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Twilight Sparkle is now the ruler of Equestria, and she's thinking about all the times when she was a little mare.

A entry for the Quills and Sofas Princess Contest

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Where did you get the cover art?

Poor Twilight. None of this should have happened to her. Everything she had before was perfect, but then those new writers that came to work on the show had to just abruptly turn everything on its head like none of it mattered. Why? Some things are just better left unchanged.

You know you can do the Insert Embeddable Content option, right? :P :/ :applejackunsure:


What else could they do with her character at that point? Lauren Faust had always intended for Twilight to succeed Celestia and Luna, and Hasbro held true to that vision. Otherwise, the character would be stuck in a dead end, as the writing team ran out of things to do with her and the Mane 6 (and Starlight) in Season 7.

They don't care. This little group just seems to hate Season 9 because they don't like change. Or because it doesn't align with their personal headcanon; whichever comes first.

As far as I can tell, every time someone writes a post season 9 story with Twilight ruling Equestria or about to, one or two members of this little group they have comments. And by comment I mean they just go on and on about how they hate Season 9. They don't even talk about the stories they're posting their comments on. Then when someone calls them out on it, they play the victim card and accuse everyone else of disrespecting their opinion. Their opinion isn't the problem. The problem is they're being annoying by shoving their opinion in other people's faces. All because said other people have the nerve to write about Season 9 and beyond.

Seriously you have no idea how old that got.

If they want people to respect the fact that they don't like Season 9, they need to respect the fact that plenty of people out there are fine with it and not antagonize those people.

Don't get me wrong; some episodes of Season 9 didn't work for me. But overall, I thought it rounded the show off well.

I agree. But to these people, that doesn't matter. I have a feeling they'll just keep bothering everyone, not caring about how other people feel. I'm worried that sooner or later, something drastic might happen. Or they'll just remain harmless. Annoying but harmless.

Hopefully they'll just go and vent their frustration somewhere else. It's made a bit more awkward by the fact that JimmyHook19 down there is a friend of mine...

Just have to wait and see what happens.


For those users who keep complaining about Season 9 when it has nothing to do with the story;

I just sent them a good video clip to get the point across.

Still, I personally liked the story. True, there were some spelling and grammar issues, but overall the effort was good.

Yes, it may have been Faust’s idea from the start, but that doesn’t automatically make it good. She’s had bad ideas before. And besides, she left the show a long time ago, so what she wanted no longer mattered, and both the show and Twilight’s character arc had evolved way beyond anything she had planned. You’re right that the crew ran out of ideas by season 7, but that’s no excuse, and the fault lies with all the new writers they brought on who replaced the good ones like McCarthy for lacking the creativity needed to come up with something new and consistent instead of having to use such an obsolete plot line to end the show with.

You appear to be forgetting the pressure Hasbro put on the writing team.

And what pressure would that be?

Apparently, Hasbro controlled what ideas flew and what didn't. Faust had the same issue; part of her reason for leaving was because Hasbro kept censoring her scripts.

Thank you for that information. I’ll be sure to take it up with them when the time comes.

Good luck mate. I'm not convinced you'll succeed, but having the balls to take on a multi-billion dollar TNC is worthy of respect.

Now I know these people are only making a fuss so they can get attention.

beautiful and sad at the same time
i missed those times to
when the fandom was still young
granted, we still have fanfics and other content...but it will never be the same as back then though...

again, beautiful story

This was good.

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