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"Fine. I'll do it myself." -Horndog (who has a new Discord server, PM for details), having run out of stories containing his fetishes.


A Discord Group of Likeminded Individuals · 2:58am Apr 30th, 2022

Good news, everybody! I've decided to build a Discord group for the people who enjoy my stories!

Did you ever want early access to the horse words that I write? Have you ever wanted to watch a stream of an idiot trying to come up with synonyms for specific bits of horse genitalia? Have you ever wanted to directly influence what I write?

Now's your chance!

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Honestly, I could see myself writing that at some point. Not sure when but I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Ngl it'd be cute to see a starlight and trixie story where theyre acting all cute and shit whilst idk trixie is sucking on starlights prolapse or vice versa

Go right on ahead. More content is always welcome (especially the underrepresented stuff). And, despite appearances, more stuff is coming from me. Soon.

Oh my *gosh* someone's written bladder inflation and urethral play on here. You mad genius! I'll have to write some on my alt sometime as a thank-you

I would take it into consideration. If the idea is hot enough to inspire me, it might just happen.

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