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I'm still alive! · 5:35am May 21st, 2018

Chapter ten of Aurora is coming along.... I've been distracted with a new job... and getting promoted... and living in a wood shed... so it's a little harder to get inspiration right now. So just hang in there... the next chapter is coming...soon...

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Chapter 9 On its way! · 6:15am Jul 16th, 2017

Just hang in there I promise! I just recently finished typing up the ninth chapter of Aurora and am starting on the editing phase. I'm also working on a secret editing project.... But that's all I can say about that.

So stay tuned and I'll try and polish up this chapter as soon as I can to get to those of you who are actually interested in reading it!
Thanks for your patience!

-The Captain

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Almost there... · 12:44am Jan 13th, 2017

okay... chapter 7 is essentially finished... but before I can do a final edit and release, I do have to rewrite two small sections because they just don't flow very well. So maybe by mid next week if anyone's still following this. I expect to be able to update more regularly once I get these parts rewritten.

Thanks for hanging in there ^_^

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Still plodding along... · 3:57am Dec 14th, 2016

I'm still alive.. in case anyone was wondering. And yes, I'm still working on Ch 7. School has been really busy as of late but it's slowing down enough and I definitely have the motivation to dive into writing in my free time. So my goal is at least a page a day, which can still be hard at times. But at that pace... and with the added benefit that fight scenes write themselves, I hope to finish the rough draft by the first week of the new year. And it then usually only a takes a week for

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Bad Mods AND an Update · 6:22am Sep 30th, 2016

I just wanted to make people aware of something I noticed here... This first chapter of Wired, (seeing as it's the only one I have up for now), has a rather disproportionate number of dislikes. I'd like to make this perfectly clear. THREE of the four (at the time of this comment) down votes were applied to the story before it was even approved by the site staff. And the fourth was actually me... by accident -__- They really need an undo button. So I'd like to say I do not trust the staff

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Still ploding along.... · 10:33pm Jun 19th, 2016

Yes I'm still here and am finally getting into more of a routine. At least as much as I can before I go off to school at the end of August. I work full time at a hardware store, do MLP episode reviews on YouTube and am working on several side jobs and projects...

So expect things to start to pick back up a little as I now started a new story to run alongside Aurora.
It's a wild wasteland out there. Stay safe, and shoot straight.

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Yes I'm still alive... · 12:42am Jan 5th, 2016

And no the next chapter is not done yet. Though it is getting there. I've finished the rough draft need to go through and do some minor edits next. After those edits are done I read, re-read and re-reread it before I scrap the whole thing and rewrite the chapter. Yes this actually how I do these. I get the basic premise so I know what's going on, what's supposed to happen. All the who, what, when, where, why and how questions. Then I can rewrite a better more immersive chapter the

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A thought.... · 6:14pm Dec 9th, 2015

I just wanted to toss this out there. The song Bird With a Broken Wing by Owl City is a really good take on the way Aurora is planned out.... It also may be one of my favorite songs by Owl City. With that said, its back to writing. I have to figure out how to write a certain gun-toting dashite now if you'll excuse me.

Remember, it's a wild wasteland out there. Stay safe and shoot straight.

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Incoming... stand back · 10:32pm Nov 29th, 2015

Well it appears things don't always turn out the way we intend. With that said, I am back from basic training and in the recovery phase for a medical discharge. I'm still waiting on tests to see how serious I'm hurt, but with the pain it is hard to do much at the moment. So that means I have a lot of time on my hooves to get back into working on Aurora. Before I left I wasn't sure just how chapter four would flow and now I know perfectly how I want it to go. No I haven't played Fallout 4

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Hold yer horses... eh, ponies..? · 7:58pm Oct 7th, 2015

In the off chance any of you are keeping tabs on Fallout Equestria: Aurora then I'm happy to report that I've finished chapter three and only have some minor editing to finish before I toss it up. Also be sure to check out the Wiki pages that I've pieced together to keep tabs on some basic things and fill in a few gaps...

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