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'I am made from the dust of the stars, and the oceans flow in my veins: here I hide in the heart of the city, like a stranger coming out of the rain.'


The envelope reads:

||For Your Eyes Only||
||Clearance Sleipnir/0A||
||Privileged Documentation Within||
||RE: Kathiawari Mare||

The package is unfamiliar, but the name matches that of an old airship, lost in a military disaster some eight centuries ago. The pen-knife slides across the tight binding, and a sheaf of documents spills forth . . .

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You know it's going to be good stuff when the penalties include immediate teleportation to holding cell

Interesting scenario - implies some knowledge of the history of the Crystal Empire

Huh, a passing mark of 5 when the previous others seemed to be much more successful and only got a 6

Oops, big mistake there.

I'm definitely not getting this one

Not a bad score, all things considered. :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset Shimmer, apparently confirming to herself that she deserves leadership as a princess, while flexing her magical talent.

Hey, y'know -- credit where it's due: high-CHA, low-WIS builds are perfectly viable until exactly the moment you can't talk your way out of the room. :rainbowwild:

To be fair, standards do change over time, and he did technically resolve the situation . . . :raritywink:

Very interesting. I almost think Blueblood cheated by learning the details of the test itself, but he may have simply had great knowledge of the historical incident.

C. Laputa Blueblood

What's this I see? A reference to Gulliver's Travels, perhaps?

Stories (er, anthologies?) in this format are a tough sell, but if there's one author who could do it...

I wasn't far in before I caught myself having fun with it, thinking about what I would have done in those scenarios. And the last chapter had me cracking a huge smile when I figured out who the candidate was.

I'm damn glad you're still writing. :pinkiehappy:

His further objections that his preferred strategy exactly mirrored ‘what Auntie did’ demonstrate a marked incomprehension of the complexities of the political and personal ramifications of the Battle of Three-River Pass.

Even though that's terrible reasoning, objectively it makes sense and I would have to rate him higher, although I wonder what they would give Celestia?

Cadence's trial was very clever

9 for outcome, but 7 for risk, considering she had no idea if she'd win or not and no backup plan.

Damn, somepony raised Flurryheart good!:rainbowwild:


Kind of you to say, good sir. :heart: I know these are coming at something of a glacial pace, but if the extra time in the oven makes them readable, well . . .

Regardless, you can look forward to at least three more here in short order!

More than anything, the examiners' frustration is down to the fact that he went in for the slaughter without bothering to explore other options, or playing the longer game to see if he could swing things in his favour -- intellectual laziness, confirmed thereafter by the blind appeal to historical precedent (and/or thinking all would be forgiven for invoking Celestia's name).



Pshaw! These things take as long as they need. Don't forget: Readers of fan fiction are some of the most patient people in the world, as a matter of course. Whenever it is that the next one drops, I'll be there with bells on.

"Ahoy Jenkins" I'm dead 🤣🤣

I love the format. This is a cut above. I do hope you'll do more ♥️

An ancestor of Trixie, obviously. Looks like the talent for illusions goes in the family!

It seems like Celestia set this up to test Cadence's capabilities against the eventual return of Sombra.

And hacking the scenario, to the great distress of the review panel. :rainbowderp:

Honestly, I don't think there's much more to say in this vein; I think I've covered everyone that seemed like they'd bring something novel to the table. If you have specific questions on how someone in particular would react, though, I'm happy to jot down the Cliff Notes version. :raritywink:

Possibly, except for two things: Celestia herself was surprised by the return of the Crystal Empire, and the simulation wasn't training Cadance to be a pony javelin. :trollestia:

Agreed, they scored 3 points without even taking the test!

Howdy, hi~!

Going be upfront, not sure I was going to like this at the onset, but after reading more, this was a trip and a half. I *love* the ideas at play and this and was so well written in terms of nailing the feel and tone of the reports. How you created the different scenarios and outcomes was absolutely stellar in execution. No one felt out of place, no one felt that they had acted out of character. Truly magnificent as a fic.

Thank you very much for the read.

Thank you likewise for the kind comment and positive feedback! I'm very glad it hit so many of the right notes for you. :twilightsmile:

If you don't mind my asking, what was the point that convinced you to keep reading, if it didn't quite grab you at the outset? Just getting past the introductory fluff and into the actual meat of the reports?


Just getting past the introduction. I'll admit it might be because I like SCPs, so I took a chance that the introduction was just an introduction and that the actual meat of everything would be amazing. I'll admit even the first chapter was a bit of an adjustment, but once I hit the latter half of that chapter, I was completely enthralled.

It also helped this was actually recommended to me by a good friend and I knew you would most likely cover Shining Armour who is one of my favourite characters.

Do not regret reading. Immediately put it into my all-time favs bookshelf after I finished.

Entirely fair, and thank you for giving it that chance! Context is rarely the most attention-grabbing part of the story, but a necessary evil in a format like this -- even the SCP wiki wouldn't be quite the ride it is without the understanding we walk in with regarding the Foundation. And now that you point it out, I hadn't considered the similarity in style while writing it, but on reflection, there's a certain resemblance to some of those experiment logs . . .

Heh! Our boy Shining doesn't get nearly enough representation, in my experience. Glad to do my part to change that -- flesh him out a little. His is probably one of my favourite chapters of this, even if it's not, uh, the happiest in its implications.

Seriously, thank you again. Between this and TCC56's review, I'm really glad this little experiment seems to still be finding its way into people's hearts. ^-^

Good job flying under the radar mr editors note:trollestia:

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