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Soft Shake

I like the pretty ponies


HALP · 2:52am February 15th

I love this image and I think about it everyday

Here's some cool songs I'm listening to.

(this whole musical is gold)

(this whole album is gold)

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About "Intermission" · 7:52pm Apr 5th, 2023

Well hello, hello, hello!

I've been a bit quiet on here. Of all things, I certainly did not expect Intermission to be the fic that I posted next.

It wasn't even in my list of projects previewed in my last post-- I don't think I had started it at the time. Well, rest assured, all those projects are still well on there way. None of them have been abandoned.

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Updated Cover And Some Sneak Peeks (Also hi, I'm okay) · 8:23am Oct 9th, 2022

So. Quick thing before anything else:

Firstly, thank you to the few of you who saw my last post and lent me some caring words. I just wanted to quickly say you have all been seen and heard and very much appreciated, even if I didn't respond.

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A vent · 2:02am Sep 10th, 2022

This is the thousandth time I've tried to write a blog post about anything, I always write miles of words and give up and delete it. Every other time was going to be about fic related topics. This time I'm going to vent.

So, hi, I'm an incredibly socially anxious person. This past week has reminded me of that to an extremely uncomfortable amount. I spent two hours straight sobbing out loud in my room like the adult I am a few hours ago.

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About "Touch" · 8:00pm May 17th, 2022

First of all: Trashie. Why isn't this a more popular pairing? I really don't know.

Second: I wrote a strange one and now I'd like to talk about it into the void that perhaps no one will read! Here is the fic!

[Adult story embed hidden]

A bit out of my comfort zone given the rating, but something I wanted to write none the less.


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New fic coming for Original Pairings Contest · 2:23pm May 8th, 2022

Sooo, I'm almost done with a really short fic (which was almost a much, much longer fic) for the Original Pairings contest.

And I quite love it a lot.

It should be out soon, I just have to add a little bit and finish my current cover, come to a decision about the title and all that. So be looking out for that hopefully happening soon, I really hope people enjoy it.

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