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What if Twilight had to replace Stygian in the Pony of Shadows? For a while, they'd just have to move on with their lives until The Pony Of Twilights, formally The Pony of Shadows could be seen again and the Mane 5, even some with relationships, have to fight to get their friend back. But can they?
Note: Spike in my AU will have also come to Ponyville due to the Rainboom and will be the same age as everypony, around 24.

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Chapter 7 to come soon!

Why did you disable the ratings?

Im disabling ratings until I finish the series, I want the series to be done first is all. But if you wanna leave feedback in the comments, I'm happy to hear it <3

It a ok start but you left out Starswirl and Stygains reactions to what happened. Unless it's in the next chapter or so.

I do plan on into getting those laterm i kind of wanted them to have their own... y'nknow?

morion87 #6 · July 28th · · 2 · Naught ·

Okay. Whatever your "reason" for disabling the ratings is. It doesn't make your story look good at first glance. Especially with this being your first 😑.

Its so I can finish it first. I'm going to finish it first so you can get the whole story. If ya don't like that then you don't need to read the story.
I want the whole story rated not the first couple of chapters. Id rather you dislike the whole story when im done with it, rathern that like or hate it too early.

Thanks for almost 400+ views on the first chapter as of August 31st, y'all are amazing <3

Sorry about the delay in the next chapter, I've had a huge surge of anxiety lately causing writer's block. I promise I'll be cranking em out soon <3!

The synopsis confuses me. How can Twilight become the Pony of Shadows instead of Stygian if those events happened long before Twilight was born?

Granny Smith doing the same thing Grandpear did, and she going to wind up alone with no one wanting to be her family anymore.

This is just winding up to be so damn.. mediocre.

But how will you get an accurate review if people don't have the ability to like or dislike the story? This is a part of criticism weather you like it or not.

In the first chapter this is explained. Twilight had to replace him as it needed a vessel. There will be more on the reasons later

Yes. Im waiting for the story to be finished. Id rather you dislike the whole thing rather than like the first half, hate the second or vice versa. Don't like that style? Then kindly leave your review and be gone. I'm sorry you didn't take to my story and I hope you find better reads for you <3

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