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Oh yes, each chapter will cover different characters and scenarios. Think the next one will be even more steamy!

Nicely done! Worth the wait.

and no offense but this made me wondering/reminds me of something

It's always possible I may use more of my followers' OCs in this fic down the line, I intend it to be ongoing for quite a while without a definitive end in mind. Basically a chance to explore the shared cast NotaPonyPerson and I have built.

You're welcome.

I like the setting brought to the story. At least Moonlight finally got to be with Midnight even if it was later than expected.

Still find it interesting that Beatrix changed Midnight's past before actually meeting him.

Midnight cute.

Oh damn did not expect a response that fast.

How are you? This story seems great eh? Can't wait for the other characters!

Thank you, wanted to flesh out Moonlight more! Midnight will likely have a chapter centered on him down the line, got some ideas after writing this!

Yay! That sounds cool!

Can't wait to see the other characters. Imagine if Mini Trix is more than we think she is!

Like I said, it would be cool to introduce a Vice Lord per major story

wel, i got home from work and got email notification on. i am good and its interesting and good so far

Want to go into Blizzard and Lightning Spark eventually, but need to know more about them.

Good, please send full names, color schemes, cutie marks, personalities, etc. to flesh them out.

It's fine. I have a hard time remembering too. Can't remember names with faces.

If you need more info tell me in the PM so that I can send something

My main recurring OC. In her dimension, the daughter of Trixie and Shining Armor with connections to the Necronomicon, which allows her to travel between dimensions.

lovely and nicely done! loved the non-lethal trait at the start. Lily Longsocks, as in the background foal with the same name?

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