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Fluttershy is helping Discord come out and help give a lesson to the students. A couple of them are a little worried about this, but a couple of them, including the young six, are all for it. However, things spin out of control when Discord breaks one of his claws. This causes his magic to leak out and things spin wildly out of control.

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I had a wonderful time reading this story and enjoyed the message of Friendship that everyone makes mistakes and whenever you stumble you gotta get back up and keep trying your best.

So do I. I felt grateful of being his editor.

Also. In this story, in case you didn’t notice, he introduced his new OC, named Gleaming Pearl.

I never noticed that.

You can check out his Student Files in his blog, including pictures I drew for them.

Also, if you like to send ideas on his next story, then you can.

His stories is mostly focused on the Young 6 or his OCs or both.

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