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"If you want to prove that God is not dead, first prove that Man is alive." -Rod Sterling


In the blasted city of Trottingham, a sniper makes his stand against the Changelings and finds glory, or something like it.

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Well he got his wish of 100 before the end so there is that at least.

I sense a Sabaton reference...

Comment posted by MyLittleTimeLord deleted February 7th

awesome story mate keep it up cant wait for the next war story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I am glad I am not the only one to see that.

Unrelentingly brutal. Horrible work, and I mean that in the sense of capturing horror. Not that of monsters, but that of men, and all the evils they can do to one another and themselves. And I always have loved the idea of Luna as a psychopomp. It feels wrong to thank you for a story like this, but I'm still grateful for it.

The medic bent over its kin to staunch the flow of green ichor. The sniper shot it in the back, right through that white cloth. Green and black burst out, and the medic retched to the air and collapsed.


The pacing here is something else. It's a three act story but the stakes in all three parts feel the same, like they're all equally important to his life.


This was horrible in a good way.

Pretty good fic. A nice twist at the end.


Shells and guns, a rifle and scope
Bullets are wearing your name
Losing track of time and of space
Midnight at sanity's edge

Yes the chapter name is most likely a Sabaton reference specifically the song Angels calling

Nice story, although i can't say I'm all for the last twist The main character's age it makes fairly little sense in the confines of the universe. Not sure how much you played the game itself, you carefully (and rather skilfully) evaded the specifics of the game so that you make the story accessible to a wider audience.

However having played the game I did find it odd why would Equestria use the sort of recruitment which would allow your hero to enlist the army before Caterlot fell. Not to mention it would be rather hard to imagine a scenario where Trottingham is under siege before Canterlot.

It's not a major flaw, but it made it look like you wanted to milk the story for an extra ounce of sadness which was neither necessary or believable.

Despite that, I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up winning this contest, it's still by far the best story I've read here.

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