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A year ago, Applejack came to Rainbow Dash about her conflicting feelings for both her and Rarity. Since then, she has chosen Rarity and they've been together ever since. When Applejack has something to confess to Rainbow before Hearth's Warming, she panics because of how much she can tell that AJ and Rarity are perfect for each other, and worries that she'd pale in comparison. Especially when she realizes they aren't even going to break up. Nope. She and Rarity want to start a throuple with her.

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How dare you end it there?
You go right back and continue writing untill you get to after them talking to AJ!

awww, that was really sweetie, I really enjoyed this story :)

I'm so glad you liked it!

Wow. This was amazing, and so very enjoyable! That coming from someone who absolutely despises one of the major parings in this is saying something.

I wanted to read this a little while ago, but at the notice that this included RariJack in it I was out. I came around this only 'cause I was board and needed something that's gonna hit me in the feels to read. For whatever reason, I thought this might be a great choice. Having now read the whole thing, I can wholeheartedly say that this was well worth the time I spend reading.
I personally despise RariJack with every fiber of my being, hence I thought I’d despise this story as well, but nope. Did I still absolutely hate the bits with RariJack in it or mentions of it in it? Yes, hundred-and-ten percent so. Did that take away from the overall amazement from the story? No, not for all of it, anyway.

The emotions were portrayed beautifully, the pacing felt smooth and calm, the dialogues for each character fit them to a T. Even for the minor characters like Twilight or Starlight. Frankly, if I went into this story with no biases whatsoever, it would have been absolutely amazing. I love the way you handled everything, separating everything nicely. Applejack and Rainbow's relationship felt (and very much is) different to that off Rarity and Dash's.
I can’t praise this story enough. Aah, I love this. This story needs more love, it truly does.

Here, have a favorite! :rainbowkiss:


Thanks so much for this comment, it really made my day!

To be honest Rarijack is one of the few pairings I don't care much for compared to most other ships, but the idea of these three in a throuple has always seemed so entertaining so I had to try it. Thanks so much for giving the fic a read despite your bias! I'm so glad to hear it was worth it!!

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