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Let's make a musical!

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Comment posted by Paxromania deleted Jan 6th, 2021

this was really good. in a sad way. but still good

I haven't sobbed so much since I read My little Dashie.

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So what was the classic movie you mentioned?

Also I was starting to feel like this story was going to end with a double suicide.

Million Dollar Baby.

Story about a champion boxer who is paralysed after a neck injury. She's so unhappy after that that she begs her friends and family to end her life. Eventually one of her friends can't stand it anymore so he visits her in the hospital and jabs her with a lethal dose of adrenaline, granting her final wish.

Yes it was leaning that way, but I felt that would have been just too sad and unfair, after all one of the reasons Rainbow wanted to off herself was to keep Fluttershy from taking that course of action. It didn't feel right for that sacrifice to be undone in the span of minutes. Though I intentionally left the ending open, it is up to the reader whether or not Fluttershy can live with herself after what she's done.

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