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Hi. It's gapty. Read a fic today. Or don't. They're both the same to me. Just don't tell knighty I said that.


A collection of stories with no more than 150 words, each having a set prompt.

All stories are written for the monthly Flashfic150 competition by Loganberry, which are held in the Flashfic group.

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this was a cute delve into Trixie's motives and heart in such few words! :twilightsmile:

Bet you a trillion dollars every card in that deck is the same one

Someone might need to help rarity.

I could see trixie doing this.

This actually makes me wonder how trixie got her cutie mark.

I didn’t expect it to be from twilight, but now I’m not surprised.

Honestly, I’m kind of glad wallflower won.

I do sometimes wonder who’s the strongest of the rainbooms.

So... being horrified by everything keeps the Bad Stuff away?

I love discord for that.

People tend to get the most angry when someone speaks the truth.

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