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As an author and an artist I have found no greater joy than being able to share what I make with others. Good at many things, master of nothing!

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Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

I like this story! :pinkiehappy:
Keep writing it.:twilightsmile:

Oh lets do it BJ way! :pinkiecrazy: Chop all bad parts of his body and put on metal limbs. :pinkiehappy:
Good chapter. :twilightsmile:

7529245 Since I'm re-reading Horizons I'm finding that really hard to not do ^_^

7529700 or better yet... chop it off and use a hydra wonder if that would fix his wing too...

random amusing thought,he loses his wings, has hydra used on him, now he has rainbow wings caused by the taint that ive heard thats in hydra

7530429 Fun fact: (that may or may not make it into the story) Sparx was initially offered treatment with a drug similar to Hyrdra during a time when it was still experimental, but turned it down due to the high risk involved.

Believe me... this story is just getting started ^_^

7531063 a painful day for him im sure XD

Oh new chapter! Damn good. He at war again.:pinkiehappy: Mentally he is quite like ghoul already. :pinkiecrazy:
Keep writting! :twilightsmile:

7899343 I'd imagine two hundred years of cryo sleep will do that to just about anyone... ^_^

May the writing commence!!

Good chapter! Sparx need adventure for fuck sake. Fresh bullet in ass will make him think less about boring shit from the past. :pinkiehappy:
I would prefer a few bullets personaly. :trixieshiftright:


Bullets coming up shortly ^_^ I promise

Oh. Very good chapter. I like it. :twilightsmile:

Does King Sombra appear in this story?

Not that I know of....

Glad you're enjoying it ^_^
Next chapter might be a tad slower... but then should be back to the action right after.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

No idea... i never really gave it that much thought. Sparx himself would only have the slightest southern accent at times... other than that, not too sure.

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