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About "Touch" · 8:00pm May 17th

First of all: Trashie. Why isn't this a more popular pairing? I really don't know.

Second: I wrote a strange one and now I'd like to talk about it into the void that perhaps no one will read! Here is the fic!

[Adult story embed hidden]

A bit out of my comfort zone given the rating, but something I wanted to write none the less.


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New fic coming for Original Parings Contest · 2:23pm May 8th

Sooo, I'm almost done with a really short fic (which was almost a much, much longer fic) for the Original Pairings contest.

And I quite love it a lot.

It should be out soon, I just have to add a little bit and finish my current cover, come to a decision about the title and all that. So be looking out for that hopefully happening soon, I really hope people enjoy it.

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