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I write horse words to get all these ideas out of my head. There are too many living rent free! I write for myself, publish for everyone, and to show that I exist/existed.


Gummy must warm up... no matter what it takes.

7/27/2022 - 7/29/2022

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Shall our minds try to read a story about Gummy, not matter how unfeasible the task of understanding his thoughts will be for us. Will we ever know what truth we will miss, simply because our mind is unable to comprehend what he will reveal to us?

I personally think this goes a little too fast all out with Gummy and his abilities. In my opinion a little more build up and length would help finetune it.

But otherwise great and nice fic, will follow how it'll end. :derpyderp1:

Personally, I like how it is pretty fast and straightforward. It makes it seem like this is normal Gummy behavior. Like when we don't see him or if no pony is around, he just casually goes into other universes or dimensions. Also like this is just him using 1% of his power; the norm. Gummy is truly the almighty and all powerful.

Perfectly Insane

Plot twist: Tank knew of a warm rock that would cure Gummy's cold, he just didn't tell him because he wanted to keep it to himself.

” (...) just like the multi-dimensional cosmic deity of the mind. Used to always get in the way of my multi-dimensional explorations within the quantized electro-mental meta-realm. I will deal with this shivering as I did with that being: extermination via assimilation."

... wait... what? :rainbowderp:

This fic is so good, it makes me wish there was a mini-series centered around the gator.

A plot centered around a sentient gator who picks a fight with a literal sun goddess just to stay worm...

It is just crazy fun!

Ah, yes...having a mind and abilities that are vastly superior to those among whom we must live, while simultaneously being subject to the same trivial mortal foibles borne by lesser beings...

(sigh) 'Tis a heavy burden we must bear, "Gummy."

*sees thumbnail*

I got to read this now.

Comment posted by Kinderf deleted Jul 28th, 2022

This planet was his home before Equestria, but not during the time he found himself. He spent his time with Greek and Chinese philosophers, to observe how ancient topics originated and how they were still a work-in-progress for the future. Wether it is to see how those ideas evolved or how the masses of the future never widely followed them. It is also where he learned that the native sapient species here called this planetary body, “dirt”, or Earth. Not to mention having had a little fun during the years of the Roman and Chinese Empires.

This time was different, he had never seen this planet evolve to this technological point. There were ironclads in the water, factories scattered across the urban area, and carriages that had stallions transport humans across town, just like in Manehattan; though they were not the same as stallions in Equestria.

Man, your prose is just...phenomenal.

I love an outsider creature's perspective of Earth.

The entire time, Gummy was shifting around to the hottest spot while a portion of this city encompassing him was burning. Never did the shiver dissipate. "Oh well," he thought to himself, "I suppose this city will learn not to construct buildings fully made of wood from now on. You are welcome, Chicago."

Now we know the prime suspect for the destruction of the library of Alexandria!

I know this is supposed to be silly and not make much sense, but my obsessive-compulsiveness compels me to point out that the Infinity Stones are only able to affect the universe from which they came. In any other universe, they're nothing more than shiny rocks.

"I do notice that this method only warms my exterior, leaving my interior in the same cold that creates these shivers. I theorize, that to combat this, I must break the space-time continuum and shatter the quantum realm."

Calling it now:

Gummy doesn't need physical heat, he needs emotional love! This story will probably end by Gummy realizing this and teleporting back to Equestria to get a hug from his beloved pony Pinkie Pie

Actually you should try something similar with Rarity’s cat Opalescene.

I’m surprise Gabby went to Pompey of all places to get warm using a volcanic eruption. I mean it is the most famous but the the post powerful recorded in human history.

That goes to the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora. The ashes of the aftermath cause a “nuclear winter” with 1816 becoming know as “the year without summer”.

All the philosophical knowledge in the world and Gummy forgot the most basic principal/impulse of early philosophy, the search for happiness :derpytongue2:

It was a good fic, the sort of silly nonsense one can enjoy form time to time, well done :twilightsmile:

The moral of the story is...

Pinkie cuddles cure everything.

He went to Vesuvius because he remembered that one first along with being present for it since it was during his stay on Earth. In addition, also a hint that he wasn’t thinking at optimal levels since he was becoming more and more irrational as he kept failing to cure the shiver.

Truth is simply relative to each individual, no matter the situation or subject.

Truth is actually NOT relative. PERCEPTION is relative. For ACTUAL truth is based upon factually correct information which can be verified. Perceptions, however, are based on individual experience which may not be verifiable by any legitimate methodology or logical analysis.

Belief is NOT truth. It is more akin to 'faith'. Faith is that which is taken to be reality by one's nebulous belief in what cannot be overtly proven. Truth, however, must be based upon factual information. This is one of the founding principles of logical thought, and indeed basic computing. True/false, yes/no, 1/0... this is what computer code is based upon. If truth was relative, computers would never function.

People routinely misuse the word 'truth' to gain artificial validity to what they wish to believe, in the same way words are constantly misused for other things. It's why I am always in favor of hard-set, unalterable definitions. Otherwise, it makes it all that much easier to lie when words have no meaning.

You're right, but that is also very black and white. The definitions of the words you gave are true, but in the real world, it is not as applicable. This world is not logical and blends things together. Like news media, especially political news. People can see something that is actually not true, but believe it to be true, making it a truth they live by. Even if it should be classified as something else.

He should try tomorrow, when Betelguese goes supernova. :pinkiecrazy:

11315597 But you forget: this is Gummy.

Only I can wreck reality more severely than the Infernodile. Wait until 2023... That's when everything comes to fruition! 10,000 years of scheming and plotting culminating in THE EVENT!! (Alondro will finally get to see the "Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts" anime...) :pinkiecrazy:

11319436 The world is perfectly logical. Humans are illogical. They imagine things which cannot be. The universe, with its flawless, unbreakable laws, ignores the delusions of man and carries on as it always has. The universe is fact. Imagination is fiction.

There is only that which is true, and only that which is false. The handful of the wise who remain know the difference.

And then there is Alondro... THE ONE WHO SHALL BECOME GOD-EMPEROR!! (Delusions of grandeur are the best, of course) :pinkiecrazy:

11316484 Happiness is a transient thing. I search for equilibrium.

I had attained it once, then you humans ruined it. You shall pay dearly for this... :pinkiecrazy:

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