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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


This story is a sequel to A Sky Full of Stars

After months of waiting, Flash and Twilight finally welcome the newest member of their family, and their loved ones couldn't be more excited. The title is a reference to this song: https://youtu.be/-E8pcpWU1Jk Feel free to listen as you read for mood music.

Written for FlashLight Week 2022 Day 7

Prompt: Family

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Comment posted by Guzman Crista deleted Jun 15th, 2022

“First question, just a hunch. Second question, trade secret.”

Me (grinning and holding my Digivice): sorry flash 😂

This is adorable. Flash and Twilight finally have their baby together, and we get to see everyone's reactions to it. I understand if you can't continue the series outside of Flashlight Week events, but that's okay. This was a fun story.

Didn't expect this to be largely from the perspective of their families, but it made it quite dynamic and fun to read! The name you picked for their daughter is so sweet, I love that they payed tribute to Flash's mom. :fluttercry::heart: And don't worry Flare, you're indeed doing a much better job than you give yourself credit for.

A fitting place to stop, at least for now. Wish you the best.

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