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Hi, I'm GRYFFINDOR123456, you can call me Gryff. I'm 15/16 and I love Harry Potter, Disney, MLP, MLPEG, Barbie and lots of others!


anon-a-miss. Everyone has left Sunset and she is all alone. But when a mockingjay sings a song, the song from the hunger games(the valley song), Sunset realises she is not alone. There is someone else out there, by the name of maleficent mal bertha.

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Seem like this could be great just need fleshing out abit. Though I have the same problem tbh

This was stupid. I'm sorry I read this and it dumb, it makes no sense and the way it ends....

No, just no, it's too short overall, none of the ideas introduced get to their conclusions, and the ending comes out of absolutely nowhere.

Edit: nevermind the fact the first two chapters just get copied into the third, making the story 664 words longer than it actually is.

You need editors and proofreaders something fierce. I used to write like this (albeit with marginally better grammar), until I got beaten with the literary stick and made to stick to my few guns.

There's a few groups that can help you with your writing endeavors.

The Co-Author and Editor Group, The Proofreader Group, The Good Grammar Directory, and Looking for Editors.

You have a wealth of options available, all to help you improve, free of charge. Don't drown in mistakes and sadness like I did.

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