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Winter, for some ponies a fun time of the year where they get to play in the snow and skate on the ice. For some ponies, winter is but a bothersome time of year when the snow gets in their way and they try to keep warm each day. For Fluttershy, it is a lonely time of year, a time where she feels as empty as her house.

Each winter day, each and every year when the winter season comes, Fluttershy awakens to loneliness. This year though, things are slightly different. This year, she has somepony beside her to listen to her pains and try to fill the void of loneliness.

The cover image for this story is the artwork 'Flutter Snuggle' by Kurokaji11.

If the cover-art and the name of the author for this story wasn't an obvious enough hint, then I shall forewarn you that this story contains FlutterDash shipping.

I do not - nor do I claim to - own any characters or artwork I use in this story unless otherwise stated - they belong to their respective series and owners.

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Comments ( 31 )

That was adorable.

GAHHH! So adorable, I can't take it!

This is what I love Flutterdash fics for!

Its not a wrong time to publish this... Chicago goes from 50° to snowing!!! It just just happened. I witnessed it. Within not even 20 minutes it went from gravel to a thick blanket layer of snow draping the cars and ground...

Hmm, the bio led me to believe the story would start out with Fluttershy alone, not already with RD.
One more nitpick, this read more as a one-shot as it is than a multi-chapter story.
I'll follow it and see where it goes, it hits that sweet tooth, per say.

Bloody Angel Bunny, he's such a prick. I half expected the following sentence. "Angel threw his food bowl at Fluttershy and then slapped her, this was Angel’s usual routine when served a standard breakfast meal and Fluttershy loved this upkeep of the routine." Or something similar. Other than Demon Bunny getting in the way, this was a lovely story.

Angel Bunny really needs a good smack around the chops, doesn't he? :flutterrage: But this was the fluffiest bit of fluff that ever fluffed. :pinkiehappy:


One more nitpick, this read more as a one-shot as it is than a multi-chapter story.

It says complete, ya shit :rainbowwild:

Wasn't last night

You may only have a few stories to your name, but they are all beautiful, and this is no exception. Bravo. Bravo indeed.
It really bugs me that Angel bunny is always such an ass in fanfics. (Pardon my French) I would be ok if he was nice once in a while, but as of now, I just dislike him.
Loved the story.
Ciao for now,

Oh no!! I forgot to take my daily dose of flutterdash!!! Must.. Find something....*Winter Snuggles appears* My medicine!! I'm ALIVE! And it says here that you should favorite and like it as well... I was going to anyway!!:pinkiehappy:

glimmering green eyes hidden ever so slightly by a curl of pink mane

Um, Fluttershy's eyes are blue, not green. It was quite cute, though.

4075477 - Well, they're kind of seagreen, so I can see where the mixup would be.

Anyhoo, I loved this story, and it was very cute. I want to snuggle Fluttershy, too! :applecry:

From you, master of the Adorable FlutterDash Fanfics, that story was probably your most adorable piece of work :rainbowkiss:
Though all your stories are adorable in their own way, this one has a simple premise so damn effective : FlutterDash snuggling for 3,687 words :yay:

I commened you my friend for not making this into a clopfic when it would've been so easy to do so

HNNNNNNG, You've killed me, I'm writing this from beyond the grave.

so awesome :rainbowkiss: ! you made my day :twilightblush:

a bit to short for me because just one chapter but actually quite good.
PS: Fluttershy is always cute, Fluttershy make the Story always one of the top^^

This was very cute and relay good.
Who would have thought that Angel was so cooperative to just let his owner snuggle her marefreand?

4075477 *comic book guy impression* Umm her eyes are turquoise not blue or green but a combination. Duh! *impression over* LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL :yay: :rainbowlaugh:

just what I needed to make me feel better. but now I feel lonely. still great story

The story might have been a bit better with them making love. Nothing explicit, mind you, but...just something to add more love.

But it was beautifully written, and definitely one of my go-to Flutterdash stories, given the fact that I keep coming back to it again and again.

Very fluffy but quite interesting to read.

Delightfully pointless snuggling story is a go! Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Although... I do have one nitpick. Want to know a great way to kill a calm, pleasant, potentially romantic moment? Throw crap like this in there:

Thankfully one of her calmer massages that did not involve anypony or animal being on the receiving end of a piledriver...

Other than that? Wonderful story. :twilightsmile:

Snugglly wuggly makes me want to smile forever!:yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

The way you described them kissing and the transitions of them snuggling really had a powerful feeling. <3 It is such a beautiful work of art, I must say. Many times, you don't need long stories to leave an impact; this is a perfect example of that. :rainbowkiss:

Interesting plot with some good interaction to boot. I really liked this. Into my group Romance is Magic it goes!

Very nicely written. This is an adorable story.

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