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fechlin #1 · May 19th · · 25 ·

Isnt this pedofillia?

Yes for a part two please

That said, even though you didn’t have plans to return to the market again the next day...you’re pretty sure you’ll find some spare room in your budget and spare time to visit and donate again tomorrow. Then, with any luck, she’ll let you donate where it’ll feel best...

...in her tight little pussy.

All I can say is...

Comment posted by Deus Foalt deleted May 20th

I'm not sure if people are downvoting the question or the fact that you misspelled pedophilia.

Some of us are irate grammar Nazis.

Technically, yes. Pedantically, no.

Nice to see a joke fly over so many heads
Fechlin, I tip my hat you you good sir

I think it's because it's a pun

It's always the ones we least expect:ajsmug:.

I love this and I want more.

This is about the point in time that the inquisition gives us the big exterminatus.

Awesome work, man. Ginger is so tantalizing and seductive here. Hope we see a follow up!

Thanks! Don’t worry, there is a follow-up already in the works. It’s probably going to be different enough to warrant an entirely new story as opposed to chapter 2, but it’s a spiritual sequel and/or follow-up nonetheless.

And then Ginger makes even more money selling all the stuf in the saddlebags he left behind.:twilightsmile:

Hey, c’mon. Ginger might be super sexually devious but she’s still a Filly Scout. She’ll hold it ‘til ‘you’ come back to get it again after thinking ‘huh, wait, why do I feel so light?’

...that said, who said purposely letting ponies forget things (if they do) isn’t part of her strategy? ;)

You can get a joke and still think it's terrible.

That's the joke though. The joke is two things at once, it's a clever pun but a terribly clever pun

Yes, I got that. What I was referring to when calling it terrible, however, was it not being funny.

Comment posted by Cheshirek4t deleted May 21st

part two! part two!

That was oddly enjoyable.

For those interested, the full version of the cover art is now published! FIMFiction forbids the linking of NSFW images as far as I know, but go check out SoulCentinel’s InkBunny page or Derpibooru tag for the expanded set that this was based off of! There’s a good bit more in the set that I didn’t cover in writing, so consider that a bonus :)

Not sure whether to laugh or boo...

It’s not paedophilia!
It's ephebophilia! Oh, she's only 14? Guess it is paedophilia...

The dude (or dudes, dunno) who did the thing in the video
Were those a compilation of interviews where he appeared or were those made in a quick sequence?

It’s a complication.

You know, the title of this chapter reminds me of a certain Sponge Bob episode.

That said:

[...]but this was something you almost never saw with older partners; an undying eagerness – no, craving – to tease, find every single right spot, and have fun doing so

Did you know the "t" in "this" is underlined?


That said, uh...I didn't, and somehow nobody in the whole chain of editing caught that, myself included. Little niggling hangover from GDocs, whoops. Thanks for the catch! Fixed now.

One of their little rules, or codes of honor, is to ‘do a good turn daily’ – or in simpler terms, do something good for somepony at least once a day. Do your part. They’ve got tons of these phrases but this one is the one that the scouts all seem to live by most eagerly...including this one.

*insert "I'm doing my part!" meme here*

“I forgot to tell you...you get a reward for donating, too!”
“It’s okay, I don’t –“
“But I insist!” [...]
“Okay...what is the reward?” [...]
“You get one free blowjob, mister!”

Is it bad I had the exact same reaction, despite having read the description before?

It’s clear that your flared tip is wider than she’s used to, as she grunts a little bit and wiggles her jaw.

Ginger Snap: "Not my fault! Complain to the Colt Scouts! They are trying their best, but even the biggest colt can only do so much..."

First, your cock doesn’t seem to have any cum on it, and glimmers only with the saliva coating she left on it: that’s a testament to just how good she is at swallowing.

Ginger Snap: "As I said, they are doing their best. Really nice, selfless colts."



That's OK. I'm only just now realizing I did a bad job embedding that YouTube video. Fixed.

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