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Thanks to several events that all happen at once. Several different universes all suddenly merged into one. And several people who found themselves alone come together in the town of Gravity Falls. The last place on their new world where magic can still be found.

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I have to ask, are you rewriting this or something?

Why the rewrite and are you deleting the first one?

Changing things and deleting parts that I didn't like

Ok plus are you bringing back season 2

Yes once I'm done with season 1

nice chapter dude

OK you have my attention

A man who wanted to change the past so that the hell he's living would never happen. Robbing the grave of an old friend for the time machine that was buried with him. And to get the bomb his late uncle made to kill or at least keep the dream demon from ever appearing back to Earth. The time trip work as he appeared right before it happens. Where she cared more about herself then others that he couldn't see till he was trap and wasted most of his life just for her. He tosses the active bomb just as she was handing the snow globe to the demon who's using the time agent as a meat puppet. He saw her turn to look at him, her eyes widen as she sees his face and the bomb, he just threw at her, that would rip open a hole in time and space. Just long enough to make sure the piece of the portal would be gone for good taking her, the demon, the time agent, and him with it. His past self would never have to live his life.

I have no idea what this is reference to:rainbowderp:

Read what happen to the time agent that Dipper and Mabel met in cannon

I forgot about him thanks:pinkiehappy:

i cant stop thinking about the cartoon network game fusion fall when i see the title

So dude are you finally changing the whole MABEL get abuse and hurt in the story and not letting slender man curse her and stuff mmmmmhhh?

Yeah I'm getting rid of that as it was part of the commission thing I was doing

OK thank you very much, Mabel, is innocent and she is friendly too so, please don't get her abused please ok. I mean she is a good girl and she needs to be a part of the hero's not a wanted criminal ok, please.

Also could you please add FNAF world you know the Fnaf game that was about little animatronics that is peaceful could you please add them to your store that would make it better.

But I am still having her mess things up and her having to face what she did

I'm really liking these updates in each chapter. Keep up man. :)

Look I like how you didn't just abuse Mabel but can you make her smarter and avoid the troubles like what happened right in this chapter this I like ok.

I can but what happen in cannon of the show will still happen

While that was happening Danny asks Trembly how he escaped and only becomes more confused about Slenderman's motives for doing so. Especially about the Red Herring. Sunset would want to know about this.

You didn't cut this out.

Are you going with the same way you did it to other fusion falls she never did that so please don't make her life a complete hell please we also need Mabel ok just please don't tell me that Mabel killed her parents, please!!!!!!

Mabel is going to make the same mistakes that she did in cannon of the show but how she reacts to them will be different instead of her not caring till she has to she will feel guilt and remorse. She is the dummy of the show who caused problems because of her not thinking and just doing stuff as she did in cannon of the show.

Ok, this is ok and nice so as long as you don't curse Mabel with Slenderman then we are good to go. but we need some parts where Mabel makes friends please she is kind and sharing so why can't she have some friends of her own if she is the only one who suffers so please give her some friends ok.

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