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I want to make clean, concise and elegant eroticism... about horses.



In need of models for her new line of summer clothes, Rarity turns to Fluttershy for help, but has to work up the nerve to ask first.

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Ever consider doing something with multiple chapters? With a very strict 1000 word count per chapter of course.

I have, actually. :twilightsmile: I thought I might eventually compile all the ‘Grimoire’ stories into one compendium if I make enough of them. :twilightsheepish: Beyond that, perhaps a story that receives consistent updates would prove more interesting to readers, or serve to maintain interest, giving them a reason to follow me.

Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t sure about how something like that would be received, :twilightsheepish: but I am a little more inclined to try now. :raritywink:

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