• Published 28th Mar 2023
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A Short One, Please! - gapty

A collection of stories with no more than 150 words, each having a set prompt.

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October 2022: "The Feeling's New to Me"

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Lil’ Cheese reached for the gift ribbons and pulled on them, laughing as the ribbons rolled in waves around him. He turned in circles and was soon all wrapped in it. Pinkie hid her giggle behind her hoof, as she watched her colt turn himself over on the ground.

But the more rapid his movements were, the more worried she got. Then he tried to bite on the ribbon. This only made it worse, and his movements became a wave of rapid shaking to get free.

Pinkie’s heart raced. She jumped up from her seat and ran towards him.

She could only exhale in relief when she removed the ribbon from him.

"No gift ribbons!" she declared and put them up on a shelf.

She turned her view back to her colt and smiled.

She would protect him from anything.