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Forest Rain

I write songs about friendship alone in a dark studio.

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Well, looks like this should be a fun ride to say the least! Can't wait to see what's in store for Stormy

I'm looking forward to reading this. And welcome back!

Thanks so much! ^.^

It's been a while since I've written anything, and especially with all the lore FoE has, this has been quite the learning experience~

hey forest cant wait to read this

nice and your already been featured on the home page

huh, you snuck in to get featured day one; that or I might have organized something.

TIL Forest Rain also does fanfic. Neat.
I'm excited to read.

Day one feature and zero dislikes so far? That is a cause for celebration. Will check out later. :twilightsmile:

“Believe me or don’t, kid. But if you’re gonna try and shoot me again, don’t miss this time. You might take out your unicorn friend like you took out your dad.”

Definitely not something that will probably haunt Stormy for a while

Anyways, I definitely enjoyed the introduction of Crimson, as well as the dynamic between the duo. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

I'm glad to see a Fallout:Equestria sidefic in the FB. It's been a long time.
All the best on your story, and I hope the parallel audio series is all the more successful. By a first listen to the trailer, it's quality.

Looking good so far. Only issue I see popping up is the incorrect form of "its".
"Its" is the possessive form of "it"; "it's" is the contraction of "it is".
Again, you're doing great. This is the first Fo:E fic to get my attention other than the usual P:H and Bright Eyes.

You know, I've gone all my life falsely believing "it's" is the possessive form as well as the contraction, and always being very confused whenever grammar helpers wanted to use "its" instead.

...This has been my revelation of the day. lol Thanks for the feedback!

Congrats on being a featured FoE story!

First FoE I’ve seen that has a Hippogiff as the main character and I love it! I saw it in featured and it’s a great read so far. I hope this leads to a long and interesting story.

Looking forward to reading this! Really good so far

Great start to a new story! Looking forward towards more.

Ah, so we now have kirin on the board, and it’s fun to see them explored in the FOE setting, as well as an interesting take on the vow of silence. Also, just a heads up, it looks like the formatting didn’t play nice for the italics in one of the paragraphs (not sure if it’ll show up here in the quote).

“ It does, ” she conveyed, “ You will carry on, and come up against great challenges. Your strength and resolve will be tested, and your limits will be found, but you will persevere. I have faith that, when the time comes, you will choose to follow the river home, and you will do what is right, for both the Wasteland and yourself. ”

Werps! Fixed~ Thanks for letting me know and for continuing to follow Invicta! ^.^
(The whole PipBuck communication thing looks so much nicer on Google Docs. x.X)

No problem at all! The entire concept of using a pipbuck for communication in such a fashion is quite interesting, and it’s actually the first time I’ve seen something like that. And using different fonts for various reasons is a fun way to express characters as well imho

This is pretty good so far. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much! I'm hoping to update with a chapter every week or two~

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
"Children of the Wasteland" was a hell of a chapter to write, and I was really happy with it when I was done.

Why is it that whenever people start disappearing from a town in the wasteland it’s because they got eaten?

Don’t get me wrong this was a good chapter, but it just seems unsettlingly common

Most of the Fallout games have cannibals, too. The Point Lookout tribals and Andale in Fallout 3, the White Glove Society in New Vegas and the Gourmets in Fallout 76. Can't think of any in Fallout 4, and I don't know enough about the first two games to say for sure if there's any in those either.

Because we're all... so... hungry...
And you have so much meat on your bones.

Damn that sounds like somethin straight outta Silence of the Lambs.

Also did you purposefully reference Hamlet with that title?

In reference to "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"? Not intentionally. But I'll chalk it up to happy coincidence, especially considering the title of Chapter 5. Heheh

Thank you! I'm trying to maintain an update at least once every two weeks~

Are any other movie characters going to appear in this story?

Quite possibly! No plans for any specific movie characters YET, though. But I do want to expand on what happened to the hippogriffs in the fic~

Finally after all these years of reading the main character is interesting while also having a female companion who is also interesting and great. I have read stories where its one or the other but never both thank you for having both and dont kill or cripple either of them please.

Rose looks absolutely amazing in that necklace. Major props to the artist for doing her justice.

As for Rose or Sterling, I'm honestly torn which one I'd ship with Stormy. Sterling is cute, and caring, perfect for Stormy, while Rose is a refreshing contrast to Stormy. I can't make up my mind!

I'm 100% rose and stormy all the way she is a amazing character and I would love to see her make it through this story

Thanks for putting this story out! It's been a fun read and I always look forward to the next chapter, especially during the quarantine. That's a very beautiful Rose, my compliments to the artist ^^.

As for shipping... I'll have to go with #TeamSilverMist, The way Storm Mist makes the suave and cool griffin blush is too adorable and good to pass up.

Awesome update. I really enjoy reading the story.

So is the character a hippogriff from Mt. Aeris or a gryphon/pony hybrid?

Crimson Rose is a fantastic character, and I appreciate a stable pony who isn't the main protagonist.

I've waited all my life for a comment like this. ;_;
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying the story so far~

Stormy's search for answers about his past is definitely something that'll be expanded upon throughout the story~
His personal history as well as that of the hippogriffs is going to be a big focus as the story progresses!

D'aww, thanks! I did that piece myself. Still learning as an artist, and apparently one of the things I have to learn is to sign my work. lol

Sorry for the delay with chapter 8! The last few weeks have been full of online convention stuff, so I've had to step away a little bit.
It IS coming, though. I assure you! I just gotta spin up the writing gears again. x.X
Thank you all for following this story-- also got some exciting new developments coming around it as well, so stay tuned! ^.^

~Forest Rain

Wonderful speech by Rose, it embodies that world so very well. The wasteland takes and takes and takes if you let it until there is nothing left but a monster, a corpse, or an apathetic or jaded wanderer who only cares about themselves.

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