will correct!

But I am so happy you enjoyed this chapter, and glad you enjoyed it! And thank you, I do honestly adore this ship!

And I won't, life, and various major things happened, but now, I have more time, and have already started work on Chapter 6, which teases another ship!👀

Thank you again friend, much love:heart:

First a little confusion here. Rainbow sets a date of the 11th and then Rarity tells AJ 9th and then it's back to 11th in the texts. Just a heads up if that's a mistake.

Second, man that text conversation was FUN. I was cracking up. Are we getting Adagio/Sunset? If so I'm hyped. Love that pairing.

Those chapters for the three days are huge as far as what you can do with them. I'm super excited. Keep up the great work!

Ahhh thank you very much for pointing that out, just fixed it! Must of a typo on Word aha!

Hahah I enjoyed writing that section too, playing around with the group chat, be prepared for more of that! And mayyyybeee ;) As do I, I couldn't help but sprinkle it in!

I thoroughly enjoy writing these, so yeah 3 days of plunging myself into this fic is always a treat! Thank you again for the kind words, see you in the next chapter! :duck:

I could never come up with something like this, it’s so beautiful! :pinkiesad2:

I kinda wanna use this story in my own
(with permission, of course)

Ah thank you so much! That means the world to hear, I try to make all my work special aha!

Well maybe we can talk about that obviously, don't wanna have stuff stolen aha!

Lol I'd be so bothered if Rarity was reading during this and I was AJ. I know, I know, it's petty, it'd just bother me so much.

"Rare, you're here with me, not with that book of yours!"

Anyway good chapter, but I'm interested where this is going with Fluttershy's gathering cause you used a lot of things here that could've been used there. Bbqing, swimming, bikinis.

Either way, looking forward to more.

Hahah, that's just Rarity's diva side coming out, had to show it at some point!

Thank you my friend, and don't worry, I have a few plans, that aren't just this Chapter rehashed! A few things inspired from here in the UK mainly, what we do in the summer etc!

Thank you once again matey, for all the support!

Geez Rainbow is crude.

Liked the "I love you" at the end of Fluttershy's message.

Also really liked that Flutters was the one who said they were a couple.

Reading through this chapter I had a thought, will there be any drama? Not that that's required or anything, I was just wondering.

Anyway, good chapter.

Hahah, that's Rainbow for you, I'd figured as they'd get older, that she'd get a little more brash!

Yeahh I thought I'd give the mic to Fluttershy for once!

And there mighhttt beeee, we'll have to see won't we? ;)

And thank you so much my friend, I truly apperciate it!

With the RariJack and FlutterDash here so far, wondering it SciSet (Sci-Twi/Sunset) could also happen too?

I always get annoyed when Dash matches Aj's strength. I've always viewed them as strength and speed. One of my least favorite parts of the show was when Dash beat AJ in arm wrestling. Oh well, plot and all of that.

Should always punch pretty boys like Blueblood in the face. That's where they hate getting it the most, but at least he got wrecked. Wonder if he'll be back to try and create more havoc.

Woot! Adagio incoming I hope.

Fun chapter.

Possibly, I am currently debating on other ships, Rarijack is the focus, but of course, I am trying to tease other stories I am working on!

For me its just their competitive side, they love showing off to one another, just as a little bit of banter, but I guess that's my British bias hahah.

You said you wanted drama, you got a taste of what might be coming, past-exes, Crystal Prep peers and such, all a matter of time in Canterlot!

And of course! I love the Dazzlings, and they will be making a heavy feature next chapter!

Thank you for the continued support friend!

The Blueblood appearance is very promising. I wasn't sure where you were gonna go for the drama aspect, but I like this direction. Just... If he comes back have him get hit in the face more lol.

I'm glad you updated, I was already waiting for it to continue with my favorite ship Rarijack... I didn't expect you to include Blueblood in the story.

Oh don't worry, you've gotta add drama and I'm sure his smug smirk will be wiped clean off ;)

Ahhh thank you so much! I do apologise for the delay, life has a way of getting busy:derpytongue2: But I am glad you are enjoying the narrative! And ofc, I've gotta add in some sort of antagonist:raritywink:

Great chapter! I love the friendship between the Main 7 and the Dazzlings!

Reading the Dazzlings in fics always makes me so sad. They had so much potential and the canon just did nothing with them. Glad they're being utilized well here.

I must say, I am very interested to see the development of Aria and Sonata's relationship.

And I'm positively giddy to see what you do with Starlight.

Ahh thank you ever so much! That means a lot to hear, I hope you continue to stick around!

Exactly! I feel the same way, the potential they had was absurd, and the fact they did nothing with it? Is soul-crushing, but hence why we decide to flourish their characters! And thank you, that means a lot!

I think it's definitely one of those ships/pairings rarely seen, hence why I wanted to have a look at it!

And I hope I do her justice!

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