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Only problem I find that bugs me is the map concept. Twilight is notoriously OCD on nuclear proportions. She would personally have hunted down every out of date copy in circulation and replaced them.

Other than that, good job.

Yeah, good point. I wasn't thinking about the knock-on effects of my plot as well as I could have been. I'll have to watch for that next time.

Still glad the rest is up to snuff, though!

I tried looking up the cover art on Derpibooru....and I couldn't find it. Like at all. I tried searching for Pvryohei. I tried 2372098. I tried both at the same time. What's the deal?

Make sure to add "artist:" preceding an artist's name. As for the number, make sure it's pasted after /images/ in the URL, e.g. (other stuff)/images/123456 (except use the proper number).

Assuming you've done both of these, you might have one of the applicable tags hidden. Try an everything filter and see if that clears stuff up?

I just don't understand how Derpibooru works

copy paste that url without the space

10282465 10282657 10282562
Yeah....I don't know but I don't think that image exists anymore as the full image. Bc I copied the address and pasted it in my address bar and took the space out but it didn't work.
Edit: never mind it worked finally....most likely it was a problem with my data signal lol.

You don't even need the images/ part of the url, can just put the image id after the domain and it's fine

Learn something new everyday

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Funny about Rainbow Harmony. I chose her simply because it seems that barely anypony knows she exists. Hell, I searched "Rainbow Harmony" and my story's the only one that comes up. She has only 21 images on Derpibooru, and most of them are screencaps or the odd vector or two. But I saw in her Gameloft description and the context a wonderful little filly just waiting to be brought out. I'm glad that came through to you, too!

I think there's more than one error, actually; but I'm not perfect and nor is my lovely editor. I do know that this comes to mind in the final chapter:

half-see through tendrils

Which would more properly be half-see-through or half see-through. As I've written it, it's like saying "half-able-to-see through tendrils". Or maybe not. Maybe I take hyphenated phrases too literally, lol.

I was honestly worried that the progression was too fast, especially given we see both of their perspectives through multiple switches and obscure the other's (mostly) through this manner. Glad to see that it worked out as intended.

Funny about that sequel. I wouldn't say it'd be a lot less focused on sex - at its core, this is a clop story - but I did plan to dive a ton more into the relationship aspect. Some from Starlight, wondering and trying to discover exactly why she's developed more feelings than usual for this filly, but more from Harmony, wondering what this big world of relationships, 'being a good girl' (read: submission), and sex (or discouragement thereof) is. I'm still not sure if or when this will be done, but that was my kind-of general direction for if I do make one.

Anyway, thanks for your comment! I love to see feedback like this. Glad you enjoyed, too :)

Hmmm... Mmmmmh... Tsk tsk tsk. I am not sure if this story is for me.

Let me check my fetish list.

Well this was the best foalcon story I have EVER read, and right up there with some of the best stories in general I have ever read. Exquisite work, has me wishing for more. I wanna see more of Harmony and Starlight's relationship, and I'd love a prequel showing Starlight's first encounter with "Jeffery" in full detail <3

I would love to see a sequel of Rainbow Harmony 's journey of being a pet.

Great story! Here's hoping you have an idea for/want to write a sequel!!

I love how there's no comments because everyone's trying to get to the next chapter.

I enjoyed this immensely and hopefully one day we’ll get a sequel to this.

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