• Published 28th Mar 2023
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A Short One, Please! - gapty

A collection of stories with no more than 150 words, each having a set prompt.

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April 2023: "And Nothing Was The Same."

Author's Note:

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Newfound Destiny

Trixie sighed and let her head fall onto the bar in front of her. She couldn't help but feel exhausted with her life, especially as a pony who still hadn't discovered her special talent. She had tried everything, but nothing seemed to click.

The sudden eruption of cries from the crowd behind her caught her attention. Curious, she turned to see a stallion.

"Pick a card" he said, gesturing towards the deck of cards he held.

Trixie blinked in surprise, realising he was referring to her. She hesitantly picked one and watched as he placed it back in the deck and shuffled the cards.

"Choose a number." He laid card by card out on the bar.

"Um, seven.”

The stallion paused at the seventh card, and with a dramatic flourish, he revealed it. Her jaw dropped in amazement as she saw that it was the very card she had selected.