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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


A witch curses six princesses, transforming them into songbirds. Their curse can only be broken by their youngest sister, who has gone missing, and it is up to the squire Flash Sentry to find her. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm's "The Six Swans" and Basille's "Petrosinella."

Written for FlashLight Week 2022 Day 1

Prompt: Fairy Tale

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Ooh! I had never heard of "The Six Swans" before this. I could definitely tell the Tangled/Rapunzel and Swan Lake influences, though. I think the way you combined all the different elements turned into something pretty neat and unique! I liked this a lot, it very much feels like it would fit with classical fairytales, but also with a fresh touch. :twilightsmile:

Also, don't worry about the thing with Zecora's lines. A lot of those words are hard to rhyme. :twilightsheepish:

This was a pretty nice fairytale. I can see how it took inspiration from a few other things, the one that stood out to me the most being Tangled. I was a little surprised that despite essentially being the main antagonist, Cinch didn't do that much in the Present. But it was overall a fun story, which is what fairytales are supposed to be.

Flash became especially close to Princess Twilight, so close that the two began courting and eventually married, and all lived happily ever after.

Except for Cinch. She is still being chased by snakes.

I have to admit, that was hilarious.

In the source material, the princess rescues her brothers by knitting shirts out of nettles. I had to change it because if I remember correctly, Twilight's pretty dismal when it comes to arts and crafts. :rainbowlaugh: There's also another similar Brothers Grimm story called "The Seven Ravens" where as part of the rescue the sister cuts off her own finger to use as a key. :twilightoops: Yeah, hard pass. :ajbemused:

Good call on both things. :applejackconfused:

👏👏👏 Magnificant!👏👏👏

"Wow this is great you know what this calls for a song lets do it" I then pull a banjo out of nowhere and start to play it then a guy comes up grabs my banjo and smashes it on a nearby brick wall then says "a banjo really try again".
"okay" I then pull out an accordion and start playing again the anther guy runs up grabs my accordion and trows it in a trash compacter "okay two questions why did you do that? and why is there a trash compacter in this little room?"
The guy then says "the accordion is terrible keep trying"
"alright" as I pull out bagpipes but before I start playing one guy says "no"
I Pull out a Didgeridoo "no" I pull out a calliope "no" I pull out a harmonium "no" I pull out a violin "there you go".
"okay lets do this" No clip
"Well that was fun"
(Anyway good story).

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