• Published 30th May 2020
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Trials - DanishDash

Shadow Bolt arrested, Rainbow feeling betrayed by Twilight, relationships tested. It seems the only hope for Shadow is to get pardon from the princesses, but, can he survive prison long enough to get that chance?

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As always, a great fic. Thumbs up (hooves) from me.

This was a good read.

Loved the story and love how you ended it. Can’t wait for more like this in the future!

Just wondering.... do Shadow, and RD by association, still have a bounty on their head in the criminal world?

That's why I can't like and fave the story. There's going to be others coming for him. There's going to be others coming for Rainbow Dash. Twilight really fucked up and them forgiving her and the ending doesn't put enough consequences on her.

Thule #6 · June 2nd · · ·

My thougths too...
The logical next step, as I see it, is that Twilight figure out that there is more or less two options left now...
1. Shadow, RD and her family cuts all contact and goes into protectiv service. Thus ending their friendship and RD losing her dream as wonderbolt.
2. Twilight somehow miraculously makes the criminal underworld's ability to be a threat to them impotent.
(Twilight becomes a hipocrite by becoming a vigilante herself, and blackmailing/threathen the criminals to stop their hunt)

"Hi egghead. Just stopped by to say goodbye forever."

"What?! Why Rainbow?"

"Because you made it so everypony that wants to get revenge on the 'Ranger' now knows who he is and how they might get their revenge by killing either of us...
So Shadow, me and my family will cease to exist today, when Celestia and Luna cast a permanent transformation spell on us and gives us new identities"

It's too bad Iron Blade died. Because he could've revealed a story to the world. A story of greed, treason, corruption, conspiracy, lies, revenge, sadistic torture, and murder. Like how the royal guards and investigators were working along side the criminal underworld, how all the charges against Shadow Bolt aka The Ranger were all false, how the royal guards and investigators all conspired with the criminal underworld to place these charges on Shadow to make him a criminal to the public, and how they tortured Shadow Bolt, and later tried to assassinate him in an act of vengeance.

As for Twilight, she's still a traitor in my eyes. If she hadn't gone snitching on Shadow Bolt to Shining Armor, then all this would never have happened. I would never forgive Twilight for any of this, as it was unforgivable what she did. The same goes to Shining Armor too, and I feel he was part of the corruption and conspiracy too. Pardon from Princess Celestia or no, both Twilight and Shining Armor had ruined Shadow Bolt's life and reputation forever. Twilight and Shining may not go to prison like Shadow Bolt was going to, but everyone is going to know that they had done, and they're gonna have to live with that fact.
And the other sad part is that the corruption of the royal guards with the criminal underworld will continue with no one and nothing to stand in their way, with Shadow Bolt never being The Ranger hero again. So who and what would stop them now?
But that's just my opinion.

Anyway, it was a good read, and a good sequel.

Very good sequel.

Great story and can you do a sequel of their wedding ?

Great work. One can only hope Celestia nd Shining Armor work now against the corrouption

Did not plan on making this, but people's reactions was so nice and supportive for the short story I could not help myself

Yep, story ended in previous chapter, this part doesnt change much(but zero comments in all previous chapters.. really support in writing =)

Good story.
But twilight did not betray - she's a simply very stupid (she does not think about the consequences), hoping that her brother could be able to figure out his case with the help of laws, since their system was already broken. Without reliable executors, the laws never worked and will not work, no matter what is written in them.
In the name of good intentions, millions of innocent people have died for nothing, and millions more will die..
Given the presence of magic and the non-interference of the ruler in the writing and execution of laws (removing holes in the laws, checking all involved persons for lies, etc.) .. their world is already lost..
**Although if Сelestia remembers her responsibilities, or at least that her subjects hope for her ... there may still be a chance.. (RIP)
**In the story, the level of corruption and merging of the guards with criminals is simply off scale.

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