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During the Mane 6’s battle against the changelings Rarity witnesses a moment between two of her friends that implies that they are more than just friends, and after the royal Canterlot wedding draws to a close, decides to inform the other members of the Mane 6. Disagreements arise as the four pony’s debate on both the reason for this moment between two of their friends and whether it actually occurred at all and so they begin to discuss their own interpretations of the event Rarity believes she saw.

In this fanfic there are hints of TwiPie, mentions of SpArity, and both hints and mentions of FlutterDash.

I do not - nor do I claim to - own any characters or artwork I use in this story - they belong to their respective series and owners.

If you enjoyed Open to Interpretation then I suggest you also read its companion story, Snuggles and Nibbles by NintendoGal55.

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I don't know.

Can you repeat the question?

I liked Pinkie's version of the story (well, that wedding was kinda like a party where all the guests are trying to kill you!) The whole story, however, suffers from a pretty acute case of LUS. You might want to avoid that in your future stories.

This was a great one for a quick read. Good work.:pinkiehappy:

Well, this is definitely going on my "read in the immediate future" list.

The stiletto wearing pony gave a small nod and decided...
Stiletto is a typo of dagger, or high heels. Did you mean stetson (cowboy hat)?

I knew it! As soon as you mentioned a couple in another room, I knew it!

And yeah, I noticed that kiss too. Surprised the heck outta me to see and hear it! Even with innocent explanations possible.

:pinkiehappy::yay: Oh my gosh! It's here!

And it pretty much sums up everypony's theories about the little scene, really! Some say it's romantic, some say it didn't happen that way, and some say it was a kissy out of friendship.

Oooh! Now that just sounds adorable, what they're doing in the room. :pinkiehappy: Now that, I want to see!! :rainbowlaugh:

I love this! It was nicely done and just pretty much summed up everything about the scene! Nopony is right or wrong, and either version does indeed work! ...Okay, maybe Pinkie's was a bit much, but still awesome! :pinkiehappy:

The couple in the room was brought up so much that I thought it was them, and then I was like...nah, it isn't them. I mean, that was really clever, to me anyway. I loved this though. It seems like AJ is a little against fillyfooling though, so I wonder how she's going to react....but it was a great story. My bets are on it getting featured.

wow this was funny. Best thing I've read all week. :rainbowlaugh::yay::rainbowlaugh::yay::rainbowlaugh:
Great Idea. The first version by Rarity was absolute GOLD! I could tell from the start that the noises that were heard from the other room were Fluttershy and Dashie... made it all the more funny when not only was I right, but it was Pinkie who proved it. Flutterdash is best!
Oh and I sure hope this gets featured... I really do. I'm with Rarity on that by the way... A nice romantic kiss on the battlefield...

1165603 this isnt the malcome in the middle intro.:facehoof:

1166320 Actually, I was thoroughly explaining my feelings on this fiction.


It was meh.

Oh dear. Not only did Pinkie walk in on the two snuggling all up together, but she's going to barge in AGAIN to say she's sorry? That's not going to end well... :derpytongue2:

Favorite part? Without a shadow of a doubt it was Pinkie's story. You nailed her mental processes perfectly, and I have no doubt that if she were to tell a story, she'd tell it like that... plus a few special effects, lasers, and maybe a Rhino. Of course, I also think that the way you worked the interpretations of each pony to be well done. Oh, and you said that you were afraid of how your interruptions worked... I SAY PHOOEY TO THAT!

My biggest criticism comes from two different areas. First, you used a lot of misspellings and wrong words in places. Most have already been mentioned (stiletto is the big one), but a few minor things like not capitalizing Applejack's "Ah" sometimes, unclear words (still don't know what "headl-in" means:rainbowwild:), and other little minor things. Not a major issue, but still. The second thing was... umm... err... I forget :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, it was a cute read, I definitely approved, and you get my vote :yay::rainbowkiss:

I'm pretty sure Pinkie's version is canon actually. They just couldn't show it because it would have bumped that rating straight into XXX.

Rarity had a changeling in a headlock, but cut herself off to pretend that she actually had a changeling "in the middle of a lady like scolding"


... wow... I'm that stupid... :pinkiegasp:

i loved reading this i love flutterdash but my favourite part was when pinkie nibbled twilight's ear because i also like twinkie:twilightblush::pinkiehappy:

So...Who is Nibbly-Wibbly? :rainbowderp:

I did not expect to get fifteen comments this soon, okay, truth be told I didn't expect to get fifteen comments at all considering this is only my second fanfic on this site and merely a one-shot but fair enough. Thank you all very much for your comments/reviews and I shall go ahead and reply to each of you now.

1165603 This confused me a little at first but I figured you were talking about the quality of my fanfic but then you asked Can you repeat the question? and that left me wondering what question had I asked you? Your second post cleared things up and fair enough, thanks for sharing your opinion.

1165782 I figured Pinkie's interpretation would be warmly received by readers such as yourself, glad you enjoyed it and the rest of the fanfic. The part about war being like a party where all the guests are trying to kill you is actually a reference to an MLP comic I found on DeviantART in which the Mane 6 are sent to war and Pinkie asks Rainbow Dash what a war is like and Dash says it is like a party where all the guests are trying to kill you.

Anyway I thank you dearly for commenting with both praise and critique although...I must say though that I don't actually know what LUS is :twilightblush:. Could you explain to me what LUS is please?

1165784 Thank you very much for the praise, I appreciate it.

1165790 From the sounds of your comment it seems you haven't read the fanfic yet so I'll just say that I hope you will enjoy it. If the 'immediate future' has been and past then my sentiments are still the same, I hope you enjoyed reading 'Open to Interpretation' and thanks for reading.

1165796 :rainbowhuh:...:twilightoops: Thanks for commenting and thank you very much for pointing out my mistake there, I will get around to editing that out when I feel like dealing with Fimfiction's dreaded editing system again (just trying to upload the fanfic caused me enough stress for a couple of days).

1165841 :rainbowderp:...Thanks for commenting...I think. I don't know what it means :raritydespair:.

1165863 I guess I did make it a little obvious, I was trying to be subtle with the whole 'who the couple were' thing. I share your thoughts on the kiss scene as well; it was only because of the epicness of the rest of the battle that I did not run out of the room I was in to start skipping about my house while squealing with joy. Thanks for commenting Shrinky Frod.

1165989 NintendoGal, good to see you commenting on this fanfic of mine :pinkiehappy:. Now, as I mentioned in my recently uploaded blog post each of the interpretations were designed to present a different variety of bronies viewpoint, one being the shippers, the other being the anti-shipper and so on. I had a lot of fun writing the interpretations as well as trying to make them fit the characters (Rarity's is romanticised, Applejacks is short and to the point, Twilight's is lengthy with high level vocabulary, and Pinkie's is filled with sound effects and enthusiasm).

The adorable things Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were doing together slowly came together after I decided what ending I was going to go with. I wanted to keep if under 13 so I first came up with sweet stuff such as cuddling and giving each other little kisses. Calling each other pet names came about from actually liking the pet names Big Mac and Cheerilee exchanged with one and I figured it would be amusing if there was a couple who did so of their own coalition. It also explains why Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy would keep their relationship private, because if they were open about it then they might slip and call each other by their pet names, which as shown in 'Hearts and Hooves Day', no pony seems to like. As for the ear nibbling, it's a thing with FlutterDash fan art, I don't why but it is pretty cute.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy this fanfic, though it is a FlutterDash fanfic so the chances of you enjoying it were high. Anyway, thanks very much for the long comment full of praise NintendoGal. :twilightsmile:

1166104 It's nice to know that you found the on-going mystery couple theme to be clever and I'm glad to know that you enjoyed this fanfic. As for AJ coming across a little against fillyfooling, that was intentional but I must stress the 'little' part. To me AJ seems the type who would be uncomfortable about such a relationship going on between her friends but not against it. For instance she would support them if they were being attacked but in a conversation would rather avoid bringing up the fact that they are lesbimares rather than straight, not because she hates them but because she finds it to be odd and uncomfortable on a level she can't quite explain. Thanks for commenting and I have my doubts on this story getting featured but here’s hoping.

1166247 Best thing you read all week? :yay: I do like seeing what my readers enjoyed about my fanfics and your comment certainly shows it. I loved writing up Rarity's interpretation but truth be told I loved writing up all the characters interpretations, my favourite part of this story. I was hoping to be a little bit more subtle with the mystery couple theme but I'm grateful that despite knowing who the mystery couple were it did not deter you enjoyment of Pinkie Pie's moment. Thanks for the high expectations, the comment and also, yes, FlutterDash is indeed the best.

1166320 Thanks for commenting and in turn getting Wumz to comment again. I was a little confused about his/her first comment myself.

1166549 Well then, time to respond to my favourite commenter on this here site, and knowing how much you like Pinkie Pie this is the point where I plead to the universe that I did her character justice. First off, yes Pinkie not only walked in on them once (which surprisingly did not stop Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash resuming their cute couple activities the moment she left) but she's going to do so again...I kind of wish I wrote that scene in as an after story bonus now. Your favourite part is a Pinkie Pie moment? :pinkiegasp: Okay, seriously, kind of saw that coming, in fact I expected it to be a lot of peoples favourite moment and what do you know, it is. I'm relieved to know that I got Pinkie spot on, and from the rest of the comments it seems I got the others in character which is good, very good.

I will correct you on one matter; I did not say that I was worried about my interpretations, in fact that was the only part I was confident in really. No, my comment was about the interruptions, you know, when Applejack interrupts both Rarity's and Pinkie Pie's interpretations. Applejack's interruptions are supposed to be on the same line, to make it flow more seamlessly into one another but no, for some reason this site demands that I separate the interruption lines by a separate paragraph.

As for your criticism, I shall make note of this. I won't be editing this story for a while, Fimfiction's upload process has caused me enough stress for the moment, but I will get around to it. I was worried I didn't give the story a thorough enough proof read and it seems you have become aware of that, luckily some misspellings and Applejack accent problems appear to be the only problems you can spot in this here one-shot so I'm okay with this, nothing too serious.

As always I appreciate your comments Ugugg, thanks for the lengthy comment with both scene and moment indicated praise as well as helpful constructive criticism. Comments such as yours really do help.

1166596 Pinkie Pie's version being canon would be both amusing and delightful. Worry not about it not being the truth my fellow FlutterDash comrade, FlutterDash became all but officially stated as canon since 'Hurricane Fluttershy', Rainbow Dash kissing Fluttershy in 'A Canterlot Wedding' was but icing on top of the cake...really good icing that people keep arguing over what flavour it is but icing none the less.

Also, thanks for correcting Ugugg on the Rarity headlock matter, that is certainly one of my favourite funny moments in the fanfic and I'm not usually comfortable pointing out when my much appreciated reviewers make slight mistakes. Along with that thanks I shall also thank you for commenting, I hope you enjoyed the story.

1167350 Though FlutterDash is my MLP OTP, I do have a great amount of fondness for TwiPie and so I slipped that scene in. Luckily it also feels like something the characters would actually do, I can imagine Pinkie showing what she saw instead of saying and for Twilight to be caught up in the 'show and tell'. Thanks for commenting.

1167361 Ah, the nibbly-wibbly and ear nibbling joke. The idea of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy nibbling each other’s ears comes from the fact that there are quite a few FlutterDash images where Rainbow Dash nibbles Fluttershy's ear, it's a little thing consistently featured in the pairing for some unknown but silently agreed to reason. In the case of whom nibbly-wibbly is, that would be Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy likes to cuddle and as such Rainbow Dash's pet name for Fluttershy is snuggy-wuggy while because Rainbow Dash likes gently nibbling Fluttershy's ears, Fluttershy's pet name for Rainbow Dash is nibbly-wibbly...Yes, I put a surprising and somewhat disturbing amount of thought into this. Thanks for commenting.

I do believe I had just commented to everyone for the moment. Hopefully given a day or two or week more people will stumble upon this story and I will receive even more comments...I best not put my hopes up but that would be nice. Anyway, I once again thank you all for reading and commenting on this here story, and if you enjoyed this story then please feel free to listen to me shamelessly promote my other completed fanfic on this site, 'Thank You Cider!" For all of you who read this story for some FlutterDash love then you will definitely enjoy 'Thank You Cider's four chapters worth. Cheerio! :twilightsmile:


I thought so. It seemed very dash like.


Oh, and you said that you were afraid of how your interruptions worked... I SAY PHOOEY TO THAT!


But yeah, I gave you props on the interpretations :pinkiehappy:

Well, I couldn't, but this link here covers the subject nicely!

1170257 Oh yes! I've seen fanart of them nibbling each other's ears, especially Rainbow nibbling Fluttershy's! xD No wonder she's Nibbly-Wibbly and Fluttershy is Snuggy-Wuggy! Oh my gosh! So cute!!! :pinkiehappy:

Now that scene needs to be written. Seriously. That would be exploding cuteness EVERYWHERE!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, it was great! I loved it! :twilightsmile: So you're very welcome!

Thas a bloody good read laddy! it makes me scot'sh heart warm an fuzzy.

Three staches and an 2 Pinkie shocks for you

1170257 I agree. I see her the same way (when I don't pair her with someone, of course) but in my head canon, that's how AJ is too. And it didn't get featured. :facehoof: It was good enough too though. (Honestly, it's better written than some of that tripe that gets up there).

Very nice story. Especially with the Pinkie Pie scene. All the characters were in character, but I kind of feel, for a one shot, this went a little longer then it should have. Still, a good read.


Sooo.... Which one was Nibbly-Wibbly?:trixieshiftright:
All pet names mentioned didn't sound anything like what RD would say...

"Can love bloom on the battlefield?" is gonna be my FB status update for the next few days. I'm not even going to provide any context for it. :pinkiehappy:

Could use a proofread to correct scattered little errors, but this was pretty good overall. Your big mistake was in giving a definitive answer at the end. Since the whole story is about multiple interpretations and how they don't know who's right, the answer should have stayed a mystery, especially since there's an inherent disagreement here that means plenty of people will disagree with your own conclusion. I, for one, am with AJ that there was no kiss to begin with, since Dash's mouth never even moved and their muzzles never actually touched, and people saw a kiss just because they wanted to. So ending the story with your own personal perception presented as actual fact kind of weakens the story a bit. Not to mention that I don't believe that Twilight and Applejack would both fail to recognize Rainbow and Fluttershy's voices. If they could clearly hear what was being said, they'd be able to tell who was saying it. So yeah, would have been better to keep it vague instead of making anyone right.

Anyway, the rest was amusing, with pretty believable portrayals of the characters, so it's just the very end that I disliked.

...'sides, Fluttershy clearly cares more for Pinkie than Dash anyway. :trollestia: Just look at Over a Barrel, when she shouted "Pinkie!" and glomped her while ignoring Rainbow. :yay::pinkiehappy:

Of course Pinkie has the best story--it's going to make the least sense! Actually, the whole "which was kind of like a party except all the guests are trying to kill you" fits the Changeling attack to perfection. Each of their interpretations are pretty good and true to what they may think based on their personalities, but hers was the icing on the cake. Though I'm sort of glad Applejack stopped her from going PG-13 on us.

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a fanfiction about that moment during the battle. It's been discussed multiple times and has even been confirmed by the animators it was one, but no one seems to stop. Which is still great, because, well, now we have this funny fanfiction to look at. And while Twilight's was the most accurate I say (a kiss but only of friends being friends) makes the most sense despite me being a FlutterDash shipper, I knew from the second that "couple" was mentioned a second time it was those two and it was confirmed. It would have been good to keep it a mystery and to keep everyone guessing, but that's completely fine. While I'm not a HUGE fan of this, I sure did like it.

My main problem? I don't really have one minus a minor nitpick, but hoo, boy, I may recieve slight hell for this. Some bits of your writing. Now let me start by saying your writing is completely fine--very good, actually--however, in some points, I find a few flaws. For example, this sentence.

As the two good friends began to bicker, as good friends are capable of doing, the other good friend of the current trio began to think.

"Good friend(s)" is used multiple times to a point where I facehoof, because it doesn't hurt to at least mix it up, however slightly. Throughout it is fine, but in one whole sentence, it ruins it a bit. This goes the same for when Pinkie comes out from "underneath the table," which was used a total of four times in a few paragraphs. While in some cases, I say using a thesaurus shouldn't be used constantly while writing (mainly due to the Twilight series using big words mainly to sound impressive--I only mentioned this series because it has to do with this), it's definetely fine to use one just to mix up the diction a bit and make words seem less repetitive.

Also, Ninja/Magician/Gossip Girl Pinkie Pie--needs to be on the show. I haven't a clue how, it just does! :pinkiehappy:

No matter how many times I look at it I'm still left amazed by what I see. 67 likes! 30 comments! This is only a one-shot, my second story on this site and I've already gotten all this. You guys do realise that I have a longer, better fanfic already up on this site. Just check my profile, click on Thank You Cider! and if you readers enjoyed this story then you will love my previous one. :twilightsmile:

1170773 :twilightoops:...My bad, though that does make me wonder, what do you mean by phooey to my concerns over my interruptions. The problem, as I've pointed out, still exists and makes the story look a little scruffy still. Thanks for the props on my interpretations and of course, thanks for commenting once again.

1170778 So that is what LUS is, quite an interesting read there. The article makes some good points however I do not agree with everything the article and the writer of the article says on the subject. For instance, in the realm of fanfiction the replacement of names with descriptors is far more important than in the realm of published literature. The reason for this is that fanfiction makes use of established characters and writers of fanfiction often fall into the trap of not bothering to describe the characters because most readers will be familiar with the series the fanfiction has been written for, but this is wrong and particularly troubles those who are unfamiliar with the series (I also upload these stories to Fanfiction.net so it's not like I'm publishing just on a MLP focused site). Of course for those who are familiar with the characters and followers of the writers work, consistently and openly describing the characters is both annoying and stale so the way around this is to slowly build or reinforce the image of the characters in small and subtle ways, such as using a descriptor instead of the character’s name.

One point I will accept though without any objection to is relevancy, and I understand the person's point on that. I do believe Open to Interpretation may have indeed suffered from its name replacing descriptors lacking relevancy to the subject at hand and in future I will try to fix this error. I shall also be more aware of this with my current writing and shall look out for irrelevant descriptors when proofreading mine and others works from now on. Thanks for sharing this article with me Lucky Roll, I really appreciate it.

1170784 Hmm, I could try my hand at writing that scene in the future, either in another fanfic or as a little added bonus to this fanfic (and have it end with Pinkie Pie walking in on them) but for now I'm busy enough as it is. You could always have a shot at writing out such a scene yourself though, I'm sure you could do the scene the justice it deserves...although I would be careful in the construction of it, many a person have been injured by exploding cuteness for not taking the right safety precautions. Always be sure to stand by a blast wall in case, it could save your life. :moustache: Thanks for the reply NintendoGal.

1170888 A comment from a scot, well hello there fellow of the UK, you happen to be just north to my fair homeland of good old Britain. I'm ever so grateful for your words and moustaches, and pleased as well to know you found my humble one-shot to suit your tastes.

1171704 Nice to know you agree with me although I still view Applejack this way even when I ship her, though that is because I ship her with Soarin' (SoarJack). Okay, I will admit that I do have a fondness for RariJack, which was the first MLP ship I liked, but I have always considered both characters to be heterosexual and so it is jarring to write about it myself (though I do love to read and enjoy a good RariJack fanfic when they come up).

I do find it a shame that this story didn't get featured but luckily I didn't put my expectations up that high. I have a feeling my next fanfic, Magnetism, will also not be getting featured however I do have high hopes for the fanfic of mine following that, which should be The Shy Knight and the Rainbow Princess unless I come up with any one-shot ideas between the time of my planned third and fourth fanfic. Thank you very much for the second comment and the great amount of praise woven into it.

1171969 Nice to see a comment from you Rated PonyStar and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. No surprise that you liked the Pinkie Pie interpretation, I was expecting it to be a favourite amongst the readers and it is. I can let out a sigh of relief at getting the characters right, this was my first time properly writing for Rarity, Applejack, Twilight and Pinkie and main concern through it was whether or not I got them in character so comments upon that matter are welcomed graciously.

For a one-shot you feel this is too long? :ajbemused: Don't you yourself have a one-shot that is 8000 words long? :rainbowlaugh: Don't worry, I know what you're saying, I do feel some of my fanfics, both one-shots and individual chapters stretch out longer than they should do. For instance, each of the chapters I've written for my upcoming fanfic are in fact longer than this here one-shot. Each and every one written so far! Luckily the next two chapters I've set myself to work on should be short ones, or at least less than 6000 words. Thanks for commenting!

1172089 Exactly! None of those things sound like anything you would hear Rainbow Dash say which is why the characters only hear such terms and phrases being said behind closed doors. As for who was Nibbly-Wibbly, nibbly-wibbly is Fluttershy's petname for Rainbow Dash so Rainbow Dash is nibbly-wibbly, because she likes to nibble on Fluttershy's ears (a reference to various FlutterDash fanart which have this action taking place). Meanwhile Rainbow Dash's petname for Fluttershy is Snuggy-Wuggy because Fluttershy likes to cuddle up. I have put a worrying amount of thought into this! Thanks for commenting Scarlett and I hope you enjoyed the story.

1172551 Hello Papillion Rose, thanks for-wait...I've heard that name before...Paillion Rose, Papillion Rose, Papillion-:pinkiegasp: you're the writer of In The Late Summer Sun! That was one of the first fanfic's I read on this site and I absolutely loved it :pinkiehappy:. It's really. really nice to see you're still around and from the sight of In The Late Summer Sun appearing in my favourites inbox despite no new chapters being uploaded I assume that means you're getting around to continuing the story again. :yay:

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad I could inspire you to use a Metal Gear Solid quote for your status.

1172891 Oh dear gosh, I just blew up someone’s mind. I'm a murderer, a murder-well at least they managed to comment before their mind blew up. If your mind can still recognise thanks after exploding then I say, thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

1175306 Now that is what I like to see, a long review with praise, criticism and dabs of humour. Thank you very much for delivering such a rare jewel amongst the oceans of fanfic reviews.

As for your main piece of constructive criticism, I shall address this by first saying that I agree with you, this fanfic would be better if there was no definitive answer given and that is what I tried to convey but rather poorly. You see, the mystery couple turning out to be Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash is supposed to be unrelated to whose interpretation was correct, and I will state right now that it is actually Twilight's interpretation that I agree with. The reason that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are the couple in this story was supposed to be a crafty joke to effectively say that whether or not they kissed in A Canterlot Wedding and for whatever reason they kiss doesn't matter, the FlutterDash ship has already gained enough evidence throughout all the previous episodes of Season 2 to support this pairing, whether or not they kissed is just a small detail, the icing on the cake as it were and cake can be nice even without icing. This I however failed to properly conveyed and I do fear that I have wrongly stated Rarity's or Pinkie's interpretation to be true by having Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash turn out to be the couple.

Yet I also feel it was the only way I could end the story. This was never a planned fanfic, this story was but a quick doodle I did in my spare time and while I had a better ending in mind it was also a longer one so I scrapped it and went with a quicker, funnier end to the story. I also feel I could not leave the story open ended because I hate open ended stories unless they have enough hints as to suggest what happened afterwards, I wanted to leave whose interpretation was correct unanswered but I did not want to leave the notion of whether or not Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had feelings for each other, that would me unsatisfied with my work.

Thanks once again for sharing your opinion and most of all, your criticism. I would also like to thank you for ending this review on a light hearted moment, after all the serious talk it was nice to end the read with a guffaw :rainbowlaugh:.

1190635 Is there a competition going on for best review on Open to Interpretation going on, cause if so we have a winner. I mean wow, just looking at its length and structure was impressive and then I read it and...:pinkiehappy: Thank you very much for this detailed, detailed review packed with praise, criticism, and humour. Thinking on it, this...this might be one of the best reviews I've gotten period, as in throughout all eight of my fanfics (I'm also a writer of Super Smash Bros and Kirby fanfics over on Fanfiction.net).

First off, yes, everyone loves Pinkie's interpretation, I knew this would be the case and while my personal favourites is Twilight's I will admit that Pinkie's is the funniest. Overall though the interpretations are my favourite part of this fanfic and what I spent the most time and effort working on. I feel bad about the which was kind of like a party except all the guests are trying to kill you joke cause I didn't actually make that joke, it's a reference to a MLP comic which I can't remember the name of but uses that same joke. It’s nice to know that you enjoyed my favourite part of the fanfic and that you found that my biggest concern for this fanfic, getting Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, and Pinkie in character, turned out okay.

The reason this idea sprung to mind was indeed, in part to so many discussions and debates about the scene but also as a kneejerk reaction to seeing so many SoarDash fanfics based around the two dancing at the Canterlot Wedding that the FlutterDash shipper in me cried out to produce some FlutterDash content based around the Canterlot Wedding. I also agree with Twilight's interpretation the most despite being a FlutterDash shipper, and I was in fact trying to be subtle with who the couple were until it's sudden reveal at the end, which was done only because I wanted the fanfic to end on a funny note...I also wanted to avoid an open ending because they always leave me unsatisfied.

As for your criticism, which I fully encourage, I do agree with you on the matters you have highlighted. As for your advice though, much to my embarrassment this is actually what I did, before uploading I went through the entire fanfic with a thesaurus at my side. I guess I didn't proofread thoroughly enough and I do feel that at some points I started to skim read. I also did not do much editing once I began to set the fanfic up onto the site because I was having a frustrating time uploading the fanfic, and it kept on messing up my interruption moments as you can no doubt tell from the story itself. This has been noted many a time and I apologise for my carelessness.

Also, you are the first to point out Pinkie's Ninja/Magician/Gossip Girl moment, something I enjoyed doing. I love the ninja thing being a video game reference, the magician simply suiting the situation at the time, and the gossip girl simply because of how I got to write out Pinkie's next line of dialogue, trying to get her to sound like one. I would certainly love to see it on the show, or a version of it, as Pinkie suddenly switching roles like that does seem like the sort of thing she would actually do. Once again thank you so very much for this delightful comment and I'm truly pleased that despite the faults you have managed to find in this fanfic that it has not deterred you from enjoying the story to its fullest.

You're welcome. Of course, LUS doesn't mean you can never describe anything. Let me quote a letter I got from EqD pre-readers after sending in a fic:

"Describe what a character did and how. While you're at it, even though we all know the characters, describe them a little bit. You don't need to splice in a huge chunk, but occasionally saying 'the purple mare' instead of 'Twilight' or 'she' will do just fine."

So, as you can see, it's not something demonic. Your story, however, contained so much of them that it was actively distracting me from the actual dialogue and stuff.

1198835 I accept your challenge! :pinkiehappy: I'll do it! I shall take precautions, good sir... I have many experience in writing cuteness. You need not worry! But seriously though, I'd be happy to do it! :twilightsmile: Just let me know if any specifications I should know. :pinkiesmile:

1198835 Since I don't have any fanfiction up (though I am in the works of creating one--no spoilers yet!), the least I can do on this is help with other peoples' work in any way, let it be giving reviews of praise or criticism, or in this case both. And I can see what you mean with adding in an end that ends the mystery. This is a comedy, and it's not as fun if we are kept guessing, so let's just have them be the couple upstairs snuggling! :rainbowkiss: And I really should find this comic you got that bit from, haha!

1199379 I don't remember issuing a challenge but I accept your...acceptance of a challenge I don't remember challenging you too. Anyway this will be interesting and I'll be sure to make time to read it once it's done. As for any specifications, I guess that depends on how you plan on doing it. If it is simply you writing out a cute FlutterDash scene inspired by the cute events hinted at in this fanfic then no, with exception that it mustn’t breach into a mature rating as with one or two comical exceptions I don't read mature rated fanfics. If however you plan to write the scene out as if it were literally the scene in this fanfic, as in actual continuity of Open to Interpretation (I wonder if that would make it a fanfic of a fanfic), then I guess the following rules would apply;

1) As before it must not enter into a mature rating, try to keep it sweet and innocent with anything sexual only hinted at.
2) When referring to the kiss moment in the Canterlot Wedding it must be non-specific, like with this fanfic of mine it must not make clear what actually happened allowing for that moment to be open to interpretation.
3) It must make reference to my attempted thematic joke of how whether or not Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash kissed in the Canterlot Wedding does not matter as previous episodes have already given enough support for the possibility of their romantic relationship. This can be done in many ways and it is up to you how you show this within your story.
4) Finally, it must have Pinkie walking in on them. It doesn't have to have the second, hinted at moment of Pinkie walking in on them but it must have the first time Pinkie walks in on them.

This was an unexpected turn of events but I one I shall look forward too. Oh, and in case you didn’t know my blog has updated with lots of information on Magnetism, figured you’d want to read that. Cheerio NintendoGal and good luck with your writing. :twilightsmile:

1203854 All right, got it! No worry, I was never going to make it mature. XD But all right, so that's it! Just snuggling cuteness and nibbling and so sweet sweetness together? With Pinkie walking in! XD

.... Rarity's wearing her Shipping Goggles again. :yay:


Uhm.... sorry to mislead..... I'm Scottish in heritage only :facehoof:. I am American :raritycry: Though I wish I could travel to me ancestors lands. Always good to make friends from across the pond!


Oh my god that was hilarious at the end, I laughed so hard. :pinkiehappy:

I love this story! :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:
The ending scene was great! :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward to read it! :raritystarry:

We were at war with the changelings who had invaded Canterlot, which was kind of like a party except all the guests are trying to kill you.

Oh dear Aria, Pinkie, you are brilliant.
Very excellent.:pinkiehappy:
This needs a sequel!:flutterrage:

Oh lord, Metal Gear Pinkie. Cardboard boxes and whatnot.

wow. Got vlc media player out. used it on a copy of a canterlot wedding, the version on daily motion from a guy named "my little pony videos" or something like that, got to the scene, played it in super-super-super-super-super slow mo, as you know, most videos are shot in 30fps, so if you arent playing it basically frame by frame, you can easily miss this, but if you slow it down a shit ton, you will see that the picture to this story, is actually a frame occuring within the time interval 31:48-31:48 (as in the pic is one of the frames within the 30 frames that makes up that one second).....wow thats so cool, by the way, the proof is in the pudding


id like to know where op got his copy though, mine looks washed out, but his looks....legit.....

Huh...totally a kiss.:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Loved the story, it was a bit repetitive in places, but it was still a good read.:twilightsmile:

It’s been a while since I replied to any comments on this story but I'm here to do so now. This is primarily so I can advertise the fact that Open to Interpretation now has an officially accepted companion story written by fellow FlutterDash writer NintendoGal55, Snuggles and Nibbles. For any of you who enjoyed this story I suggest you give it a read, a link to it being available within the summary of this fanfic. Now let's get on with these replies.

1200944 Glad to see you understand what I was aiming for with this story. As for that comic I mentioned, well it just so happened that I stumbled across this comic shortly after being taught how to post images in comments so I shall post here the very specific comic page that I got the war is like a party joke from; fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/228/0/0/mares_of_war_03_by_mister_hand-d46qkc7.png

The comic series is called Mares of War by Mister-Hand and can be found on DeviantART. Thanks for commenting Miss Dark Angel. :twilightsmile:

1214295 The best kind of goggles and I'm a huge fan of Shipper Rarity :raritystarry:. I'm also a fan of Shipper Sweetie though and I once had a one-shot/fanfic idea based around Shipper Rarity and Shipper Sweetie arguing over ships and trying to set up various ponies. Decided I did not have the time to write such a story but I may include that idea in one of my future stories though not as the primary focus. Thanks for the comment.

1252238 I could hear praise from my readers, I could hear critique from my readers, but what I most want to hear is that they had a good laugh. Glad to see you enjoyed the story and thank you for commenting.

1421426 I'm noticing quite a few comments now in regards to the ending of this story, most finding it hilarious while a few critique the destruction of the mystery nature to this story. Always nice to hear some praise and always nice to know that a reader has had a good time reading one of my works.

As for NintendoGal's work made in connection with Open to Interpretation, wait no longer as it is already out. I have a feeling you have already read the story, I believe I've seen your comment on her fanfic, but if you haven't just look to this story's summary and you will find a link to the story. Thanks for the comment MysteriousBrony.

1430007 That joke certainly is a popular one. Kind of saddens me knowing that I didn't think of it myself but got it from an MLP web comic that you can see within the reply comment.

Anyway, hello Divine Path, I finish replying to you on my blog and then here we are again, exchanging comments. It's nice to know you enjoyed this story enough to demand a sequel. I've actually given it some thought and while it is not a story idea I would consider a priority it is certainly something I could do in future. Taking into account the canon attached story, Snuggles and Nibbles, I think I have a good idea what direction I could take the story. This will be something I will discuss in my blogs once Magnetism is finished, what I should do next in terms of MLP fanfiction.

Wrapping this comment up then I'll just say as I always do, thank you for commenting Divine Path.

1432585 While I'm not much of a Metal Gear Solid gamer my older brother loves the games and I've always admired the series. The references to it were fitting for Pinkie's tale and so I included them in. It seems like you enjoyed this story and I'm happy for this, thank you for the comment.

1435514 There was A lot more rapid paced techno talk than I’m used to seeing in a comment however I get the gist of your comment, this one moment certainly has been a debate heavy occurrence within the brony fandom. As for where I got the picture from, I can't remember exactly. I do remember finding it on DeviantART but I do not know who posted it and I cannot remember what terms I used to find it, most likely 'Fluttershy Rainbow Dash kiss' or 'Canterlot Wedding Kiss'. Anyway, thanks for the comment, it was different and intriguing.

1472887 It has been clear to a lot of people that Rainbow Dash did indeed kiss Fluttershy but the debate has stood mostly on where Rainbow Dash kissed Fluttershy, and the intentions behind the kiss. Showing the three most argued points is what I attempted to do with this fanfic and I used Rarity, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle as the vehicle for these points of view.

Nice to know you enjoyed the story. I can see your point about it getting a little repetitive but I did my best to add in additional things to disrupt the repetition, which in turn made the one-shot quite long. Still, you had a good read so everything is fine by me. Thanks for commenting.

I have a tendency to pay good atenttion when I like things.:twilightsheepish:
Good luck, and you are welcome.Very much so!:pinkiehappy:

If either Rainbow had been leaning a bit further down, or Fluttershy had been flying, hovering slightly above the ground, then Fluttershy could have been sucking on Rainbow's upper lip...:yay::rainbowkiss:

Ok, read this story a ways back loved it, was watching through all the episodes in prep for season 3 and i got to the scene. Had my earbuds in and i rechecked multiple times i definatly hear a smooching sound. So tonight i will be going through several versions of Canterlot wedding to ensure that this was not someones edit to the episode. I MUST KNOW! :pinkiecrazy:

This was so awesome! :yay:

I loved how the different descriptions actually reflected the characters giving them

also any Flutterdash is win! :rainbowwild:

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